500+ Trending Best Instagram Captions For Boys in 2024


Instagram Captions For Boys

Always get confused about what to write in captions for Instagram posts for boys? Well, not anymore. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best caption for boys Instagram that are suitable in 2024. Excited? Let’s Begin!

Best Instagram Captions For Boys

If you are looking captions for Instagram posts for boys. Here are some of the best captions for boys to consider in 2024:

1. Attitude captions for Instagram for boys

Attitudinal Instagram Captions For Boys
Attitudinal Instagram Captions For Boys

Here are some attitude caption for Instagram for boys:

  • I’m not heartless, I just don’t have time for bullshit.
  • I don’t care what you think about me, unless you think I’m awesome.
  • Haters are my motivators.
  • I’m not perfect, but I’m always trying to be better.
  • I’m not afraid to be myself, even if it means being different.
  • I’m a work in progress, but I’m on my way to greatness.
  • Simplicity Is The Best Attitude.
  • I’m Full Of Love, But Low On Trust.
  • It’s Not My Attitude, It’s My Style.
  • I Don’t Need Your Approval To Be Me.
  • Ignore Me And I’ll Do The Same.
  • Don’t Believe In Me Bcoz I’m Unbelievable.
  • I Wasn’t Lucky, I Deserved It.
  • Talk To Me, Not About Me.
  • Judge Me When You Are Perfect.
  • Not Good For You.
  • I’m not afraid to take risks, because I know I can handle anything.
  • I’m not afraid to fail, because I know I can learn from it.
  • I’m not afraid to dream big, because I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  • Being ‘Single’ Is My Attitude!
  • It’s Hot Dude With A Cool Attitude.
  • I’m Here To Bless, Not To Impress.
  • My Style And My Identity Are My Signatures.
  • I Don’t Care About Your Opinion.
  • They Play The Game, We Change The Game.
  • I’m not afraid to be alone, because I know I’m strong enough to handle it.
  • I’m not afraid to love, because I know it’s the most powerful emotion in the world.
  • I’m not afraid to be myself, because that’s all I have.

2. Short captions for Instagram for boys

Short Instagram Captions for Boys
Short Instagram Captions for Boys
  • Adventure time.
  • Living on my terms.
  • Chasing dreams.
  • Confident strides.
  • Journey over destination.
  • Carving my path.
  • Strong and bold.
  • Classy with a twist.
  • Making moments count.
  • Risk-taker, reward-maker.
  • Hustle and grind mode.
  • Capturing life’s clicks.
  • Redefining limits.
  • Standing out always.
  • Seizing the present.
  • Forward, never back.
  • Breaking barriers daily.
  • Inspiring through action.
  • Waves in a trend sea.
  • Striving day by day.
  • Unapologetically myself.
  • Strength meets style.
  • Flaws owned proudly.
  • Rule maker, not follower.
  • Obstacles as stepping stones.
  • Hard work, humbler self.
  • Fashioned for success.
  • Exploring without limits.
  • Pursuit of excellence.
  • Creating lasting legacies.
  • Walking untrodden paths.
  • Carving courageous destiny.
  • Thriving for thrills.
  • Elevating every experience.
  • Adventure-driven life.

3. Happy captions for Instagram for boys

Happy Instagram Captions for Boys
Happy Instagram Captions for Boys
  • Happiness is contagious.
  • Living my best life.
  • Joy in every moment.
  • Embracing pure happiness.
  • Positivity fuels me.
  • Radiating good vibes.
  • Grateful for this journey.
  • Chasing smiles, not things.
  • Smiles are my currency.
  • Adventure and happiness await.
  • Capturing pure joy.
  • Finding bliss in simplicity.
  • Loving life, spreading joy.
  • Happiness is my compass.
  • Grinning from ear to ear.
  • Brightening up the world.
  • Joy is my superpower.
  • Living on cloud nine.
  • Creating my sunshine.
  • Dancing through life’s highs.
  • Letting happiness lead.
  • Overflowing with positivity.
  • Heart full of gratitude.
  • Life’s a happy ride.
  • Letting my inner light shine.
  • Soaking in happy vibes.
  • Positive energy magnet.
  • Choosing happiness daily.
  • Keeping my vibes high.
  • Happiness is my journey.
  • Filling life with laughter.
  • Happiness runs in my veins.
  • Happy heart, happy life.
  • Riding the waves of joy.
  • Blissful moments captured.
  • Spreading smiles effortlessly.
  • In pursuit of happiness.
  • Experiencing life’s joyride.
  • Grateful for the good times.
  • Happiness, my constant companion.
  • Life’s too short not to smile.
  • Overflowing with positivity.
  • Living life with laughter.
  • Chasing dreams, finding joy.
  • Contentment in every step.
  • Embracing life’s happy accidents.
  • Grinning my way through.
  • Joy is my anthem.
  • Everyday happiness warrior.
  • Walking on the sunny side.

4. Cool Instagram captions for boys

Cool Instagram Captions for Boys
Cool Instagram Captions for Boys
  • Living life in my own lane.
  • Unleashing my inner rebel.
  • Born to stand out, not blend in.
  • Keeping it real, always.
  • Fearless and unapologetic.
  • Rocking my own style.
  • Rule breaker, trendsetter.
  • Defying gravity, chasing dreams.
  • Exuding swag and confidence.
  • Adventure is my middle name.
  • Embracing my flaws, owning them.
  • Sky’s the limit, watch me soar.
  • Strutting with attitude.
  • Capturing moments, making memories.
  • Writing my own story, my way.
  • Living life on the edge.
  • Drippin’ in finesse.
  • Standing tall, no looking down.
  • My vibes speak louder than words.
  • Keeping it chill, staying real.
  • Shattering limits, breaking molds.
  • Always evolving, never settling.
  • Swagger on point, always.
  • Embracing the wild side.
  • Marching to my own beat.
  • Mastering the art of cool.
  • Keeping my standards high.
  • Life’s too short to be ordinary.
  • Creating waves in calm seas.
  • Dancing through life’s rhythm.
  • Adventure junkie, adrenaline addict.
  • Playing by my own rules.
  • Taking risks, reaping rewards.
  • Classy vibes, sassy attitude.
  • Embracing the mystery within.
  • Staying humble, hustling hard.
  • Turning dreams into reality.
  • Confidence on fleek, always.
  • Striving for excellence, no compromise.
  • Embracing my individuality.
  • Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.
  • Vintage soul with a modern twist.
  • Slayin’ the game, one day at a time.
  • Defining success on my terms.
  • Living unscripted, unplugged.
  • Keeping it fresh, keeping it me.
  • Standing tall, standing strong.
  • Embracing change, owning it.
  • Daring greatly, living boldly.
  • Setting trends, not following them.

5. Bad boy captions for Instagram

Ultimate Bad Instagram captions for boys
Ultimate Bad Instagram captions for boys
  • Born to be wild, not mild.
  • Embracing my inner rebel.
  • Rule breaker, heart taker.
  • Living life on my terms.
  • Flirting with danger, loving the thrill.
  • Risk-taker, trouble-maker.
  • Unapologetically fierce.
  • Playing by my own rules, always.
  • Sippin’ on confidence, exhaling success.
  • Chasing dreams, breaking boundaries.
  • Igniting fires, leaving sparks.
  • Notorious by nature.
  • Defying expectations, redefining cool.
  • Charm like a weapon, charisma like a shield.
  • Darkness is my ally, shadows my friend.
  • Thriving in chaos, owning the storm.
  • Embracing my flaws, embracing my power.
  • Unleashing my inner outlaw.
  • Wearing scars like trophies.
  • Danger is my playground, adrenaline my drug.
  • Unpredictable, unforgettable, unbreakable.
  • Living on the edge, loving the view.
  • Breaking hearts, breaking norms.
  • Conforming? Not my style.
  • Captivating the world with my attitude.
  • Walking through fire, coming out unburnt.
  • Embracing the wild, rejecting the tame.
  • Living fast, leaving a legacy.
  • Trouble seems to find me, and I don’t mind.
  • Unraveling mysteries, creating enigmas.
  • Whispering secrets to the wind.
  • Seductive charm, dangerous allure.
  • Dancing with darkness, loving the dance.
  • Writing my story with ink of defiance.
  • Rebels have more fun.
  • Charisma turned all the way up.
  • Darkness doesn’t scare me, I thrive in it.
  • Striking poses, striking chords.
  • Fearless heart, restless soul.
  • Loving recklessly, living fearlessly.
  • Playing the game my way.
  • Leaving my mark, making an impact.
  • Embracing the storm, becoming the hurricane.
  • Living on the wild side.
  • Unbreakable spirit, untamed soul.
  • Breaking molds, creating trends.
  • Outlaw by nature, heart of gold.
  • Dancing with danger, fearless and bold.
  • Born to be legendary, not ordinary.
  • Bad to the bone, cool to the core.

6. Funny Instagram captions for boys

Funny Instagram Captions for Boys
Funny Instagram Captions for Boys

Here are the top funniest Instagram captions for boys in 2024:

  • I’m not lazy, I’m on energy-saving mode.
  • My bed and I are in a committed relationship.
  • I run on coffee, sarcasm, and inappropriate thoughts.
  • If I were a vegetable, I’d be a cute-cumber.
  • Life’s too short to be serious all the time.
  • I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right.
  • I put the ‘elusive’ in ‘exclusive.’
  • Friday is my second favorite F-word.
  • I’m not shy, I’m just holding back my awesomeness.
  • I’m not clumsy, the floor just hates me.
  • Dieting is easy, said no one ever.
  • Do I run? Yes, out of patience.
  • My brain has too many tabs open.
  • I’m not crazy, my reality is just different from yours.
  • Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.
  • I’m not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.
  • I’m not great at life, but I’m really good at sarcasm.
  • I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.
  • I may be a mechanic, because I can fix your mood.
  • Why be moody when you can shake your booty?
  • My bed is my happy place. Also, the fridge.
  • I’m not short, I’m concentrated awesome.
  • I’m not addicted to chocolate. We’re just in a committed relationship.
  • I like hashtags because they look like waffles.
  • I put the ‘stud’ in ‘study’ (and the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunctional’).
  • My favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch. It’s called lunch.
  • My hair might be a mess, but my personality is lit.
  • My life is basically a series of awkward moments.
  • I’m not lazy, I’m just in energy-saving mode.
  • I don’t sweat, I sparkle.
  • If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a remote.
  • I’m not a player, I’m the game.
  • I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right.
  • I’m not crazy, my reality is just different from yours.
  • If you were looking for a sign, here it is.
  • I’m not old, I’m just well-seasoned.
  • Life is short, buy the shoes.
  • I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.
  • I’m not a photographer, but I can picture us together.
  • I’m not ignoring you, I’m just prioritizing my snacks.
  • I may be wrong, but I doubt it.
  • I’m not a prince, but my mother told me I was.
  • My life is a constant battle between my love for food and not wanting to get fat.
  • If you can’t convince them, confuse them.
  • I don’t need a hairstylist, my pillow gives me a new hairstyle every morning.
  • I’m not late, everyone else is just early.
  • I don’t have a bad handwriting, I have my own font.
  • I’m not funny, I’m just really mean and people think I’m joking.
  • I’m not a procrastinator, I just prefer to do things later.
  • I’m not bossy, I just have better ideas.

7. Style captions for Instagram for boy

Stylish Instagram captions for boys
Stylish Instagram captions for boys

Here are some stylish and savage captions for Instagram for boys:

  • Effortlessly cool, always.
  • Slaying the style game, one outfit at a time.
  • Dressing well is a form of good manners.
  • Strutting in style, owning the spotlight.
  • Confidence looks good on me.
  • My style speaks volumes without saying a word.
  • Mixing trends with my own unique flair.
  • Classy, never flashy.
  • Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.
  • Dress like you’re already famous.
  • Keeping it sharp, keeping it suave.
  • My outfits reflect my attitude—bold and fearless.
  • Embracing timeless looks with a modern twist.
  • Refined taste, rugged charm.
  • Mastering the art of being effortlessly stylish.
  • When in doubt, overdress.
  • My style is my canvas, and fashion is my art.
  • Dapper vibes, debonair attitude.
  • My wardrobe: a collection of stories.
  • Dressing up is a way of expressing respect for life.
  • Bold choices, classic charm.
  • Style isn’t just about clothes; it’s a way of life.
  • Putting the ‘gentle’ in gentleman.
  • Never underdressed, always exceptional.
  • My style: a reflection of my personality.
  • Channeling vintage vibes with a modern edge.
  • My fashion philosophy: comfort meets class.
  • Striving for timeless elegance in every look.
  • My closet is my sanctuary of style.
  • Tailored looks, tailored attitude.
  • Turning heads with every step.
  • Embracing trends, setting standards.
  • Rocking the perfect mix of casual and sophisticated.
  • My style evolution is a work of art.
  • Outfits that make a statement, without saying a word.
  • Dressing up is an art, and I’m the artist.
  • My style is a reflection of who I am, inside and out.
  • Elevating the mundane with my fashion choices.
  • Style is the best introduction.
  • Defining cool with every outfit.
  • Vintage soul, modern swagger.
  • Setting trends, not following them.
  • Expressing myself through my wardrobe.
  • Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.
  • My outfits are a blend of comfort and confidence.
  • Keeping it sleek, keeping it stylish.
  • My style is my signature, unmistakably me.
  • Redefining fashion, one outfit at a time.
  • Fashion fades, style is eternal.
  • Dressing up is an attitude, and mine is fabulous.

8. Gym captions for Instagram for boy

Gym Instagram Captions for Boys
Gym Instagram Captions for Boys

For all the fitness freaks out there, here are some of the best Instagram captions for boys in the gym:

  • Sweating it out, one rep at a time.
  • Embracing the grind, conquering the weights.
  • No pain, no gain.
  • Pushing limits, breaking barriers.
  • Building strength, one lift at a time.
  • Crushing goals, crushing weights.
  • Sweat today, shine tomorrow.
  • Every rep counts, every drop of sweat matters.
  • Born to lift, forced to rest.
  • Progress is my motivation.
  • Turning sweat into gains.
  • Chasing strength, catching dreams.
  • Iron therapy, lifting my spirits.
  • In the gym, I find my peace.
  • Sweating bullets, chasing excellence.
  • Dumbbells and dreams.
  • Respecting the process, celebrating the progress.
  • Reps, sets, and determination.
  • Hard work pays off, and I’m cashing in.
  • Commit to be fit.
  • Muscles and mindset – both getting stronger.
  • Not here to talk, here to lift.
  • Iron paradise, where I belong.
  • Pushing limits, smashing PRs.
  • Building my body, building my character.
  • Training for life, not just for looks.
  • From struggle to strength.
  • Training like a beast, looking like a beauty.
  • Embracing the pain, loving the gain.
  • Sweat is just fat crying.
  • Weightlifting is my therapy.
  • Hustle for that muscle.
  • Sweating is my favorite form of meditation.
  • Rep by rep, inch by inch, I’m getting there.
  • Living strong, lifting heavy.
  • Flexing in the mirror, flexing in life.
  • Determination today, domination tomorrow.
  • Lift heavy, eat clean, stay focused.
  • Embracing the burn, loving the journey.
  • Muscle up, show up.
  • Earned not given, every muscle has a story.
  • Sweating it out to feel the power within.
  • Pain today, strength tomorrow.
  • Muscle addict, gym fanatic.
  • Lifting, because cupcakes don’t lift themselves.
  • Working out for the health of it.
  • Turning sweat into strength.
  • Train insane or remain the same.
  • Push harder than yesterday, if you want a different tomorrow.
  • Breaking records, making gains.

9. Aesthetic captions for Instagram for boy

Aesthetic Instagram Captions for boys
Aesthetic Instagram Captions for boys

Here are some of the best Instagram captions for boys who loves to be aesthetic:

  • Chasing sunsets and dreams.
  • Embracing the beauty of simplicity.
  • Capturing moments that take my breath away.
  • Finding magic in the ordinary.
  • Exploring the world, one frame at a time.
  • Creating my own visual poetry.
  • Painting my world with hues of wanderlust.
  • Living life in pixels and frames.
  • Seeking the extraordinary in the everyday.
  • Crafting my own visual symphony.
  • Letting the colors of life wash over me.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, but emotions are endless.
  • Framing memories and freezing time.
  • Blending into the beauty that surrounds me.
  • Curating moments that resonate with my soul.
  • Weaving stories through imagery.
  • Finding art in every corner of existence.
  • Letting my lens reflect the world within.
  • Enchanting visuals for an enchanted heart.
  • The world is my canvas, photography my brush.
  • Basking in the tranquility of captured moments.
  • Embracing the stillness, capturing the movement.
  • Where light and shadows dance, so do I.
  • Making memories, creating art.
  • Photography: where reality becomes a canvas.
  • Exploring the universe through my lens.
  • Living for the moments I can’t put into words.
  • Creating visual stories that resonate.
  • Every click, a chapter of my visual diary.
  • Capturing the whispers of nature.
  • Chasing beauty, capturing emotions.
  • Every photograph has a story to tell.
  • Finding beauty in the details.
  • Moments frozen in time, emotions unfrozen.
  • Letting my lens write its own poetry.
  • Aesthetic vibes, captured moments.
  • Capturing the essence of existence.
  • Framing life’s most exquisite moments.
  • Unveiling the world’s secrets, one click at a time.
  • Weaving dreams through visuals.
  • Breathing life into pixels.
  • Embracing the lens, embracing life.
  • Emotions expressed in pixels.
  • Creating visual melodies with my lens.
  • Aesthetic escapes for the wandering soul.
  • Letting the camera capture my perspective.
  • Moments suspended in the frame of time.
  • Every photograph is a piece of my heart.
  • Portraits of existence, moments of being.
  • The world through my lens: a symphony of visuals.

10. Nature captions for Instagram for boy

Natural Instagram Captions for Boys
Natural Instagram Captions for Boys

For nature-loving boys consider these best Natural Instagram Captions for Boys:

  • Nature’s playground, my sanctuary.
  • Exploring the wild and embracing the calm.
  • Adventure awaits where the wild things roam.
  • Finding solace in the embrace of nature.
  • Chasing sunsets and capturing sunrises.
  • Roaming freely, breathing deeply.
  • In the heart of nature, where I belong.
  • Wilderness therapy: the best kind of healing.
  • Captivated by the beauty of the great outdoors.
  • Nature’s beauty is my ultimate inspiration.
  • Exploring paths less traveled by.
  • Where the wild things are, that’s where I’ll be.
  • Whispering winds, towering trees – my companions.
  • The great outdoors is my playground of serenity.
  • Mountains and me: a love story.
  • Nature’s canvas, painted by the elements.
  • Embracing nature’s symphony of sights and sounds.
  • Following the call of the wild.
  • Finding adventures in the lap of nature.
  • Nature’s magic, captured through my lens.
  • Chasing waterfalls and capturing memories.
  • Embracing the beauty and serenity of untouched landscapes.
  • Discovering hidden gems in the heart of nature.
  • My soul is most alive in the embrace of nature.
  • Hiking trails and finding tales.
  • Living life with a touch of the untamed.
  • Mountains, rivers, and endless horizons.
  • Nature’s beauty speaks to my heart.
  • Sun, sand, and a world of wonder.
  • Exploring the earth’s beauty, one step at a time.
  • Where the sky meets the earth, that’s where I wander.
  • Finding peace in the whispers of the forest.
  • Nature’s grandeur, captured in each frame.
  • Admiring the world’s greatest artist: Mother Nature.
  • Captivated by the allure of wide-open spaces.
  • In awe of the earth’s natural wonders.
  • Nature is the best kind of therapy.
  • Breathing in the beauty of the wilderness.
  • Walking the earth, leaving footprints of awe.
  • Roaming freely, in tune with the rhythms of nature.
  • Where the wild things are, that’s where my heart finds home.
  • Every tree tells a story, and I’m listening.
  • Seeking the thrill of nature’s hidden treasures.
  • Exploring nature, finding myself.
  • Nature’s beauty is a remedy for the soul.
  • Losing myself in the vastness of natural landscapes.
  • Wild at heart, free in nature’s embrace.
  • Discovering beauty at every turn of the trail.
  • Nature’s lessons: patience, resilience, and wonder.
  • Capturing moments where nature takes center stage.

11. Swag Instagram Captions for Boys

Swag Instagram Captions for Boys
Swag Instagram Captions for Boys

Here are your swaggy Instagram captions for boys. Choose your pick:

  1. Sunshine on a cloudy day
  2. Leveled up
  3. Feeling fly, no lie
  4. Dreams? Nah, I chase goals
  5. My aura brighter than your future
  6. Lost but found good vibes
  7. Weekend mode: Activated
  8. Don’t like me? Cool, more time for myself
  9. Hustle hard, sleep later
  10. Making memories worth remembering
  11. Not your average kinda dude
  12. Salty hair, don’t care
  13. Chasing sunsets and good times
  14. Talk is cheap, watch me work
  15. Patience is key, but I’m unlocking doors now
  16. My energy is contagious, catch it if you can
  17. Success is the best revenge
  18. One of a kind, limited edition
  19. Woke up like this (even if it took effort)
  20. Spreading good vibes like wildfire
  21. Good hair days, good days always
  22. Life’s short, make it legendary
  23. This is my “everything’s under control” face
  24. Sunsets and good vibes only
  25. I got that weekend glow

12. Motivation Instagram Captions for Boys

Motivation Instagram Captions for Boys
Motivation Instagram Captions for Boys

Looking for some motivational Instagram captions for boys:

  • Level up your hustle, level up your life.
  • Don’t wait for inspiration, create it.
  • They said it was a dream, now watch me wake them up. ⏰
  • Your comfort zone is beautiful, but nothing grows there.
  • Small steps, every day, lead to giant leaps.
  • Don’t be afraid to break the mold and become the masterpiece.
  • The only person you are destined to compete with is the person you were yesterday. 🪞
  • Sleep is good, but achieving your goals feels incredible.
  • Turn your scars into stars. ✨
  • Doubt is a liar, believe in yourself.
  • Find your passion and ignite it.
  • Hustle smarter, not harder.
  • Chasing sunsets and chasing dreams – catch me if you can.
  • You are the architect of your own world, build it big. ️
  • Celebrate the small wins, they fuel the big ones.
  • Don’t blend in, stand out and shine.
  • Kindness is a superpower, use it wisely. ❤️
  • Be the reason someone smiles today.
  • Your journey is yours alone. Own it.
  • Progress over perfection, keep moving forward. ‍♂️
  • Let your failures be your teachers, not your jailors.
  • Life throws punches, learn to jab back with resilience.
  • Don’t be afraid to be a beginner; everyone started somewhere.
  • Surround yourself with people who lift you higher, not hold you down.
  • Write your own story, the ending is yours to create. ✍️

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Finally, creating the ideal Instagram caption for males is a skill that combines creativity, personality, and relatability. The captions offered depict a wide range of moods, from lighthearted humour to deep meditation.

These captions not only improve visual material but also provide insight into each user’s individuality and unique experiences.

As boys navigate the ever-changing social media landscape, these captions provide an opportunity for them to honestly express themselves, communicate with their audience, and leave a lasting impact.

Finally, the world of Instagram captions for boys is a vibrant environment that allows users to share their tales, connect with others, and weave a digital tapestry that reflects their unique path.


What is the perfect black dress caption for Instagram for boy?

You can use “Rocking the classic black, because style knows no gender” as the best Instagram caption for boy in 2024.

What are some cool captions for Instagram pic for boys?

Here is the list of the best cool caption for instagram for boys:
1. Living life in my own lane.
2. Unleashing my inner rebel.
3. Born to stand out, not blend in.
4. Keeping it real, always.
5. Fearless and unapologetic.
6. Rocking my own style.

What counts as good Instagram captions for boys?

“A good caption adds the perfect vibe to any Insta pic.”- captions like this can be considered as a good Instagram captions for boys.

What are some amazing life captions for Instagram for boys?

Here are some life changing Instagram captions for boys in 2024:
1. Captivating the world with my attitude.
2. Walking through fire, coming out unburnt.
3. Embracing the wild, rejecting the tame.
4. Living fast, leaving a legacy.
5. Trouble seems to find me, and I don’t mind.
6. Unraveling mysteries, creating enigmas.

What is the best captions for Instagram post for boys?

Creating captivating captions for Instagram posts for boys can enhance engagement and reflect their personality or the content of the post. Here are some ideas for captions:

“Living life, one adventure at a time.”
– “Keepin’ it real since [year of birth].”
– “Born to stand out, not to fit in.”
– “Work hard, play hard.”