Returns, Refund,  Cancellations, And Order Update

7 Day Action Policy – Contact us within 7 days of receiving the order

At Blinkstore, we want to make sure you love your order, and if because of the product fabric quality/damage, print quality/damage, or size issue, and any other reasons provided below you’re not satisfied, we’re here to resolve it for you. As long as you contact us within 7 days of receiving your order, we’ll provide a solution.

For any quality issues, damage, wrong size, or wrong print, be sure to provide clear photos of the products on a flat, well-lit surface. This quick and simple step will help us to provide a speedy resolution. Here we’ve mentioned the cancellation, return, and order update policy. Please note that this policy is an ever-evolving process and if there’s something that you need help with but you can’t find it within the policy, write to us at [email protected] with your issue and your contact number and we’ll get in touch with you.

Best Practices For Writing A Support Email to Blinkstore

As of now, Email ([email protected]) is the official channel for customer support. Here are the best practices to follow when writing a support email to Blinkstore.

  1. Use the email that you used to place your order on the Blinkstore-powered store.
  2. Mention “Support – {Reason}” within the subject line. For example: “Support – Wrong product size”.
  3. Please provide photos of the product if the issue is of quality, damage, wrong print, and size.
  4. Include your contact number on which you are easily reachable.
  5. Share screenshots of the order tracking page (if possible).
  6. Mention the name of the store and link to the store (if possible).

If, for some reason, you cannot email us. You can write to us on WhatsApp at +91-9161351816 or DM us on Instagram ( or DM us on Twitter (


All orders on Blinkstore are printed to ship (printed on demand). 

If a cancellation is applicable after delivery (damage quality issues, wrong size, wrong item), we’ll refund the amount but may not take the return of the product. In this case, you can keep the product with you. All other cases are mentioned in the policy below.  

Note: The return/exchange is only available if there’s an issue with fabric, print quality or we deliver the wrong size or color. Otherwise, orders are not eligible for return/exchange.


All of our products are made to order especially for you. If you wish to cancel, please write to us with your account email at [email protected] and mention your order details. You can cancel your order at any time before it goes to production. Please keep in mind that in some cases, this could be as soon as two hours for Rush shipping, just 12 hours for standard shipping, or once the order is placed (whichever comes first).

Once your order has gone to production, it can’t be canceled mid-way.

After you’ve received your order, you have 7 days to address any concerns you have.

  • Cancel after purchase: If you’d like to cancel your order after purchase (online payment), please reach out to us at [email protected]. Until your order has been sent to production you can cancel your order.
  • Face mask / Tank Tops / Stickers:  These items cannot be returned for safety, hygiene, and other reasons. If your face mask, tank top, or sticker is defective in any way, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help on the case by case basis.

Post successful cancellation, we’ll refund you the partial/full amount as per the resolution.

Damaged/Quality Issues

For the fastest resolution, please include a photograph demonstrating the poor quality of the print or the damaged area of the item. The most optimal pictures are on a flat surface, with the tag and error clearly displayed. We will use this information to help you with your order, as well as eliminate errors in future printing.

Order Update / Amendments

Adding new products to the placed order: If you forget to order the right quantity of the products or missed adding some products while making a purchase. You can simply go ahead and place another order for the same delivery address. If we get the amended order on the same day then we’ll batch them and deliver them together. Please be assured that all your placed orders will get delivered.

Removing products from the placed order: Once you place an order, you can change the order quantity or remove orders from the cart. This can only be done until your order has been sent to printing (production). It usually takes us 2 hours to 48 hours to print and package an order. So we recommend that you write to us at [email protected] immediately to remove items from your order. We’ll process the refunds if the product hasn’t gone into production.

Updating shipping/delivery address and details: The shipping/delivery address and details on the order can only be updated until the order is not processed. After the production, the shipping labels get printed and the products already get packaged in them. You can write to us at [email protected] with the correct delivery address and details and we’ll make changes to the shipping address accordingly.


Once the resolution is done and Blinkstore needs to refund the order value partially or completely, we’ll process the refund. Based on your payment method, the refund time duration may vary. We do not have control over banking processes and in edge cases, these things may fail or get delayed. We’ll do our best to ensure that your refund is deposited back into your bank account within a reasonable time duration.

  • Credit/Debit Card: If you made your payment using a credit or debit card, the refunds will show back up in your bank account within five to seven business days.
  • UPI: If you made your payment using any UPI application, the refund will show up in your bank account within one to two business days.
  • Digital Wallets: If you made your payment using any digital wallet like Paytm, the refund will show up in your bank account within one to two business days.
  • Net Banking: If you made your payment using a credit or debit card, the refunds will show back up in your bank account within five to seven business days.

Missing Information

Wrong Address: If the Seller or Seller’s end customer provides an address that is considered insufficient by the courier or is a wrong address, the product will be returned to our facility. Seller will need to pay for the re-shipment cost once we have confirmed an updated address with Seller/Buyer (if and as applicable).

Unclaimed / Order not received: Shipments that go unclaimed (the buyer isn’t able to receive it at the time of delivery) are returned to our facility. Blinkstore cannot refund products that are produced and shipped. You can opt for re-shipment by writing to us at [email protected] and we’ll charge you the applicable delivery charges.

Note: This policy is subject to change without any prior notice. And the latest version of the policy will always be applicable to the previous support tickets. This is to ensure a consistent and rewarding experience for Blinkstore’s customers.

It is Blinkstore’s sole responsibility to assist the buyers/sellers with all kinds of issue resolutions and support. We suggest that you do not send your support email or complain to the creators/sellers. As it is not in their control to provide support on the operations and delivery process.

Write to us [email protected] to recommend changes in our policy.