18 Top Print on Demand Niches to Make Money in 2024

18 Top Print on Demand Niches for Make Money in 2024

Online Print on demand has transformed the e-commerce space by offering online entrepreneurs the option of selling their design products without any need for a large inventory. Determining which of the top Print on Demand niches are the most suitable to run efficiently has a direct impact on engagement with customers, market demand, as well as profitability.


Print on demand (POD) market harbors great providence for every entrepreneur who wishes to stir in a custom product. With the advent of the rapid complection of this business sector, it is imperative to get a hold of a relevant niche in order to thrive. Narrowing in the products that consume a particular group of customers with regard to their specific interests and pleasures will lead to customers’ engagement and development of loyalty towards one’s company. 

Here is the list of top print on demand niches 2024 that encompass many particular markets. Each implementable area has a unique characteristic and hence the opportunity for specialization is huge. Exploiting and taking advantage of such niches are to entrepreneurs is very vital notion especially those operating in the swift printing industry.

What is Niches?

A niche refers to a specialized segment within a broader market that has specific interests, preferences, and needs that more mainstream offerings do not satisfy.

In the massive print on demand market, examples of niches would include categories like:

  • Video game apparels
  • Yoga t shirt niches
  • Cat lover bottles
  • Muscle car posters

These represent specialized top print on demand niches themes that appeal to people passionate about that particular hobby, lifestyle, or interest. The buyers are niche communities with very specific preferences.

For example, a video game t-shirt brand would incorporate game characters, insider references, retro console logos, and other creative motifs that video game enthusiasts would instantly connect with.

18 Most Top Print-on-Demand Niches

Here are the best niches for print-on-demand:

  • Gaming Niches
  • Fitness & Athletics
  • Music Niches
  • Hobby niches
  • Pet niches
  • Travel & Tourism Niches
  • Food & Drink Niches
  • Politics & Activism Niches
  • Technology and Gadgets Niche
  • Internet
  • Mental health
  • Social causes
  • Astrology
  • Reading
  • Fashion niches
  • Family
  • Job niches
  • Seasonal & Holiday niches

1. Gaming Niches

Gaming Niches - top print on demand niches

Gaming encompasses highly passionate niches like esports teams, popular games, retro gaming, and gaming parodies/memes. Gaming t shirts represent massive pop culture fandoms around popular games like Call of Duty and retro consoles like Nintendo and Sega. Passionate gamers like showing off their obsession, making game parody designs, esports team jerseys, and gaming convention shirts as great sellers. These top print on demand niches intersects with entertainment and technology. 


  • Esports team logos and jerseys
  • Game-specific shirts showcasing characters
  • Retro console logo tees tapping nostalgia
  • Gaming joke/meme designs

2. Fitness & Health Niches

Fitness & Athletics - print-on-demand niches

Fitness fans spend heavily on gear supporting their sport or athletic niche like bodybuilding, CrossFit, yoga, and running. The fitness craze has people identifying with their favorite sports, from hardcore weightlifting and CrossFit to hot yoga and marathon runners. Athletic branding is hugely profitable, with fans loving shirts that capture motivational phrases, personalized records, and major event locations.


  • Bodybuilding/weightlifting motivation shirts
  • Inspirational workout shirts and activewear
  • Customized water bottles and fitness accessories
  • Fitness-oriented motivational prints and posters

3. Music Niches

Music is comprised of various lucrative niches defined by genres, bands, music festivals events, and cultural movements. Few things inspire more passion than music, with fans forming intense bonds with bands, genres like heavy metal or EDM, and cultural movements like punk, grunge, or hip hop. Music apparel niches leverage that devotion with merch representing identities and concert events. 


  • Band logo and tour shirts
  • Custom band merchandise and memorabilia
  • Music-themed apparel and accessories
  • Personalized music-inspired decor and accessories

4. Hobby Niches

Here are some print on demand niches in hobbies:

Fishing & Hunting Niches

Fishing and hunting fans eagerly support their outdoor sport obsession with branded tees. Outdoor sports like bass fishing, fly fishing and hunting have their tightly-knit communities that make perfect niche shirt targets. Capturing funny insider moments or showcasing specialty gear and brand names has proven profitable.


  • Bass fishing life shirts
  • Hunting camo and country bottles
  • Taxidermy parody shirts
  • Funny fishing quote/meme apparels

Art and Design Enthusiasts Niche

Targeting art and design aficionados, this niche offers custom and artistic products that appeal to individuals passionate about creativity and aesthetics.


  • Custom art prints and illustrations
  • Designer-themed apparel and accessories
  • Unique artistic home decor items

Car & Automotive Niches 

Auto experts identify with shirts showcasing their favorite car brands, models, parts, and racing leagues. Auto enthusiasts form communities around beloved car brands and models, with shirts tapping into pride around custom cultures, racing leagues, auto shows, and niche parts/accessories. There’s room for creativity around car humor too.


  • Car brand logo shirts (Ford, Jeep)
  • Auto part brand tees (Brembo, Sparco)
  • Racing league/track logo apparels
  • Bottles with custom car airbrush graphics

Farming & Agriculture Niches

Farming lifestyle makes novel themes for country/farming pride designs. Positive farming pride and agricultural niche shirts tap into Southern country culture and rodeo cowboy lifestyles. Branding around tractor companies like John Deere also has mass appeal among rural communities.


  • Tractor brand shirts (John Deere)
  • Cow breed shirts (Jersey, Holstein)
  • Rodeo motif shirts
  • Country living phrases

5. Pet Niches

Consider these niches in pets:

Dog Niches

Dog Niches - print-on-demand niches

Dogs are a massively popular niche with owners spending heavily to flaunt their favorite breed or interest like rescue, or service dog handling. Dog owners pamper pups like family, with mass demand for breed-specific gear and cause shirts supporting rescues. Funny shirts poking fun at breed traits are hits for making light of dogs overwhelming owners’ lives. It taps into a big market.


  • Dog breed logo tees
  • Custom dog portraits and illustrations
  • Dog-themed apparel and accessories
  • Personalized dog tags and accessories

Cat Niches 

Cat Niches - print on demand niches

From breeds to funny cat personalities, cat owners tend to obsess over kitty gear repping their feline obsession. Like dog niches, cat owners dote heavily on felines with apparel celebrating breed pride, funny quirks, and rescue advocacy. Cat hair-covered clothing is a literal representation of cat owner struggles. The quirky cat lady niche offers lots of design room.


  • Cat breed logo tees
  • Custom cat portraits and illustrations
  • Cat-themed apparel and accessories
  • Personalized cat tags and accessories

6. Travel & Tourism Niches

Exploring cultures spawns pride in hometowns/countries with travel themes. Exploring cultures breeds pride in hometowns and countries. Travel shirts showcase landmarks, city nicknames, state maps, and patriotic/nostalgic themes. Typographic designs also capture languages and insider sayings.


  • State name shirts (California, Texas, etc)
  • Custom travel-themed apparel and accessories
  • Personalized travel maps and decor
  • Wanderlust-inspired lifestyle products

7. Food & Drink Niches

Food & Drink Niches - top print on demand niches

Foodies embrace quirky shirts celebrating favorite foods, ingredients, and dining brands. Foodie culture expands across favorite comfort foods, ingredients like hot sauce and bacon, and brands like fast food chains. Quirky food and drink designs celebrate culinary and mixology interests. Restaurant parody designs are also popular.


  • Pizza brand mascot tees (Papa Johns)
  • Custom food-themed apparel and accessories
  • Personalized kitchenware and culinary tools
  • Food-inspired prints, posters, and decor

8. Politics & Activism Niches

Political motifs and causes have spawned statement apparel niches. Political apparel allows wearing beliefs, literally. Election candidates leverage campaign shirts while funny satirical designs mock parties and individuals. Cause awareness shirts also push social change.


  • Candidate election shirts
  • Funny satire posters
  • Cause awareness shirts

9. Technology and Gadgets Niche

Targeting tech enthusiasts, this niche offers custom products related to gadgets, innovation, and emerging technologies.


  • Custom tech-themed apparel and accessories
  • Personalized gadget accessories and decor
  • Technology-inspired lifestyle products

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10. Internet

You know the internet is more than just a place to scroll endlessly. It’s a community, a culture, and a lifestyle. Whether it’s memes, viral quotes, or niche interests, there’s a whole world waiting to be printed and shared.


Funny meme shirts, viral catchphrase mugs.

11. Mental Health

In a world that often feels chaotic, mental health is more important than ever. Show your support and spread positivity with uplifting designs, affirmations, and reminders to prioritize self-care. Let’s break the stigma, one tee at a time.


Inspirational quotes on t-shirts, calming artwork on posters.

12. Social Causes

Passion meets purpose. Whether it’s environmental activism, social justice, or equality movements, printing your beliefs on shirts, bags, and accessories can spark conversations and drive change.


Environmental activism slogans on tote bags

13. Astrology

From cosmic enthusiasts to casual horoscope readers, astrology has a universal appeal. Zodiac signs, birth charts, and celestial motifs can add a touch of mystique and personalization to your print-on-demand offerings. Let the stars align with your designs.


Zodiac signs artwork on phone cases, astrology-inspired jewelry.

14. Reading

Bookworms unite! Celebrate the magic of literature with designs inspired by beloved classics, book quotes, and literary icons. Whether you’re into fantasy, romance, or mystery, there’s something for every reader to cozy up with.


Bookish quotes on bookmarks, classic novel cover art on tote bags.

15. Fashion Niches

From streetwear to haute couture, fashion is more than just fabric—it’s a form of self-expression. Explore endless possibilities with trendy designs, statement pieces, and wardrobe staples that cater to every style and body. Fashion is for everyone.

Women’s Fashion: Trendy graphic tees, stylish leggings.

Men’s Fashion: Minimalist hoodies, casual graphic sweatshirts.

Kids’ Fashion: Cute cartoon character t-shirts, playful onesies.

16. Family

Family is everything. Capture the warmth and love of familial bonds with personalized gifts, matching outfits, and heartfelt messages that celebrate the ties that bind us.


“Best Dad Ever” mugs, “Family is Everything” wall art.

17. Job Niches

Work hard, print harder. Whether you’re a CEO, freelancer, or aspiring entrepreneur, office supplies and stationery are the tools of the trade. Add a touch of professionalism and personality to your workspace with customized notebooks, pens, and desk accessories.

Entrepreneur: Inspirational desk plaques, productivity journals.

Nurse: Nurse-themed pens, funny badge reels.

18. Seasonal & Holiday Niches

‘Tis the season to get festive! From Christmas cheer to Halloween spookiness, seasonal and holiday-themed designs are always in demand. Spread joy, laughter, and holiday spirit with unique prints that capture the magic of the moment.


Christmas-themed sweaters, Halloween-inspired masks.

How to Choose Top Print on Demand Niches?

1. Understanding Niche Viability Factors

When assessing the profit potential of any print-on-demand niches, several key factors indicate whether sufficient demand exists to support sales:

Buyer Passion Level 

The niche should represent a lifestyle, hobby, or interest that people are extremely passionate about. Niche themes that owners are emotionally invested in translate to apparel purchasing.

Niche Community Size 

Look at how many online forums, groups, and conversations exist around the niche. More people discussing it actively indicates a built-in target market for niche shirts.

Merchandise Competition 

Some seller competition is good as it validates demand. However, an oversaturated market makes standing out difficult. Look for a balance.

Evergreen Appeal

Fad niches flare up and die quickly. Look for niche themes with consistent long-term interest rather than temporary trends.

Growth Potential 

While current demand matters, an emerging niche catching fire also presents an opportunity to establish early specialty merch.

2. Identifying Untapped and Underserved Niches

Beyond studying mainstream niche demand, look for promising untapped niche opportunities:

Hyper-Specific Niches 

Consider drilling down from broad niches like fitness to laser-focused targets like pole fitness, CrossFit, power building, etc.

Localized Interest Niches 

Niche down regionally like city/state sports team fandoms or cultural pride within metro areas.

Hybrid Niche Combinations 

Blend multiple interests like niche gaming genres + niche sports. This contrasts with competing general gaming/sports shirts.

The goal is to identify “micro-niches” with passionate buyers that get overlooked by mass merchandise brands. Capturing even a tiny share of an underserved niche can prove highly profitable if designs resonate.

3. Validating Niche Demand Before Production

Before investing in niche stock, validate the opportunity:

Survey Existing Online Groups 

Poll members of online forums and social media groups if they’d purchase niche apparel and what gaps exist.

Run Social Media Test Ads 

Mockup niche shirt visuals and run highly targeted ads to gauge interest and engagement.

Offer Pre-Orders 

Offer pre-orders to quantify demand, secure early buyers, and also fund the initial production batch.

This market validation removes the guesswork around what themes your niche audience desires and responds to. Top print on demand niches that convert browsers into passionate buyers are what transform theme ideas into sales.

4. Continuously Evaluating Performance

Track analytics to identify your niche line’s winning designs vs. underperformers:

Sales Velocity 

Benchmark weekly/monthly sales rates to quantify demand. Watch for s, stagnating velocity indicating fading buyer interest.


Unit economics must work long-term. Analyze overhead costs like supplies, marketing, and labor to ensure profit margins hold up.

Customer Feedback 

Solicit reviews from buyers to learn what niche aspects resonate most and what additional themes they’d like to see.

Analyzing metrics prevents overinvesting in underperforming designs and steers production toward in-demand niche styles with the best ROI potential.

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Identifying and tapping into top print on demand niches market represents a strategic way for designers and apparel business owners to carve out a defensible territory against mass merchandise competition. By focusing exclusively on specialized themes that enthusiasts are passionate about showcasing, niche branding allows connecting genuinely with target buyer communities.

The most successful top print on demand niches brand essentially transform from sellers to representatives of niche lifestyles, building strong advocacy and loyalty over time. Specialization not only differentiates in the massive print on demand industry but forges authentic connections between brands and the niche communities they serve. Identifying and immersing in profitable niche themes can provide the foundation for growing an enduring t-shirt business.

FAQs on Top Print on Demand Niches

Why are niches important for print on demand business?

Niches are critical for print on demand business because they allow you to focus on a specific target audience that has specialized interests and needs. This makes it easier to market to them effectively. A niche also helps your designs stand out in a crowded marketplace.

What are some examples of Print on Demand Niches?

Some niches include fandoms (like Harry Potter or Star Wars), inspirational/funny quotes, fitness/yoga, teachers, nurses, pet owners, entrepreneurs, automotive, bikers, travelers, foodies (like pizza or tacos), etc. Trending niches also provide good opportunities.

What makes good print on demand niches?

The print on demand niches has a passionate target audience that actively spends on products related to their interest. It should have good market size and consistent demand rather than being a short-lived fad. Competition should be moderate, not oversaturated.

How do I research print on demand niches?

You can research for print-on-demand niches by starting with brainstorming lists of interests/hobbies, analyze top brands in the niche, use keyword research and analysis tools to identify high search volume niches, analyze trends and seasonality, and validate demand through surveys/interviews with niche communities.

What questions to focus on when evaluating a top print on demand niches?

Key questions include: Who is my target audience? How big is the market size? How passionate is the audience? How much do they spend on niche-related products? How underserved is the niche currently? How much competition exists? What angles can I explore that are underexplored?

How many print on demand niches should I focus on?

Limit yourself to 1-3 niches initially. More than that will spread your efforts too thin. Once you achieve success in the first niches, you can expand further.

Should I avoid saturated/competitive niches?

When starting, it’s best to avoid highly saturated niches as standing out is difficult for a new brand when competing against established players. But once you have grown your capabilities, you can differentiate yourself in a competitive niche with unique, creative designs.

What are evergreen top print on demand niches?

Evergreen niches are those that have demand year-round, not affected by seasons or temporary fads. Examples include motivational apparels, geek fandoms, pets/animals, foodies, etc. These have loyal niche audiences.

How can I make my print-on-demand niches stand out?

Ways to stand out include exploring unique ideas/angles within broader niches, using distinctive visual styles consistent with the niche, adding value via quality and creativity, smart keyword targeting, and active social media engagement with niche communities.

What mistakes should I avoid when selecting top print on demand niches?

Don’t go for oversaturated/too narrow niches. Avoid choosing niches based on personal interest rather than demand. Don’t choose fads without long-term appeal. Prevent inconsistent brand positioning by jumping between unrelated niches.

How do I validate if the top print on demand niches will be profitable?

Validating profitability involves estimating market size, analyzing competition, examining search volume and social media engagement, running surveys to assess interest and pricing tolerance, and even creating minimally viable products for the niche to test responses.

What tools can I use to research top print on demand niches?

Keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, social media analytics tools, Google Trends, and e-commerce analytics tools like Erank offer insight into trending niches and profitable keywords.

How often should I evaluate/change my top print on demand niches?

Re-evaluate your niche selections every 6 months to 1 year based on the latest market trends, competition shifts, search volume, and other metrics. Consider changing niches or expanding into new ones if certain niches become oversaturated or declining.

What other tips do you have for selecting top print on demand niches?

Analyze competitors and top Etsy/Print-on-Demand brands in various niches to get ideas on winning formulas. Keep exploring various angles even within chosen niches for fresh concepts. Offer excellent visual quality and smart copywriting tailored to each niche. Consistently engage niche communities.

What is the most profitable niche?

The profitability of a niche can vary depending on various factors such as market demand, audience size, and competition. However, some consistently profitable niches include:

– Fashion
– Fitness & Health
– Pets
– Hobbies and Interests

What niche is trending in 2024?

While trends can shift rapidly, some niches are anticipated to gain traction in 2024:

– Sustainable Living
– Wellness and Self-Care
– Nostalgia
– Tech and Gadgets