Sell and Buy Customized Mobile Cover Online in India: 6 Easy Steps


Customized Mobile Cover Online in India

Designing your own customized mobile cover online in India is a fun and creative way to personalise your phone. You may make a one-of-a-kind mobile cover that expresses your style and personality by selecting from various design options.

In India, there are various online platforms that provide the service of making custom phone covers and guides about how to start a phone case business. The procedure is quick and straightforward, allowing you to create your own mobile cover from the comfort of your home. Keep reading this article to learn how you can get your own customized mobile covers India:

Growth of the Smartphone Industry

The Indian mobile market is growing at a rapid pace. Statistics show that there are more mobile devices than people in the world. Also with an average growth of 44% every year, the Indian smartphone market is dominating the world.

This indicates that there is a significant opportunity for you to capitalize on the increasing demand for smartphone accessories. Mobile cases, specifically, can be easily obtained and appeal to individuals who want to add some personalization or additional features to their essential device. But before we hop into the process to get a customized mobile cover printing online, let’s take a look at its importance.

Importance of a Customized Mobile Cover

Your cell phone cover reflects your individuality and fashion sense. As a result, it is critical to have a one-of-a-kind casing with exquisite detailing. Customizing a smartphone cover makes it unique and special.

Customized mobile covers not only stand out among the crowd but also gives you the opportunity to use the designs and materials you desire. Hence, having a customized smart cover is necessary to keep your smartphone safe and stylish.  

Customized mobile cover online with Blinkstore in 6 easy steps

With Blinkstore, designing a customized phone cover is quite easy. Within minutes, you can create a high-quality durable self-designed mobile cover which will add charms to your mobile user experience. Here are the steps to design a customised mobile cover using Blinkstore:

STEP 1: Visit Blinkstore (The Best Print-on-Demand Platform in India)

 Blinkstore print on demand

The process starts by visiting Blinkstore. Just click on Blinkstore, and you will be directed to the website. After visiting, click on the “Get Started” Button. 

STEP 2: Sign up using your credentials or Google Account

Sign up using your credentials or Google Account

Now you need to sign up using your email address or your google account. In case you already have your account with blinkstore, you can directly sign in by clicking here.

STEP 3: Create your own design or store

Create your own online store for free and add your own design with Blinkstore

After successful login, you can either create an online store to showcase your products or you can design your own product. In this case, we will talk about the process to design your own customised mobile cover. For that, you need to click the “design product” option from the dashboard as shown in the picture.

STEP 4: Choose phone cover from the product catalogue

Choose mobile phone from the product catalogue

From the following product list, choose the phone cover from the accessories section. Though Blinkstore provides more than 30+ products to customise, for now, we will only talk about the phone cover.

STEP 5: Design your product ( Add Your Own Design To The Mobile Back Cover)

Design your customized mobile back cover

Here, you can customise your cover and add your own designs. Make sure to add high-resolution designs for better printing and finishing.

STEP 6: Checkout and delivery process

Checkout and delivery process of customized mobile cover online

After finishing your design, choose your device model for a perfect customized mobile cover. Now you can simply showcase it in your online store or you can add it to the bag for checkout purposes. Here you can also set your profit margin and decide the final pricing of the product. Just simply fill in the address details and get your product delivered within 7 days.

Why is Blinkstore the best online place to sell and buy customized mobile covers India?

Blinkstore the best online place to sell and buy customized mobile covers India
  • Personalized mobile Covers available for 100+ Phone Models
  • High-quality materials for custom mobile cover
  • Easy Design Process on Mobile Back Covers
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Secure Transactions

What are the benefits of using mobile back covers or cases?

When you use mobile back covers or cases, you benefit in various ways:

  • Protection: You get a shield against scratches, dents, and physical damage, keeping your device safe from everyday wear and tear.
  • Durability: Cases enhance the overall toughness of your mobile device, ensuring it withstands the challenges of daily use.
  • Personalization: Express your unique style by choosing from a wide range of designs, colors, and materials, making your mobile device truly yours.
  • Functionality: Some cases offer additional features like kickstands, card holders, or wallet functionality, adding convenience and practicality to your device.
  • Hygiene: Protect your device from dirt, dust, and particles, promoting better hygiene and keeping it clean.

Things to check while buying a customised mobile cover

Now that we know the process of designing a customized mobile cover for our devices, let’s take a look at some of the things that need to be checked while ordering a custom case online:

  • Compatibility with your phone model: Check to see if the custom-made mobile cover you’re considering purchasing is compatible with your phone model.
  • Material: Consider the material of the phone’s case. Silicone, plastic, polycarbonate and leather are all options. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, so think about which one would best suit your needs.
  • Durability: Examine the mobile cover’s durability. You want a phone case that can resist wear and tear while also protecting your phone from harm.
  • Design: Consider the design of the mobile cover. You should consider a cover that expresses your unique taste as well as be functional.
  • Options for modification: Determine whether the mobile cover allows for customization, such as the addition of your own photographs or text.
  • Brand or website reputation: Research the brand of the cellphone cover and check customer reviews to verify you are purchasing high-quality goods.
  • Consider the delivery time of the mobile cover, since you want to receive it as soon as possible.
  • Customer service: Determine whether the merchant provides decent customer service in the event that you have any inquiries or problems with your mobile cover.

Now, when it comes to choosing a customized mobile cover, consider these popular designs:

  • Personal Photos: Feature your favorite family photo, a cherished moment, or your adorable pet, turning your case into a personalized keepsake.
  • Quotes and Text: Add a touch of inspiration or humor with customized quotes and text that resonate with you.
  • Abstract Art and Patterns: Opt for artistic designs, abstract patterns, or geometric shapes to give your mobile cover a unique and creative flair.
  • Pop Culture References: Showcase your fandom by selecting designs inspired by movies, TV shows, music, or gaming characters.
  • Minimalist and Elegant: Embrace simplicity with minimalist designs, giving your device an elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Nature and Scenery: Connect with the outdoors by choosing mobile covers featuring nature scenes, landscapes, or scenic views.
  • Custom Illustrations: Infuse your mobile cover with custom illustrations that reflect your interests, hobbies, or personal style.

Where to sell your Customized mobile cover designs?

If you are an artist or an influencer and want to sell your designs, then these websites might be useful for you. 

1. Blinkstore

Blinkstore is a platform that allows individuals as well as companies to sell customised items online. It provides a simple platform for you to customise 50+ variety of proucts and sell at your own profit margins. There is also no minimum order quantity which makes it suitable for anyone who wishes to buy or sell customized mobile covers India or any other product.

2. Redbubble

This is a well-known online marketplace where artists and designers can sell their work, including personalised smartphone cover designs. Redbubble has a significant consumer base and offers a wide range of customisable items, such as mobile covers.

3. Society6

Another online marketplace where artists and designers may sell their work, including personalised mobile covers, is Society6. It has a large selection of items, including mobile covers for numerous phone types.

4. Zazzle

Zazzle is a famous online marketplace where users can design and sell a wide range of customizable items, including mobile covers. It boasts an easy-to-use interface and a large selection of mobile cases.

5. Etsy

Etsy is a well-known online marketplace where individuals and small businesses may sell handcrafted and one-of-a-kind things such as personalized mobile covers. It has a vast consumer base and wide selection of phone cases.


Finally, building your own customized mobile cover online in India is a fun and simple procedure that allows you to personalize your phone while protecting it from damage. Many websites and online retailers, such as Blinkstore, allow you to make your own personalized mobile cover by selecting from a selection of themes, styles, and photos, or by uploading your own images and text to create a truly bespoke mobile cover. Aside from building your own unique mobile cover, you can also get a variety of ready-made mobile covers in various styles, colors, and materials.


Where can I get customized mobile cases with pictures of my dog?

You can visit Blinkstore and customize your mobile cover as per your needs. You can add pictures of your pet, quotes, designs, etc to the mobile cover and order it online for yourself.

What is the best mobile case maker online that is free for anyone to use?

Though there is some phone case maker online free websites, our recommendation will be to go with Blinkstore as we provide high-quality material covers and many customization options.

How to Print Photo on Mobile Cover?

Printing a photo on a mobile cover involves a few steps:

Select a Design: Choose the photo you want to print on the mobile cover. Ensure it is of high resolution for better print quality.
Choose a Printing Method: Decide whether you want to use a professional printing service or print it yourself using methods like heat transfer, sublimation, or UV printing.
Use Online Services: Many online platforms allow you to customize and order personalized mobile covers. Upload your photo, customize the design, and place an order.
DIY Printing: If you choose to print at home, use printable transfer paper or sheets compatible with your printer. Follow the instructions provided with the materials.
Apply the Photo: If you’re using a DIY method, carefully apply the printed photo onto the mobile cover, following the specific instructions of the chosen printing method.

How to Make Mobile Cover at Home Easy

Making a mobile cover at home can be done with some basic materials:

Materials Needed:
Plain mobile cover
Fabric, paint, or markers for decoration
Glue or adhesive
Any additional embellishments you want to add

Decorate the Cover: Use fabric, paint, or markers to decorate the mobile cover according to your preferences. Get creative with designs, patterns, or even quotes.
Cut and Attach: If you’re using fabric, cut it to fit the mobile cover and glue it in place. Ensure it’s secure and well-attached.
Add Embellishments: Enhance your DIY cover with additional embellishments like stickers, beads, or any decorative elements you like.
Let It Dry: Allow the cover to dry thoroughly before putting it on your mobile device.

Which Material is Best for Mobile Back Cover?

Several materials are commonly used for mobile back covers, each with its own set of characteristics:

Offers durability and impact resistance.
Lightweight and slim design.
Often used for hard cases.
Provides excellent shock absorption.
Soft and flexible, making it easy to put on and remove.
Offers a good grip.
Provides a premium and stylish look.
Offers moderate protection against scratches and impacts.
Adds a touch of elegance to your device.

Which Type of Back Cover is Best for Mobile?

The best type of back cover depends on individual preferences and needs. Some back covers include slim, lightweight, heavy-duty, rugged, aesthetic, and stylish.