Blinkstore is the perfect merch store builder for every use case!

Blinkstore is the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to start your merchandise store online. Blinkstore takes care of product inventory, print-on-demand (product printing), and shipping. Our free built-in e-commerce store makes it seamless to start your merch store within seconds.

Blinkstore powers thousands of stores for individuals, creators, designers, influencers, small brands, startups, colleges, clubs, and indie brands.

Blinkstore – Frequently Asked Questions

Blinkstore is a free merchandise store builder vertically integrated with print-on-demand and shipping. With Blinkstore, you can start your print-on-demand dropshipping business or launch your fully functioning merchandise store for free within a few minutes.

Yes, Blinkstore provides merchandise design support to corporates, startups, NGOs, schools/colleges, communities, and fundraisers. We have an in-house team and we provide design support on a case-by-case basis. If you need help/support with custom merch design, write to us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram and we’ll get in touch with you.

Blinkstore ships to 27,000+ pin codes across India with the help of top delivery services providers in the country. We take 24-48 hours to process and dispatch the orders and it takes 5-7 days to deliver them.

Blinkstore works with a network of print-on-demand partners (vendors) across India and a network of delivery service providers to print and fulfill orders.

We enable people to start their online store and do print-on-demand business without getting into the operations of inventory, printing, and shipping.

Blinkstore is vertically integrated with PoD, shipping, payment gateway, and marketing channels.

Yes, you can connect your Blinkstore with a custom domain or sub-domain.

Linkedin your custom domain/website with Blinkstore is free of cost and it takes a couple of minutes to do it.

You can choose and customize from our product catalog which has 30+ varieties of products. Check the full Blinkstore print-on-demand catalog here.

You can sell apparel, accessories, and home decor products on your Blinkstore.

Yes, you can use Blinkstore for bulk print-on-demand orders and bulk delivery. You can either directly order in bulk from your store on Blinkstore or write to us at [email protected] or call/WhatsApp at +91-9161351816 for additional support and query.

We’ve no upper limit on how bulk orders. And Blinkstore can print and dispatch hundreds of orders and more in a day.

Yes, you can use Blinksore to launch an official merch store for your startup or corporate use cases.

Many startups and companies use Blinkstore to automate and outsource their merchandise/swag operations. Blinkstore can save your team a lot of time by seamlessly providing high-quality corporate swag with custom packaging anywhere in India.

You earn money from your Blinkstore-powered merchandise store depending on the profit margins you set and the number of sales you generate.

For example, if your profit margin on a product is Rs. 200 and you generate 100 product sales in a month, you’ll be earning Rs. 20,000 per month on Blinkstore.

Blinkstore does not support the return of delivery products. Since each product is printed on-demand, we do not store an inventory of printed products.

But we do offer refunds for products with defects, wrong product shipment, and wrong prints on the product. You’ll need to write to us at [email protected] along with the photo of the shipped product and mention the reason for requesting the refund in the email. Blinkstore will refund you within 14 working days.

Yes, Blinkstore is free forever.

You can create your white-labeled e-commerce store, list unlimited custom products, and utilize our in-built integration with print-on-demand, shipping, payment gateway, and marketing integrations for free.

Almost anyone can use Blinkstore who needs merchandise or custom print-on-demand for any use case. Blinkstore is the most versatile print-on-demand store builder.

Who can use Blinkstore?

  1. Individuals who want to order custom products for personal use.
  2. Artists, designers, and creative individuals
  3. Content creators, social media celebrities, YouTubers, and influencers.
  4. Startup and corporates for official employee and event merchandise.
  5. NGOs for fundraising and community
  6. Online and offline communities
  7. Small businesses
  8. Print-on-demand business owners
  9. Schools and colleges for official merchandise.
  10. Dropshipping business owners.

No, Blinkstore has no minimum order limit. You can order either 1 product or 1000+ products. We serve people with all kinds of requirements.

Print-on-demand is a business model and a method of printing designs on t-shirts, hoodies, any kind of apparel, mugs, and a variety of accessories. And these products are printed and shipped on order. This means that Blinkstore and the seller do not need to maintain any inventory and can sell thousands of varieties of products online.

You can see Blinkstore’s print-on-demand catalog here: Blinkstore Pring-on-Demand Catalog.

You can customize your Blinkstore powered merchandise store in the following ways:

  1. Store name/title
  2. Store sub-domain
  3. Banner text
  4. Banner image
  5. Store theme (colors)
  6. Favicon
  7. Store Description
  8. Social media links
  9. Store’s contact email
  10. Product order
  11. Shop by design + Shop by category (show or hide them)
  12. Domain / Custom Domain
  13. Link Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics
  14. Product name/title and description
  15. product pricing

Yes, Blinkstore is a Shopify Merchandise alternative. If you want to start your print-on-demand dropshipping business in India then you can use Blinkstore in place of Shopify.

But if you want to sell your own products that are not part of Blinkstore’s catalog, you’ll need to use Shopify or any other Shopify alternative e-commerce builder.

Blinkstore provides all print-on-demand products with industry-standard quality. Our product quality is the same as (or comparable) to the products sold by commercial apparel, accessories, and home decor brand.

To test the product quality, you can order a sample for yourself from your Blinkstore. If you are not satisfied with the product quality or want your products with a different material then write to us at [email protected] or call/WhatsApp at +91-9161351816.

You can write to us at [email protected], call/WhatsApp at +91-9161351816, or DM us on Instagram for any kind of help or support.

You can also write to Raja Dangi at [email protected] (for any partnership inquiry), DM Rajat Dangi on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

Write to Mofid Ansari at [email protected] (for any technical support, feature request, new product support, or design feedback), DM Mofid Ansari on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

Legal Details

Registered Address : 91 Awadh Vihar, Sector 14, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India – 226015

Registered Names : Blinkstore Private Limited (U72900UP2022PTC163228)