Blinkstore for Influencer

Do it for your fans.

Start your merchandise store with zero investment. Turn your influence into money. We take care of design, product, inventory, printing, and shipping.

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How is works?


We help your design your product line

Online Store

Get wide variety of product choice

We print & fulfill

We take care of inventory, product, printing and shipping

Your earn

You earn your profit per sale.

Sell products that your fans and customers love.

Leave rest to us.

  • 50+ custom products
  • Picture quality printing.
  • Free Delivery

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What will you earn

*Base Price + Your Profit = Selling Price

Let’s say you design a t-shirt, and you sell it for ₹599.
Blinkstore will take ₹399 to cover the cost of product, printing, shipping, and inventory

Now, let’s say you sell 1,000 tees.
You’ll make ₹2,00,000 Rupees.

You focus on promoting your products, we’ll do the rest.