What Is YouTube Merch? Why And How Should You Be Selling It?

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YouTube is a major shark in the search engine waters where users search for products and services. Few companies worthy of its name do not use YouTube to promote their products or services. It is the first priority in the marketing strategy of each brand. 

Now, not only big brands but also small businesses use YouTube to create a niche for themselves. The list of successful YouTubers is growing and these days they are nothing more than a big brand recommending their favorite products to their subscriber lists. They gained this status after working hard to consider themselves a trustworthy name.

This is precisely why YouTube Merch is a highly sought-after source of income for YouTubers worldwide. YouTube offers great opportunities for people from all backgrounds and professions to sell their products and skills. This platform is already home to millions of people, including followers and viewers. On top of this, thousands of new users keep adding every day, making it a huge platform for promoting and selling products or services. YouTube Merch is a great way to promote and sell products while reaching your target audience.

YouTube Merch

Why Should You Create A YouTube Merch Store?

1. Steady Income

This benefit goes at the top of the list, and rightly so. The whole idea behind creating a YouTube channel is to make money. YouTube Merch is a great way to achieve that goal. While advertising money from YouTube is dependent on a precarious balance of subscribers and viewers, a merch store is much more dependable. Earning money from a merch store only requires you to divert the viewer traffic to your online store once. It accounts for a much steadier source of income.

2. Building Your Brand

Needless to say, personal branding is more important than ever. Being a visual platform, YouTube allows you to create a certain awareness of your product among your target audience. You can use your unique personality, charm, slogans, images, and other media to impress your viewers and potential buyers. Compared to blogging and other marketing tactics, YouTube can help you increase your sales much faster by transforming your channel into a trusted brand.

3. Leveraging YouTube’s Massive Traffic

You are planning to sell on a platform that already has a large audience. All you have to do is bring some of these already engaged viewers to your channel. You can certainly find a group of people interested in purchasing your product if you target the right niche. If they find your videos interesting, you can turn them into buyers for your products.

Now let’s get to how you can set up a merch store for your band, absolutely FREE!

With the help of Blinkstore, setting up an online YouTube merchandise store for your YouTube channel is wildly easy. 

Step 1: Creating A Store

  • Name your store: This step should be fairly simple since your YouTube channel already has a name. 
  • Pick your products: Blinkstore offers you a variety of different products to customize, so you can pick the ones that suit your requirements.

Step 2: List Products 

  • Now that we have the name of your store and products picked, it’s time to start listing your products.
  • Your unique logo will create a powerful first impression and result in higher sales of your custom company merchandise.
  • Pair your products with creative descriptions to encourage more engagement from your customers.

Step 3: Set Prices And Commission

  • Once you’ve figured out your designs, now you get to set the price of each apparel item on your online store.

Step 4: Spread The Word

  • Now that your product, design, and audience are finalized, it’s time to spread the word.
  • Make sure all your social media pages have your products showcased in a creative manner to generate buzz.
  • Use fun creatives and powerful copies to keep your customers interested.

Step 5: Order Samples 

  • Order samples of all products to showcase among your team members.
  • Take feedback and make the necessary iterations to your products and designs.

Step 6:  Promote Your Store

  • Once you’ve received the final approval on your newly created custom merchandise store, it’s time to share it with your community.
  • For your customers, you might wanna use regular emailers with your online store as the landing page to drive sales. Other than that, you can use paid ads and even send out free samples with orders.

A few more points to keep in mind: 

  • One sure-fire way to attract new followers and keep existing ones engaged is through presentations. Submit your personalized product’s use case with compelling images and post it on all your social media platforms. 
  • The best type of advertising strategy is an engagement circle. This means creating an ongoing cycle of interest, engagement, and shopping that draws in new leads. 
  • The biggest power of social media is that you can clearly see how your customers are interacting with your content. 
  • Engage your followers in two simple ways: 
  1. Request action – ask your followers to promote information on their profile, especially if they are making a purchase. 
  2. Photo Request – Create a custom hashtag and then ask your clients to post their photos using that tag. Ask for permission, then post your photo and publicly thank them. This is a great way to advertise your custom products. 

 So what are you waiting for? Visit www. blinkstore.in and get started today!

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