Online store names: Best Tips & Tricks (2024)


Online store names

Choosing the online store names is important when starting an e-commerce business. The name needs to be memorable, easy to spell and say, relevant to the products sold, and give a good impression to potential customers. When brainstorming names, it can help to consider the product niche, target audience, desired branding, domains available, and competitor names.


An impactful and memorable name is crucial for any online store to capture attention and effectively communicate your brand story to potential customers. The online store names makes that critical first impression that can determine whether visitors engage further to become buyers. The name should ultimately communicate the unique value and experience the online store provides shoppers. A good store name can help an online business stand out in a crowded market.

Coming Up With Online Store Name Ideas

Coming Up With Online Store Name Ideas - best name for online store

Brainstorming based on product, target audience, benefits, etc

  • Identify keywords that describe your products, brand vision, target shoppers
  • Use adjectives and descriptors that appeal to your niche
  • Reflect benefits you provide like style, savings, customization
  • Evocative words that elicit the desired emotional response
  • Align names to shopping motivation – practicality, luxury, uniqueness, etc

Keeping it creative, unique, and memorable

  • Blend dictionary words in interesting combinations
  • Create short, catchy word combos that are easy to recall
  • Experiment with rhythmic names that roll off the tongue
  • Humor and clever plays on words connect emotionally
  • Apply creativity balanced with communicating what you offer

Tools to generate name options

  • Name generators like Shopify’s Business Name Generator
  • Business naming AI tools like Squadhelp and Namelix
  • Brainstorming sessions to build on ideas with others
  • Getting consumer feedback on name options

Using different approaches results in a wide selection of creative online store names to choose from.

Types of Online Store Names

Types of Online Store Names - best name of online store

1. Descriptive Names 

Directly communicate what the business sells by naming the actual products, category, or industry.

  • Books & Brews
  • TechGadgetsStore
  • ModernFurnishings
  • JewelHut
  • PetSupplyShop
  • CoffeeBeansOnline
  • FashionistaClothing
  • KitchenWares
  • SportsNutritionProducts
  • BabyCareNeeds

2. Invented/Abstract Names

Completely made-up names that are unique and memorable. Allow more flexibility.

  • Zyroo
  • ShopDom
  • StoreMonk
  • Kartful
  • Jupitale
  • Aizo
  • Reveloe
  • Exado
  • Navatio
  • Quintac

3. Emotional & Experiential Names

Evoke specific emotions, environments, feelings that consumers connect with.

  • HappyPrints
  • TheReadingClub
  • YourHappyPlace
  • KitchenDreams
  • BeachVibesStore
  • LaughOutLoudShop
  • TreatYourselfShop
  • Seren ityFinds
  • PositiveVibesStore
  • KitchenTherapy

4. Founder Name Based

Incorporate the name of the founder or original family behind the business.

  • Andie’s Attic
  • Jennifer’s Jewelry Shop
  • Amanda’s Bake Shop
  • Robin’s Naturals
  • Aunt Maggie’s Pantry
  • Maria’s Bridal Boutique
  • Nicole’s Kitchen
  • Grandma Jo’s Jams
  • Luisas Handicrafts
  • Peters Woodworks

5. Geographical & Local Names 

Contains name of city, state or area for localized appeal.

  • Austin Artisans
  • MadeInSanFran
  • Brooklyn Bagel Co
  • Carolinas Candle Co
  • NewEnglandMade
  • TexasLeatherGoods
  • Charleston Tea Company
  • Dakota Soap Company
  • VermontWoodCrafts
  • ChicagoGoods

6. Combination Format Names 

Combines multiple name formats for unique combinations.

  • Hannah’s Houston Bakery
  • San Francisco Sports Supplies
  • Jamaica Joe Coffee Co
  • Mama Gina’s NYC Pizzeria
  • Charleston Magnolia Boutique
  • Montana Leather Works
  • Canada Baby Gear
  • Austin Vintage Market
  • Carolina Pet Essentials
  • Luna Lake Candle Co

100 Best Online Store Names

100 Best Online Store Names - unique name for online store
  • Joybox
  • Happy Things
  • Snuggly Home
  • Cove Shop
  • The Kind Store
  • Good Finds
  • Nice Picks
  • Simple Goods
  • Clean Designs
  • Modern Classic
  • Calm Store
  • Zen Den
  • Spotless Shop
  • Clearance Hub
  • Tidy Home
  • Orderly Things
  • Uncluttered
  • Minimal Market
  • Blank Slate
  • Empty Spaces
  • White Canvas
  • Open Shelves
  • Pure Goods
  • Plain Jane’s
  • Simple Charm
  • Subtle Luxuries
  • Silky Soft
  • Soothing Finds
  • Sleek & Chic
  • City Shopper
  • Urban Outpost
  • Downtown Goods
  • City Essentials
  • Town Square
  • Village Store
  • Neighborhood Market
  • The 100 Mile
  • County Goods
  • Two Rivers
  • Pleasant Creek
  • Evergreen & Co
  • Mountain Air
  • Lakeview Imports
  • Seaside Market
  • Beach Shoppe
  • Breezy Buys
  • Coastal Outpost
  • The Pier
  • Harbor Store
  • Island Goods
  • Peninsula Way
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Saltwater Traders
  • Fresh Cuts
  • The Butcher Shop
  • Choice Meats
  • Prime Chop
  • Steak Out
  • The Smokehouse
  • Grill Masters
  • Butcher Block
  • Meat Hub
  • Carnivore Club
  • The Tea Stand
  • Tranquili-Tea
  • Steeped Joy
  • Cuppa Happy
  • Beans & Leaves
  • Daily Grind
  • Espresso Lane
  • Buzz Supply
  • Wired Aw ake
  • Tech Galaxy
  • Gear Rocket
  • Device Central
  • Gadget Superstore
  • Tech Zone
  • Digital Hub
  • App Avenue
  • Code Corner
  • 1’s & 0’s
  • Connections
  • Green Earth Goods
  • Eco Happy
  • Sustainable Finds
  • Kind Planet
  • Renewed Goods
  • Upcycled Chic
  • Salvaged Treasures
  • Pre-Loved Finds
  • Second Life Goods
  • Past Purpose
  • Vintage Revival
  • New To You
  • Reborn Relics
  • Past Era Pieces
  • Forgotten Treasures
  • Yesterday’s Luxuries
  • Timeless Splendor
  • Ageless Allure

Key Characteristics of Good Online Store Names

Key Characteristics of Good Online Store Names - online clothing store names

1. Relevant 

The online store names communicates what products or services your e-commerce business sells or the benefits you provide. This sets accurate expectations.

2. Simple and Short 

Ideally, 2-3 words that are simple, clean, and free of overly complex language. Easy for customers to recall and relay to others.

3. Easy to Remember 

A memorable name that sticks in customers’ minds through being fun, interesting or connecting emotionally beyond just describing offerings.

4. Easy to Spell & Pronounce 

Spelled phonetically so customers can accurately search your brand online and pronounce it when discussing with friends.

5. Unique 

An original name not too similar to major competitors creates distinction in a crowded market allowing your brand to stand out.

6. Scalable 

A name versatile enough to work across expanding product lines and retail channels if you choose to grow beyond just e-commerce in the future.

7. Evokes Emotion 

Spark positive emotional associations, environments, and feelings that attract and resonate with target demographics.

Best online store name generators

1. Shopify Business Name Generator 

Shopify’s free online store names generator asks you questions about your business and then provides relevant, customizable name suggestions along with domain availability. Great for e-commerce stores.

2. Namelix 

Namelix - famous online store names

Namelix generates catchy, creative names by combining keywords related to your business. It also checks domain availability. The advanced filter allows you to customize name types.

3. Panabee

Panabee’s online store names generator gives you the option to input keywords that describe your business to get tailored name ideas. Helpful categories and filters to find fitting names.

4. Name Mesh 

Name Mesh asks for 3 business name preferences and then provides hundreds of related name ideas along with a domain check. Useful for online stores and retail brands.

5. Business Name Generator 

This generator by Ongig has an intuitive interface and provides name ideas based on your input along with domain and social media checks. Easy to filter to find the best fit.

6. Shopify Domain Name Generator 

Shopify’s domain name generator is targeted specifically for e-commerce businesses. Input keywords to get domain-ready store name suggestions.

7. BizNameWiz 

BizNameWiz generates catchy store/brand name ideas based on keywords and categories. Helpful for online businesses to find the perfect name.

With the right online store names generator, you can find the ideal memorable and impactful name to represent your online retail brand. Pick one that provides enough customization to match your business focus.

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1. Trademark Registration

Filing a trademark legally protects your business name and brand identity. It grants you exclusive rights to the name and associated logos to prevent competitors in your industry from using confusingly similar names.

2. Domain Registration & Brand Monitoring

Registering domains with your preferred store name establishes your brand identity online. Brand monitoring services additionally watch for domains, social handles, and listings that infringe on your trademarks so you can take protective actions.


In conclusion, the name you choose for your online store is one of the most important branding decisions you will make. An appealing, memorable name not only attracts customers initially but also helps build an identifiable brand that customers recognize and trust over the long run.

With a thoughtful naming process and compelling name choice, you can craft an online store identity that attracts your target demographic and gives your e-commerce business a competitive edge. Best of luck as you embark on this essential branding endeavor!

FAQs on Online Store Names

Why is choosing the right name important for my online store?

Choosing the right name for your online store is critical because it helps attract customers, builds brand recognition, and represents your business identity. The name is often the first interaction people have with your store so it needs to convey your products, values, and draw people in.

What are some effective brainstorming techniques I can use to come up with online store names ideas?

Effective brainstorming techniques include making lists of your product categories, target customers, brand benefits, keywords, and competitors. You can also leverage store name generators and tools which provide name suggestions based on your business focus. Using these techniques creates a wide pool of name options.

What are the main types of online store names I should consider?

Main types of online store names include descriptive names that communicate what you sell; abstract or invented names that are unique; emotional names that evoke how customers feel; founder name-based stores; geographical or local names; and combination format names.

What are the 5 key characteristics that make the good online store names?

Five key characteristics of good online store names are relevance, simplicity, uniqueness, memorability, and scalability. The name should clearly convey the business while being easy to remember and stand out. It also needs to work as you grow.

How can I get feedback from consumers when evaluating online store names options?

To get feedback on potential names, run consumer surveys and simply ask people their impressions. See if they understand what your shop is about and their overall reactions to the name ideas.

What steps should I take to legally protect my chosen online store name?

To legally protect your store name, register for a trademark to claim exclusive rights and register your domain name to secure the matching URL. Ongoing brand monitoring is also advised.

What are some creative naming tips to make my store name memorable?

Creative naming tips include leveraging interesting adjectives, verbs and word combinations; using puns, alliteration and rhymes; and selecting unique but fitting name endings like Shop, Market, Goods, etc.

What are the 3 common mistakes people make when naming an online store?

Common naming mistakes include choosing names that are overly complex, hard to spell/pronounce, impossible to trademark, or not clearly conveying the business focus.

Do you have any top 3 tips for naming my new online store?

My top online store naming tips are – make sure your name aligns with your brand identity, check for availability issues, get consumer input on options, and pick something future-proof.

I’m ready to name my online store – where should I start?

To start naming your online store, begin brainstorming name ideas based on your products, brand personality and target audience. Evaluate options widely and legally protect your final name choice.