20+ Best Corporate Swag Bag Ideas for Companies in India


Corporate Swag Bag Ideas for Companies in India

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There are plenty of corporate swag bag ideas on the Internet. We at Blinkstore curated the best swag bag items for you. And the best part is that we not only provide you with ideas but also help you execute them by automating your operations of sending swag to your clients, employees, users, and events.

  Best Swag Bag in  India
Get The Best Swag Bag in  India

Get The Best Corporate Swag Bag in India

We handle product, printing, payment, packaging, and shipping for you for FREE

Read our guide on how to Automate Your Corporate Swag Bag In 3 Easy Steps – For HRs & Companies in India.

Having official merchandise for any brand, startup, or corporate is essential to materialize the brand assets and bring them onto real-world objects. It helps elevate the overall brand value as well.

In this blog, we are showcasing most of the swags provided to startups and corporates in India, along with ideas on how you can mix and make a package out of it. We provide custom-branded packaging added to the custom merchandise (on demand).

If you need high-quality swag and official merchandise for your startup, team/employees, users, or event. You can sign up on Blinkstore, launch your store and start ordering customized products within minutes. For guided support, write to us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

What Does Swag Bag Mean?

Team wearing company swag in a meeting. Blinkstore swag bags.
A team wearing company swag in a meeting (depiction)

Swag Bag means a customized branded box that corporates ship to their employees and new clients. These bags usually contain goodies and gifts to delight the recipient and to start the engagement on a happy note.

What is a Swag Bag?

A branded swag bag or a goodie bag is a box full of official company merchandise that employers and brands send to their employees. Or use it during promotional events and to reward their customers.

This has been around for decades, but companies these days come up with creative ideas to utilize the swag boxes for brand building, marketing, and promotion.s

Why Should You Give Out Swag Bags?

There are dozens of benefits to giving out swags to your employees, users, clients, and attendees of your events.

  1. Elevates the brand value
  2. Creates a sense of belongingness for the employees
  3. Amazing for brand promotion during events (swag events)
  4. People associate with the brand name & the logo and remember the brand for a longer duration.

Other than these, there are many intangible benefits of giving out official merchandise.

Blinkstore swag - Blinkstore official merch store
Blinkstore Swag – Blinkstore official merch store

The sense of being together while doing great work is motivating for the team. At the same time, it is great for aesthetic reasons.

What is a corporate Swag Bag?

A corporate swag bag is a collection of branded merchandise or promotional items that a company distributes to employees, clients, or event attendees.

These bags often contain items like company logo apparel, gadgets, stationery, and other goodies intended to promote the brand and create a positive impression.

They’re a fun and effective way for businesses to showcase their brand identity and express appreciation to recipients.

Gifts For Employees And Customers – Corporate Swag Bag Ideas

Corporate swag packs and cool Startup swag ideas are plenty on Pinterest. You can find company swag bag ideas later in this blog. Gifting is a part of new employee onboarding at many startups and corporates. And if it is not part of your employee onboarding, we recommend that you incorporate it. Gifting to employees and customers is a simple and easy way to buy a little bit of familiarity and trust in a brand.

With Blinkstore, gifting swags to employees and customers get automated. And it is not even a one-person job anymore within an organization. A big reason why certain corporates and startups choose not to get into swag gifting is to avoid the overhead of operations. Avoiding this small cost is not the reason for not including swags/official merchandise. Instead, the hassle of inventory, print-on-demand, and shipping is the real cost.

  Best Swag Bag in  India
Get The Best Swag Bag in  India

Get The Best Corporate Swag Bag in India

We handle product, printing, payment, packaging, and shipping for you for FREE

Blinkstore takes away all that hassle. Create your official merchandise store and start ordering merch for your teams in any quantity and leave everything else to us. Or write to us at [email protected] for special support.

Categories of products on Blinkstore

Blinkstore has a catalogue of 30+ variety of products. You can browse all the products here: Print-on-demand product catalogue.

Get in Touch For Swag Bags in India:

Check the products from three prominent categories:

Clothing & Apparel Swag Bags

Custom Apparel - Corporate Swags Bag Ideas - Blinkstore Swag bags
Custom Apparel – Swags Bags – Blinkstore
  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Jogger
  • Sweatshirt

Stationery and Accessory Swag Bags

Stationery and Accessory - Corporate Swag Bags
Stationery and Accessory – Corporate Swag Ideas
  • Notepad
  • Coasters
  • Phone Cover
  • Water Bottle (sports bottle)
  • Mouse pad
  • Gaming Pad
  • Coffee Mug

Other Things to Throw In The Custom Swag Bag

Find some more swag bag gift ideas below. Our curated swag bags are suitable for a variety of use cases: luxury swag bag ideas, swag bag ideas for prom, wellness swag bag ideas, conference swag bag ideas, swag bag ideas for adults, and swag bag ideas for events.

Custom Design Stickers - Custom Poster - Corporate Swag Bags - Blinkstore Swag Bags
Custom Design Stickers – Custom Poster – Corporate Swag Bags – Blinkstore
  • Tote Bags
  • Stickers
  • Badges
  • Wall poster

Gadget Swag Bags

  • Headphones
  • Phone Chargers
  • Smartphone cases/pockets
  • Battery Banks
  • USB drives
  • Power Adapter 

For inspiration, you can go to Pinterest and explore thousands of swag bag item ideas.

Corporate Swag Bag Ideas for Event

These Swag bags for businesses, events, employees and customers are all versatile. We are suggesting some combination of items, but at the end of the day, everything is customizable as per your liking and requirements.

1) The Safe Bet Box

The Safe Bet Box

Swag bag for employees and new hire swag bag ideas:

small business goodie bag ideas


Tote Bag


2) The Low Minimum Pack

Typical swag bag


Custom Branded Box for Packaging

Greeting Card

Water Bottle

3) The Hydrator

Reusable Water Bottles

Hydration Packs

Cooling Towels

Healthy Snacks

4) Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly bags are good corporate swag ideas. These products are ideal for gifting on small occasions and for personal achievements.

Inexpensive swag bag ideas (cheap swag bag ideas):

Tote Bag

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Custom Cardboard Box

5) Stylish Traveler Pack

Stylish Traveler Pack

Small Luggage Bag


Luggage organizer

Phone Cover

6) Weekend Game Night

Here are some awesome swag bag ideas for the best weekend:

Board games

Deck of cards

Dice set

Drink coasters

Personalised game night scorecard

Corporate Swag Bag Ideas for Business

7) The Starter Kit


Journal (Notepad)


Water Bottle

Sticker Pack

Greeting Card

Custom Branded Box

8) Self-Care Kit

Here are some of the self-care items that you can consider in your swag bag kit:

Face Masks

Essential Oils

Scented Candles

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Meditation app subscription

9) Fitness Swag Bags

To promote fitness you can include these fitness items:

Resistance Bands

Yoga Mat

Fitness Tracker

Water Bottles


Jump Rope

Workout Towels

10) Technology

Tech Bag Pack

In today’s digital era, everyone loves electronic items. Here are some items you may include in your swag bag:

Wireless Earbuds


Charging Cables

Portable Charger


Phone Stand

Wireless mouse

11) Foodie Swag bag

Here are some best swag bag ideas for all the foodie people:

Organic Snacks


Gourmet seasonings

Food-themed Coasters

Cooking utensils

12) Pet Care Kit

Here are some pet care swag bag ideas that you can give to all the pet parents:


Grooming Supplies

Waste Bags

Personalised pet Collar

Pet grooming kit

Pet toys

13) Music Doze

We all love to listen to music. Here are some swag bag ideas for all music lovers:

Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth Earbuds

Vinyl record

Bluetooth Speakers

14) Sports Accessories

Here are some swag bag ideas for all the sports enthusiasts:

Arm Sleeves

Foam Roller

Running Belt

Compression leg sleeves

Sports Gloves


15) Gardening Kit

Gardening Kit

Here are some gardening swag bag ideas to gift:

Gardening Gloves


Plant markets

Mini watering can

Sun hat

Mini Shovel


16) Grooming Essentials

Grooming essentials include:


Skincare essentials

Hair ties


Beard oil

Nail care set

Fragrance sampler

Corporate Swag Bag Ideas for Employees

17) Work from Home Care Package

Mouse Pad

Desk Organizer Set

Aromatherapy Candle

Coffee or Tea Sampler

Stress Relief Toys

18) Custom Apparel

Customized T-shirts





Personalised masks

Tote bags

19) Coffee Kit

Everyone almost loves coffee. Here are some awesome swag bag ideas for coffee lovers:

Coffee beans

Personalised Coffee Mug

Reusable coffee filter

Coffee grinder

Milk Frother

20) Desk Essentials

Here are some swag bag ideas that include desk essentials:

Customized notebook

Pen stand

Desk plant

Stress ball

desk lamp

Ergonomic Keyboard

Sticky Notes

21) Wine Connoisseur

Wine Connoisseur

For your premium customers or clients, you can use this swag bag idea to make them happy:

Wine Glasses


Wine Stopper

Wine tote

Wine themed coasters

22) Wellness kits

Essential Oils Set

Yoga Mat

Reusable Water Bottle

Healthy Snack Packs

Journal and Pen Set

23) Outdoor Adventure Kit

For all the adventure lovers out there, these items should be treated as the best swag bag ideas for an adventure kit:

Portable chair

High-quality Water bottle


bug spray

Hiking Kit

portable lamp

Trail mix

Emergency Kit

24) Inexpensive Swag Bag Ideas

In case you are running low on budget, you can consider these items as cheap swag bag ideas for your clients or employees:

Customized Coffee Mug with a motivational quote

High Grade-customized water bottle

Personalised Wallet/Purse

A branded Journal with personalized quotes

25) The Ultimate Luxury Swag Bag

Ultimate Luxury Swag Bag

An International Tour Package

Branded Watch

Luxury Spa treatment

Fine leather wallet

Premium Coffee Maker

Blinkstore Swag Bag Packaging Options

The content of the bag matters. But at the same time, the experience of receiving and unboxing a well-crafted box neatly packaged box is satisfying.

At Blinkstore, we provide custom packaging options as well as simple plastic/paper packaging with the goodies inside it.

The photos of the boxes shown below are for visual illustration only. Practically we can provide a wide variety of packaging options ranging from small cardboard boxes to big boxes in all shapes and sizes. There are two popular ways to customize the packaging:

1) Pasting logo sticker on top of a regular cardboard box (affordable and quick to execute) and

2) Box with custom printing and style of packaging (premium pricing and takes a certain time duration)

With the second category of packaging, there’s a minimum order quantity that is required. That we can only decide based on availability. With the category one packaging, there’s no minimum order quantity. And both are chargeable.

Corporate Swag boxes - Blinktstore
Swag box ideas – Blinktstore

You can also choose different types of packaging options for different use cases. The goal of shipping swag in a custom box is to enhance the experience of unboxing and personalize the whole package.

Business Goodie Bag Ideas

Check out these goodie bag ideas that work well for a business atmosphere:

Employee Appreciation

  • Customized Coffee Mug: Start the day right with a personalized coffee mug featuring the company logo.
  • Desk Plant: Add a touch of greenery to workspaces with a low-maintenance desk plant or succulent.
  • Motivational Quote Print: Inspire and uplift with a framed print featuring motivational quotes or company values.
  • Branded Notebook: Foster creativity and productivity with a sleek notebook branded with the company logo.
  • Gourmet Snack Assortment: Treat employees to a selection of gourmet snacks like artisanal chocolates, nuts, and dried fruit.

Client Appreciation

  • Premium Pen Set: Impress clients with a high-quality pen set featuring sleek designs and smooth writing.
  • Customized USB Drive: Stay top-of-mind with custom USB drives preloaded with company information or presentation materials.
  • Executive Desk Organizer: Elevate their workspace with a sophisticated desk organizer set for pens, business cards, and more.
  • Embroidered Polo Shirt: Showcase professionalism with embroidered polo shirts branded with the company logo.
  • Bottle of Wine or Champagne: Celebrate successful partnerships with a bottle of fine wine or champagne.

Event Swag Bags

  • Tote Bag: Provide a reusable tote bag featuring the event logo for attendees to carry their goodies.
  • Branded Water Bottle: Keep attendees hydrated with stylish water bottles featuring the event branding.
  • Notebook and Pen Combo: Encourage note-taking and engagement with a branded notebook and pen set.
  • Promotional Merchandise: Include promotional items such as keychains, magnets, or stickers showcasing the event or sponsoring companies.
  • Discount Coupons or Vouchers: Add value with discount coupons or vouchers for future purchases or services related to the event.

Swag The Bag -Conclusion

Brands around the world spend a lot of time, effort, and money on building brand value, establishing trust, and becoming memorable. Starting your official merchandise store can be a simple yet powerful step towards elevating brand value and trust.

Our purpose in curating this list of ideas is to help corporates and startups make decisions. Once the decision to provide official (custom) merchandise is made, the rest is as easy as it comes with Blinkstore.

For a quick execution, go to Blinkstore Seller Dashboard, sign up using Google, Create your store, upload the brand logo and other product designs, and start ordering for your team. For a guided experience, custom packaging boxes, and any other support, write to us at [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours. Swag Up with Blinkstore!

FAQs – Bag The Swag!

Frequently asked questions for Swag bag companies, swag events, swag giveaways, and more. It is not difficult to narrow down on the right corporate swag bag ideas, swag bag ideas for business, corporate gift bag ideas, corporate event goodie bags, or inexpensive swag bag ideas. The challenging part is selecting one and then automating the operations of print-on-demand and delivery of these items.

What are swag bags?

Swag bags are little gift bags or assortments of items that complement an event or conference for attendees. Swag Bags are also called goodie bags, giveaway bags, corporate gifts and so on. They are custom products that are used to delight clients, event attendees, customers, etc and given to make them happy and connected.

What do you put in a corporate swag bag?

For corporates, a custom-branded high-quality box containing custom-designed goodies and products is an ideal bag. We recommend custom hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, notebooks, coffee mugs, water bottles, stickers, and gaming pads. Corporates can pick and choose items for a bag as per the requirements. Note: Blinkstore is one of the best swag bag companies in India.

What is usually in swag bags?

Swag bags usually contain promotional items, free product samples, and custom-designed products with brand logos and names on them that can excite recipients and leave a long-lasting impression on the receiver.

What should I put in my employee goody bags? / How do you make a swag bag?

We suggest companies go with a basic yet complete employee goody bag:
1. Hoodie
2. T-shirt
3. Water Bottle
4. Coffee Mug
5. Notepad (A5 size)
6. Tote bag
These six items made for a nice swag bag experience

What do you put in a virtual swag bag? (virtual swag bag ideas)

A virtual swag bag is a digital gift box corporates and startups send to customers, clients, employees, and event attendees. Virtual swag bags consist of items that are digital, such as video, virtual Gift cards, etc. Virtual swag has a lot of benefits, which makes them attractive to corporates and startups. Virtual swag bag ideas are plenty and easier to execute. But virtual swag bags do not have the same feeling as receiving a physical product.

What are the most popular swag items in 2022? (Good Swag Bag Ideas)

T-shirts, hoodies, Coffee mugs, Stickers, and Tote Bags are the most popular swag items in 2021. These items are evergreen and never go out of trend. Popular items for developers and people who are games are a custom gaming pad and a custom mouse pad. Posters, Joggers, Coasters, Phone Covers, and Notepads are other cool options.

What does the acronym SWAG mean?

SWAG stands for “Stuff We All Get”, also known as promotional products for marketing or Swag giveaways. Swag (derived from swagger) means cool, composed, and “with it.” Swag can be used as a noun as well as a verb. And it is used for many things in pop culture. But when we talk about corporate swag and swag bags, we mean the “Stuff We All Get”.

What was in the Oscar swag bag 2020?

2020 Oscar swag bag had a $78,000 trip to Antarctica. The yacht had a capacity of 200 guests. It has eight restaurants, one submarine, 2 helicopters, and one “spa sanctuary.” During the trip, guests can kayak, snowshoe, and encounter penguins. The total worth of this trip is estimated to be ~$78,190.

What are the swag bag ideas for fundraisers?

For Fundraiser, you can go ahead with premium quality packaging and include a pen, diary, custom stickers, a custom hoodie, and an item of regular use like a coffee mug or water bottle.

What is another name for a swag bag?

Another term for a swag bag is a “gift bag” or “goodie bag.” These bags are often filled with promotional items or giveaways and distributed at events or conferences.

What does swag bag stand for?

“SWAG” in swag bag stands for “Stuff We All Get.” These bags typically contain promotional merchandise, freebies, or samples provided by event organizers, sponsors, or vendors.