10 Amazing Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startups


Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startups

If you are running a startup and searching for corporate gifting ideas for startups, you have come to the correct place. Blinkstore is a one-stop destination for all your customisable corporate gifts. With us, you can choose between 50+ ranges of products as per your budget and customise them accordingly. Read this blog to learn more about some fantastic corporate gift ideas for employees. 

Introduction to Corporate gifting

Corporate gifting is successful because it can show that a brand values relationships over just business dealings and can make the receiver feel appreciated. When intended for employees, corporate gifting can strengthen company culture and employee ties through a sense of shared identity. It demonstrates to workers that they are valued and merit appreciation beyond a salary each month. Whether it’s a lavish one or a small token of appreciation, getting a gift makes employees feel special and unique.

Every company including startups should adopt corporate gifting. That’s why we collected the best corporate gifting ideas for startups. Corporate giving can also encourage employees to work hard, adding higher performance for the team. Receiving a personalised present, in particular, fosters a favourable work atmosphere and strengthens bonds with the recipient.

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Choose the Right Gift for Startups

Now that you have a basic idea of what corporate gifts actually mean, let’s focus on the possible measures that should be taken while choosing the best corporate gifts of 2024 for your employees. If not, your gift will probably wind up in dusty closets and desk nooks after a few weeks. Many companies’ and startups’ budgets don’t allow them to give luxury corporate gifts to their employees even if they want to. Unique corporate gifts can be a great option in such scenarios. Here are some points that you might consider while deciding on corporate gift ideas for customers:

  • Customise and personalise your gift. Consider linking the similarities and interests between the company and the employees. Experiment with platforms like Blinkstore for personalising your gift and see what fits you the best. 
  • Showcase the principles and values of your company. Make sure your presentation reflects your brand identity, significance, and beliefs.
  • Prepare your budget and design accordingly. Corporate gifting cannot become a habit of overspending. The key is to come up with a unique idea that still excites the employee while staying within your budget. 
  • While working within a tight budget is still acceptable, sacrificing quality is not. Your company’s reputation is directly impacted by the present you are offering to your employees. Don’t be cheap, but spend money intelligently.
  • Make it distinct. Making sure the presents are exceptional is the first thing we must consider while selecting them for occasions. Receiving the present must go down in your attendees’ memories as a singular and wonderful experience. That positive emotion will then be connected to your brand.
  • Avoid adding promotions. Corporate gifting mainly focuses on the appreciation of employees. Avoid turning it into an advertisement. A modest brand emblem tucked away in plain sight would not be detrimental but it would be preferable if you avoid using your present as a promotional item.

Points to Consider Before Planning Corporate Gifts for Your Startup

Here are some essential questions to consider when planning to give corporate gifts:

A. Who Are We Gifting?

Understand your audience. Are you gifting clients, employees, partners, or all of the above? Tailor your gifts accordingly.

B. What’s the Occasion?

Is it a holiday, a milestone celebration, or a token of appreciation? Align your gifts with the occasion to make them more meaningful.

C. What’s Our Budget?

Set a budget upfront. Find how much you’re willing to invest per gift and stick to it.

D. What’s Our Brand Identity?

Ensure your gifts reflect your brand identity. Are you sleek and modern, or warm and friendly? Let your brand personality shine through.

E. What’s the Wow Factor?

Think outside the box. What would truly delight the recipient and leave a lasting impression?

F. How Can We Personalize?

Personalization goes a long way. Consider adding a handwritten note or customizing gifts based on individual preferences.

10 Best Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startups

Corporate gifting ideas for startups are more challenging than personal gift-giving because of the numerous rules that are involved. You want to personalise and innovate with your presents, but the gift also needs to be suitable for a professional setting. Let’s take a look at some unique high-end corporate gifts for your employees:

1. Surprise Gift Box:

Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startups - Surprise gift box
Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startups – Surprise gift box

A mysterious gift box never fails to surprise anyone. Unboxing a corporate gift box is an exhilarating experience, and these boxes are ideal for personalising for your staff, clients, or anybody else you want to send them to. With Blinkstore, you can even design your corporate gift box and fill it with items that you wish to gift your employees. 

2. Customised Outfits:

Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startups - Custom Apparels
Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startups – Custom Apparels

One of the most popular corporate gifting ideas for startups are apparel, such as T-shirts, shirts, hats, sportswear, or other clothing items like hoodies, Swag bags etc. While providing recipients with something useful, they may help your company in brand strengthening. However, one of their possible drawbacks is that staff members can mistakenly think of them as advertising items rather than actual gifts. Don’t go overboard with branding or logos to avoid this; instead, provide clothing that people will want to wear. 

3. Themed Hampers and Baskets:

Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startups - Themed Hampers and Baskets
Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startups – Themed Hampers and Baskets

Hampers and baskets with themes have been around for a long. But the diversity we have now is simply unbelievable. With Blinkstore, you can customise and share the joy with your employees on social occasions like Christmas as corporate Christmas gifts. A personalised basket filled with loads of dry fruits and chocolates is considered to be the best Diwali gift for corporates.

4. Wellness and Health gifts:

A wellness kit is always a great option since it encourages self-care and includes goods that help recipients feel good on the inside and out. It may include a free subscription to healthy foods, a local gym membership or access to a gym on-site, a health and fitness tracker, or general health insurance.

5. Personalised Accessories:

Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startups - Personalised Accessories
Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startups – Personalised Accessories

Custom accessories like wallets, cufflinks, ties, wristwatches for men and handbags, clutches, and purses for women are some ideal corporate gifts you can give to your clients and employees. Attach a personal thank note along with the product to showcase your gratitude towards that person.

6. Desk Essentials:

Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startup - Desk Essentials
Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startup – Desk Essentials

An employee spends a lot of time at their workplace. Giving them the highest quality office supplies is therefore a great idea. Giving desk accessories out may seem out of date, but they might be luxury office necessities that staff members might not otherwise purchase. It is simple to put together a gift basket with digital organisers, engraved metal pens, professional notebooks, reporters, pen drives, visiting card holders, memory cards, and cardholders. To increase their productivity, give them writing notebooks, personalised stainless steel water bottles, picture frames, portable phone chargers, Bluetooth speakers, laptop bags, file holders, etc.

7. Tech Gadgets:

With the increasing user base, tech items have become quite appealing as one of the ideal corporate gift ideas. If your budget is allowing you to spend more then you might also look for some gadgets for tech-savvy people. Headphones, portable speakers, smartwatches, and fitness trackers are the trending favourites that you might wanna consider as a corporate gift.

8. Eco-friendly gifts:

For your employees who care about the environment, an eco-friendly gift bag is a fantastic additional corporate gift choice. Reusable notebooks, water bottles, thermal coffee cups, and straws are eco-friendly options that will help your recipients use less single-use packaging. They are excellent employee gifts, especially if you can add your brand’s colours to them or give your team the choice of a personalised design.

9. Travel Kits and grooming products:

Giving your staff members a flying kit filled with all the necessities would be a really lovely present if they often travel for business. You can also send them a personalised grooming kit which will have all the important amenities to keep them fresh and energetic. 

10. Gift cards and travel vouchers:

Gift cards are excellent business presents that remain evergreen throughout the year. These are a secure choice for your recipient, whether they are a customer, employee, or business partner, as they provide some freedom and let them purchase something useful. The recipient may spend the money on goods or take advantage of discounts. It is a fairly secure corporate gifting option, although lacking the personalized touch.

Additional Tips for Corporate Gifting Ideas for Startups

To level up your corporate gifting game, consider some additional tips to make your gifts stand out:

A. Personalize whenever possible

Enhance the significance of your corporate gifts by adding a personal touch. Imagine receiving a gift tailored specifically to your tastes or needs—it leaves a lasting impression.

Consider including handwritten notes expressing gratitude or customizing items with the recipient’s name or logo for that extra touch of thoughtfulness.

B. Consider sustainability

Amidst growing environmental concerns, prioritizing sustainable corporate gifts showcases your startup’s commitment to eco-conscious practices.

Opt for gifts crafted from recycled materials, such as reusable water bottles or tote bags made from recycled plastic.

Embrace biodegradable products or support ethical and fair-trade initiatives, contributing positively to both the planet and your brand’s reputation.

C. Align with your brand

Ensure your corporate gifts resonate with your startup’s identity and values, acting as an extension of your brand. For instance, if your brand exudes innovation, consider gifting tech gadgets or innovative stationery items.

If you’re known for your commitment to social causes, support charitable organizations through your gift choices. Consistency in branding strengthens brand recognition and fosters deeper connections with recipients.

D. Set a budget and stick to it

Establishing a clear budget for corporate gifting is crucial to maintaining financial stability while expressing appreciation. Consider allocating a specific percentage of your overall budget to gifting activities.

Utilize budget-tracking tools or software to monitor expenses effectively and avoid overspending. Remember, thoughtful gifts need not break the bank—focus on quality over quantity to ensure each gift makes a meaningful impact without straining your finances.

Why Choose Blinkstore for Corporate Gifting at Your Startup?

Blinkstore is one of the best print-on-demand platforms in India that allows you to customise a large variety of products. While many corporate gifting companies charge hundreds of rupees for their services, Blinkstore is providing employee gifting automation with one minimum order quantity.

If you are struggling with corporate gifting ideas for startups, we can help you curate employee swag bags and premium custom gift boxes as well. We understand that corporate gifting ideas for startups are plenty, but executing them fast, seamlessly, and in an automated way is something that we stand for.


Corporate giving is crucial to expressing your thanks to clients and workers and fortifying current ties with stakeholders. Additionally, gifts may strengthen your company’s identity by bringing your ideas to life and making a great impact on the receivers. Appreciation and hard work if maintained in a parallel manner, will bring success in no time. Virtual and hybrid meetings are also great opportunities to engage guests with presents and create memorable events.

So why wait? Visit Blinkstore and get your customised corporate gifts today.


What are the corporate Gifts for entrepreneurs who need exciting culture?

The best corporate gift for entrepreneurs who wish to have an exciting culture would be:
1. Customised Stationary Products
2. Premium products with customisation that are relevant to their startups
3. Books
4. Premium and customised accessories

What are some best gifts for entrepreneurs who love to study?

Some of the best presents you can offer an entrepreneur are a smart notebook, personalized calendar kit, Kindle, or table lighting.

Can I give Starbucks gift cards to my employees?

Giving gift cards to popular brands like Starbucks has gained popularity because they provide workers with a concrete way to see your gratitude and remind them of how crucial they are to your company’s success. This is among the popular corporate gifting ideas for startups.

What is a good gift for a business grand opening?

There are many gift ideas for a grand business opening. Some of the popular ideas are a premium ceramic mug, Leather padfolio, convertible briefcases, Eco-friendly laptop sleeves, etc. You can also delight your team and clients by personalising each gift for a specific guest.

What’s an example of a first-level corporate gift?

You may send your customers, clients, and business partners personalised coffee mugs, hoodies, t-shirts, and gift baskets filled with chocolates and dry fruits. (corporate gifting ideas for startups)

What is the best gift from a company? (best corporate gifts 2022)

The ideal present from a business to an employee would be personalised gift hampers, coffee mugs, succulents/plants, keychains, customised water bottles, notepads, pens, table standees, books, etc.

What gifts do employees value most?

Here are some gift suggestions to appropriately thank employees for their dedication and successful work, ranging from customised Swag bags to beautiful gift hampers:
1. Surprise gift box
2. Desk essentials
3. Customised outfits
4. Themed hampers and baskets
5. Sweet treats
6. Gift cards and shopping vouchers

When to present Corporate gifts?

It might seem that corporate gifts are given out around holidays or festivals. But you might want to reconsider that, as employers must acknowledge cultural differences. Gifts at times when your employees are least expecting it will create a sense of belongingness. The best way to deliver a corporate gift or business gift is to give it personally.