Automate Your Corporate Swag Bag In 3 Easy Steps – For HRs & Companies in India


Automate Your Corporate Swag Bag In 3 Easy Steps

If you are a startup founder, HR, or corporate employee looking to create swag bags or official merchandise for your company or startup, then you are at the right place. On Blinkstore, you can set up your official store and order merchandise (swags) for your employees directly. We’ll handle the operations, printing, and shipping. This way, you can outsource all your swag or merchandise operations and need without paying anything extra.

We announced the gist of this blog in the above paragraph to save you time. But if you are someone who needs more support and an in-depth understanding of Swag Bags, official merchandise, and how to go about the automation of your swag operations. Please continue reading and this blog will answer all doubts.

If you need further support with corporate swag (merchandise) or have specific queries, feel free to write to us at [email protected] and we’d be more than happy to support you.

Swag Bag in startups and corporates is pretty common around the world. Swag bags also called Goodie bags or Promotional Merchandise are given by companies, startups, and communities to their employees, members, and users to create a sense of togetherness.

Promotional merchandise is also a good way to establish a brand, be visible with your brand name and logo, and give your employees a reason to remember and talk about your company in their close circles. Everyone who receives the official swag bag (swag box) & merchandise from their new employer cherishes it for a long time.

This is what we’ve covered in this detailed blog no Swag Baag.

Table of Contents:

  1. What are swag bags?
  2. What to Put in a Swag Bag?
  3. How to Put Together Swag Bags?
  4. How to Automate Your Corporate Swag Bag for Employee Onboarding?
  5. Swag Bags for Startups in India
  6. Swag Bag Ideas with Conversions in Mind
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs on Corporate Swag Bag

What are Swag Bags?

Corporate’s or company’s official merchandise that they gift to new employees is called Swag Bags. It is never a mandatory part of the dress code, but employees wear the official merchandise in events, meetups, parties, and corporate get-togethers to create a sense of togetherness. It is also a good way for your employees to stand out and announce their affiliation to a company or a startup.

There are many luxury swag bag ideas on the Internet. You can find them in all budgets. It can simply be a single custom design t-shirt or as elaborate as a bag full of apparel, gadgets, bag, books, etc. Almost all established corporates and startups have an internal function to ensure the delivery of swag bags.

Corporate Employees Wearing Official Swag | Corporate Swag Bag
Corporate Employees Wearing Official Swag

The above photo is a depiction of a corporate/startup team wearing the official company merch. Company’s also do team photo shoot to show company’s culture and it add to the hiring process and helps HRs attract good talent towards their company.

So in short, a swag bag is a box that employers ship to new employees which has custom branded t-shirt, bottle, hoodie, tote bag, stickers, etc. This is a crucial part of the employee onboarding and a great gift for new joinees.

What to Put in a Swag Bag?

Let’s talk about some swag bag ideas for employees. Generally, we advice HRs, corporates, and startups to put products in the bag that are of daily use for the employees. Along with that, the other factor to consider is that they should be able to use it within the company, in meetings, official outings, external corporate events, etc.

A decent merchandise bad would contain at least 3 items. Depending on your budget, you can pick one t-shrit, a notepad, and some stickers. It makes for an affordable and useful official merchandise bag.

Swag Bag by Blinkstore - What to put in a swag bag?
Swag Bag by Blinkstore

Depending on various other factors, you can craft a variety of boxes for employees joining at different levels. For example, you can ship a smaller merchandise box to interns and part-time employees. And ship a bigger and more personalised merchandise box to full-tiem employees and people who work at a senior level in the organization.

You can also choose to keep it standard for all. We’d suggest that you keep this box standard for all employees irrespective of their seniority and role. This instills a good cultural value in the company.

Blinkstore has a product catalog of around 30 products. You can take a look at our print-on-demand catalog and pick and choose products that you’d like to give to your employees.

How to Put Together Swag Bags?

Let’s get into the steps of putting a merchandise bag together for your team. Here out goals is to help you set it up once and automate the whole process. So that you don’t need to get into the operations of printing and shipping for each new employee.

Step 1: Figure Out Your Budget

Let’s set a budget for the merchandise per employee. A t-shirt costs Rs. 399 on Blinkstore as of now. In our catalog, we’ve products ranging from Rs. 199 to Rs. 999. It means that you can create an amazing merchandise box within Rs. 1,000.

Let’s see how much a merchandise box would could with different items in it:

  1. Mini Box: 1 T-shirt, pack of stickers = Rs. 550
  2. Filled Box: 1 T-shirt, Water Bottle, Coffee Mug, Stickers = Rs. 825
  3. Big Box: 1 T-shirt, Tote Bag, Water Bottle, Coffee Mug, Stickers = Rs. 1,024
  4. Extra Big Box: 1 T-shirt, 1 Hoodie, Tote bag, water bottle, coffee mug, stickers, badges, gaming pad, and wall poster = Rs. 2,449

Note: The price mentioned above is not fixed and subject to change with time, shipping charges, and volume. Blinkstore can provide special discounts on volume.

Step 2: Choose a Good Bag

Now that you budget is decided, you can move on to choosing the custom swag bag. We have noticed that corporates prefer shipping them in one big high-quality cardboard box.

You can also reach out to custom packaging providers in case you are looking for a specific kind of packaging. Blinkstore has a wide variety of packaging options. A lot of corporates also prefer to order all the merchandise at their office and distribute them in nice company packaging.

Swag Box by Blinkstore - Swag Bag
Swag Box by Blinkstore

Step 3: Print a Design in 1 Ink Color

Create your official merchandise store on Blinkstore, upload your merchandise designs, and pick one ink color for all the products that goes well with the brand and logo color. Order a few samples for yourself as well to verify the designs are just the way you expect them to be.

Step 4: Keep It Lightweight

We suggest that you order a box for each of your new employee and old team members. And share the corporate merchandise store website with everyone in the team in case them would like to order something. Yo can also create some cool merchandise which is only there for fun and engaging employees with the company culture.

How to Automate Your Corporate Swag Bag for Employee Onboarding?

Let’s get into the 3 easy steps of automating the corporate swag box.

Automate Corporate Swag for employees
Automate Corporate Swag for employees

Step 1: Create free account on Blinkstore

Step 2: Create an official store for your company / corporate / startup.

Step 3: Upload designs and logo on 30+ products in our catalog. And start ordering.

Reach out to us at [email protected] to get help with any problems, special requests, or needs.

Swag Bags for Startups in India

Startups in the early stage have a lot of work going on. While getting merchandise and swawg box for all the team mates is important. No one in the early stage have time to get those operations done. So startups end up spending a lot of time in the hassle and operations of printing, shipping ,and distributing them.

Swag Bags for Startups in India | Swag Bags
Swag Bags for Startups in India

A lot of startups in India are already using Blinkstore for their official swag and merchandise. The best part is that startups can save a ton of time by automating their merch operations.

Swag Bag Ideas with Conversions in Mind

Swag bags are also amazing for events. And if employees and team members wear those to meetups, it can serve as a way to kickstart conversation and create awareness about your startup. Hollywood swag bag, swag bag ideas for adults, and many more things can be achieved with Blinkstore.

So get started with your own merchandise store today and automate your corporate swag bag operations in a few minutes with Blinkstore!