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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What options are available for customizing men’s clothing on Blinkstore?

    Blinkstore provides custom branding options like hand tags, neck labels, thank you cards, and personalized messages for each order, improving brand visibility and customer experience.

  2. How do I get started with creating custom men’s clothing on Blinkstore?

    Blinkstore lets you create and sell custom men’s clothing easily. Design t-shirts, hoodies, and more, then sell them through Blinkstore’s online store. They handle printing and shipping, so you can focus on your designs and brand.

  3. What materials are used for Blinkstore’s custom men’s clothing?

    Blinkstore’s custom men’s clothing is made from 180 GSM fabric that is super combed and bio-washed, with double-stitched seams and a ribbed neck.

  4. Can I see a preview of my custom men’s clothing before placing an order?

    Yes, many custom men’s clothing providers let you see a virtual preview of your garment before you order. This helps make sure it meets your expectations.

  5. Are there any discounts for bulk orders of custom men’s clothing?

    Yes, many custom clothing providers give discounts for large orders of men’s clothing. These discounts usually range from 3-18% for orders of 2-500 or more items, with bigger discounts for larger quantities.

  6. What is the production time for custom men’s clothing?

    Custom men’s clothing usually takes 2-4 weeks to make. The time depends on the design’s complexity and any customizations. The process includes creating patterns, cutting fabric, sewing, and finishing. Extra time is needed for fittings and adjustments.

  7. Can I use my own artwork for custom men’s clothing?

    You can design your own artwork and use it to make personalized men’s clothing. There are print-on-demand services where you can upload your designs and sell custom apparel that showcases your original artwork.

  8. What sizes are available for custom men’s clothing?

    Custom sizes for men’s clothing usually vary from extra small (XS) to 6XL, covering chest, waist, sleeve length, and height. Tailors can craft clothes to fit each person perfectly by using exact measurements.

  9. What payment methods does Blinkstore accept for custom men’s clothing orders?

    Blinkstore accepts different payment methods like UPI, debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and digital wallets for custom men’s clothing orders.

  10. Can I return or exchange custom men’s clothing if I’m not satisfied?

    Whether you can return or exchange custom men’s clothing depends on the store’s rules. Some stores may allow limited returns, while others might not accept returns for custom orders. It’s a good idea to ask the store about their policy before buying.

  11. How can I track my order for custom men’s clothing?

    To follow your order for custom men’s clothing, go to the brand’s website, find your order number, and enter it into the tracking system. If you need help, you can also reach out to customer service.

  12. Does Blinkstore offer any eco-friendly options for custom men’s clothing?

    Blinkstore makes custom men’s clothing using eco-friendly 180 GSM super combed bio-washed fabric. They offer print-on-demand services without any minimum orders, ensuring sustainable production based on actual demand.

  13. Can I collaborate with Blinkstore for special custom men’s clothing projects?

    Yes, you can work with Blinkstore on custom men’s clothing projects. Blinkstore provides a platform where you can customize over 50 products. They handle inventory outsourcing, print-on-demand, and shipping, so you can concentrate on growing your apparel brand without concerns about quality, scale, or operations.

  14. Does Blinkstore offer white-labeling POD services for custom women’s clothing?

    Blinkstore provides custom women’s clothing like t-shirts, joggers, and hoodies through white-label print-on-demand services. Brands can personalize designs, branding, and packaging to create exclusive apparel lines for their customers.

  15. Is the print-on-demand business of selling custom women’s clothing profitable?

    Selling custom women’s clothing through print-on-demand can be profitable. Typically, profit margins range from 20% to 60%. Products like leggings and sportswear, especially when they’re trending, can lead to high sales.