10 Illustrators and Artists To Follow For Fresh Design Inspiration in 2021


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It’s said that inspiration can strike in the most unlikely of places. I believe it’s good for artistic acumen to surround yourself with inspirational and fresh artists. So here’s our top pick of 10 such artists for 2021.

1. Phani Tetali


Phani Tetali is the professor and head at IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay. He is a Cartoonist, Illustrator, Comic Book Artist, and Animator. One look at his Instagram page will tell you that he looks at the world, one person at a time. His illustrations are all about colourful and expressive caricatures of common men and women. His aesthetic work revolves around “imperfect sides of human emotions in a minimalistic manner”, using bright eye-catching colours throughout his vibrant work.

2. Cutty


Laia Lions is an artist of Spanish origin and her art pieces are mostly female centric and in sepia tones. Sepia transcends time and artistic expression, infusing a sense of history into almost any piece. Each piece connotes a positive and homely vibe and is made with clear and bold outlines. Follow her for some cosy art and feel-good inspiration.

3. Ria Mohta


Ria Mohta is an artichect, illustrator and brand designer by profession and also the founder of pen and chai. Pen and chai is a community that aims to create creative awareness in India. They engage in various projects by collaborating with creators and artists across the country to connect and inspire good visual design sense.

Artisan Arbor’s pieces are quirky regular people portraits which she sells as tote bags, sketchpads, notepads, and more via her own website, www.riamohta.com/.

4. Shibani Dhavalikar


@by_shibani, in her own words, has created an Instagram world of happy, hand-painted ceramics. Her designs are inspired by florals carefully hand-painted on beautiful white ceramic bowls, plates, teacups, and much more. Florals are both beautiful and functional; their aesthetic color and shapes are enjoyed by all.

Shibani also creates customised nameplates on www.shibanidhavalikar.com/ .

5. Eishita Chhetri


Eishita Chhetri, an alumni of St. Xaviers’ College, Kolkata, is a Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer. She has done a number of internships as an animator and illustrator. Working in a range of mixed media, she conveys a story and sense of fun in all that she creates. Most famously, her short animated film ‘Raani’ was selected for the La Truca Film Festival, 2020.

6. Priyanka Kashyap


Priyanka Kashyap, a self taught Indian illustrator currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is best known for her painterly portraits of animals and people. She is someone who creates attractive and relatable images to visualise values, ideas, and concepts in a fun and simple way. Priyanka brings her technical skills and a sharp, bold, and playful style to all that she creates.

7. Saiyam Marwah


Saiyam Marwah is a freelance illustrator and film-maker, who is an alumni of NIFT, Mumbai and currently pursuing a master’s degree in animation from the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. His work relies on bold outlines and graphic colours to communicate narrative and conceptual ideas.

8. Miranti Kayess


Miranti Kayess is an illustrator based in Sydney, Australia who works on her watercolour, coloured pencil and digital illustration skills between reading children’s books and making paper dolls. Her work comes from a desire to capture and celebrate home, moments of togetherness, and everyday magic. Inspired by meaningful modern interiors, Miranti’s artwork is created to be simple, daily reminders of joy. Her art can be bought at www.mirantikayess.com.

Each artwork in the store is illustrated by Miranti in her home studio and printed locally.

9. Serdar Çotuk


Serder is a layout artist, an animator and a film director.  He studied Animation at Dumlupınar University and graduated with the top degree in the department. A number of his short films such as “Line”, “Flower”, “Worker”, “Stop”, “Stairs”, “The Station”, has won awards and special screenings in national and international festivals. 

Presently, he is working in Lighthouse VFX as a character animator and layout artist.

10. Ayantika Roy


An artichect by profession and an artist by passion, Ayantika Roy is a creator at www.franklywearing.com and also the founder of @chhoomantar.in. Choomantar.in is a handcrafted apparel and accessories brand. Being handcrafted, each product is unique and one of a kind. 

The use of animals is quite prevalent in her art and with a world of textures, colours and shapes to explore, nature is an exciting feature in many artworks.

We hope these incredible artists spark the flow of your creative juices as well!