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With 70,000+ stores powered by Blinkstore, we are among India’s largest creator-led ecommerce platforms. In less than 2 years, Blinkstore has enabled thousands of creators make a living by selling custom merchandise.

In 2024, we are entering into a new phase of executing on our vision, to build the most powerful and affordable infrastructure for creators to make money online. From “Digital Products” to “Going Global”, there’s a lot on our cards this year.

Let’s take a deeper look at what means for creators, partners, vendors, and the creator economy.

Creators Can Now Build Global 🌎 Businesses On Blinkstore 🚀

Blinkstore is expanding its horizons and going global!

We’ve seen countless creators building their businesses and stores on multiple platforms for their fans in different parts of the world. Since we started from India, we initially focused on partnering with Indian Print-on-Demand providers and that is set to expand as we release Blinkstore AI.

With our flexible SDKs and APIs, Blinkstore is ready to collaborate and integrate on an international level. We will be rolling out in newer geographies such as USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and South East Asia in over multiple phases throughout this year.

Blinkstore’s updated tech stack is capable of working internationally and locally to support multiple vendors and partners, types of products (physical and digital), different currencies, shipping partners, compliance, and much more.

Integration Readiness With SDKs and APIs

Ever since we started Blinkstore, we’ve received many requests from new social media players, creator economy startups, individual creators, and vendors for smoother integration process. SDKs and APIs are here to our rescue!

Blinkstore’s new Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are designed to facilitate seamless collaborations and integrations.

These tools will provide developers with the resources they need to integrate Blinkstore’s features into their own applications and platforms. This opens up a world of possibilities for creator monetisation, ensuring that other platforms can leverage Blinkstore’s ecommerce capabilities.

10 Key Updates To Power Creator Commerce

Blinkstore is rolling out a series of significant updates to enhance the ecommerce experience for creators and sellers. Here’s are the top 10 updates:

1. Themes to Customise Your Store

Customize your store with a variety of themes to match your brand’s unique identity. Choose from a selection of pre-designed themes or create your own to ensure your store stands out. More themes rolling out soon!

2. Ecommerce Features To Power Your Sales

Blinkstore is moving towards becoming the complete suite for ecommerce, designed to enhance user experience, streamline operations, drive more revenue and sales, and make life easier for creators and entrepreneurs:

  • Customize Color Palette: Match your store’s aesthetic with customizable color options.
  • Set Your Preferred Fonts: Choose fonts that align with your brand’s identity.
  • Header Navigation: Improve site navigation with customizable headers.
  • Search: Enhanced search functionality to help customers find products quickly.
  • Videos: Integrate video content to engage customers.
  • Carousel Banners: Showcase multiple products or promotions with carousel banners.
  • Store Footer: Customize your footer with important links and information.
  • Product Collections: Organize products into collections for easier browsing.
  • Bundles: Create product bundles to offer customers special deals.
  • Automated Payouts: Simplify financial management with automated profit payouts.
  • New Coupon Codes Engine: Implement advanced coupon strategies to boost sales.

3. Sell Digital Products on Blinkstore

Looking for free Gumroad alternatives? best FourthWall alternatives? Or not sure about which platform to choose for selling ebooks and other digital products? Blinkstore has got answers. We are building the most affordable (almost free) tool for you to sell your next eBook, downloadable digital products, software, notion templates, courses, or any other digital product.

Blinkstore makes it super easy for creators to become an entrepreneur.

4. Plugins for Sale, Marketing, and Analytics

Discover a variety of apps and plugins in Blinkstore’s marketplace

3rd party Apps and Plugins integrations will make it seamless for you to get better analytics, set up marketing automations, email automation, etc. We will be expanding our apps & plugins marketplace to 50+ supported platforms for marketing, sales, analytics, mockups, content editing, blogs, SEO, community building, etc.

5. Multiple Print-on-Demand Vendors to Fulfil Your Orders Globally and Locally

We are open to partnering with multiple print-on-demand vendors to offer a diverse range of products in various geographies to print and ship globally. This flexibility allows you to cater to different customer preferences, expand your product catalog, and engage with your fans and customers around the world.

6. Take Cash-on-Delivery Orders With Pre-paid Wallets

For D2C brands and creators who want to offer cash-on-delivery option to their buyers, we’ve introduced pre-paid wallets. With pre-paid wallets, you can maintain a working capital for your business to support COD orders by your customers. The orders will get processed from the pre-paid wallet balance and the profits will be processed one week after the successful product delivery.

The pre-paid wallet will also help you unlock AI image generator for merch design, unlocking premium features, and much more.

7. Design Merch With AI Image Generators

Now you can leverage AI to create stunning merchandise designs effortlessly. Blinkstore’s AI image generator integrations will help you design unique and appealing merchandise design that resonate with your audience from text prompts.

Turn your imagination from text to design, put it on products of your choice, and start selling instantly. This reduces the time-to-market for new merch drops and allows you to push the boundaries of your merch design by bringing your imagination to reality.


8. Seamless Profit Payouts Automation

No more manually requesting for your payouts!

With payout automation, sellers will receive their profits directly into their bank account in 2 to 4 weeks. This will take way your manual work and add an element of surprise and sudden celebration in your creator-led business.

9. Get Organic Traffic From SEO

Optimize your store for search engines with Blinkstore’s inbuilt SEO. Your store name, store description, product title, product description, tags, and text on the store will now more effectively contribute towards SEO.

It will help you improve your store’s online visibility and attract more traffic by implementing effective SEO strategies.

Businesses that are building large-scale D2C brands on Blinkstore’s print on demand infrastructure have often requested us to allow them to integrate their own payment gateway. It will allow D2C brands report their GMV metrics as their top-line, instead of just accounting for the profits after Cost-of-Goods.

With Blinkstore AI, we are now open to working with D2C brands integrating their own payment gateways and collecting the revenue from sales directly into their own accounts. This will be available on request to select brands with a history of INR. 5,00,000 or MRR for at least 3 months in a row. The custom payment gateway will work in-sync with pre-paid wallets to maintain working capital to support operations.

Building Affordable and Scalable Tech for Ecommerce and Creator Monetisation

Blinkstore is committed to becoming the ultimate monetization platform for creators and entrepreneurs. With a focus on scalable, flexible, and affordable technology, Blinkstore provides creators with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

From seamless integrations and advanced customization options to AI-powered tools and global reach, Blinkstore is dedicated to supporting creators and entrepreneurs at every step of their journey.


What are the benefits of Blinkstore’s new SDKs and APIs?

Creator economy startups, 3rd party platforms, POD vendors, etc. can now seamlessly integrate with Blinkstore’s technology stake. Allow them to access to large number of creators building their businesses on Blinkstore. And it’ll also help creators to get a host of monetisation and distribution channels from a single interface.

Can I sell digital products on Blinkstore?

Yes, with you will be able to sell digital products on Blinkstore. Every creator will get the ability to sell ebooks, pdfs, design files, downloadable content, videos, etc. from their customisable stores powered by Blinkstore.

How does Blinkstore handle payouts?

Blinkstore transfers the profits earned by creators directly to their bank account. Creators keep 100% of the money they make on Blinkstore without any hidden fee or additional deductions.

What kind of support does Blinkstore offer for print-on-demand services?

Blinkstore comes inbuilt with Print-on-Demand services, which means that you can design and create products, list on your website, and start selling them online. Blinkstore provides you with 35+ SKUs including apparels, accessories, home-decor, and tech products. As and when people place orders, Blinkstore manages printing, packaging, shipping, payments, and customer support.

How can I optimize my store for search engines?

You can optimise your website/store on Blinkstore by using the keywords in website description, product titles and description, and text content on your store.

With this newer platform, Blinkstore is set to transform the ecommerce experience, providing creators and businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a global market. Start building your business on Blinkstore today and take your passion to the next level!