30+ Different Types of Hoodies: A Comprehensive Guide (2024)


Types of Hoodies

Hoodies define an iconic piece of clothing that can be seen in different settings such as the streets and catwalks. As early as the Medieval era in Europe, hooded clothing is seen to have grown a distinct style that addresses various tastes.

In this detailed guide, we will discuss the different types of hoodies for men and women with an emphasis on specific features in terms of their materials as well as advantages. Regardless of whether you are searching for a zip-up hoodie, pullover, or designer piece, this guide will help to steer through the wide array available and choose your best-suited metallic silver style.

Different Types of Hoodies for Men and Women

Here are the 30+ different types of hoodies for men and women you have to know about:

1. Sherpa Lined Hoodies

different types of hoodies - Sherpa Lined Hoodies

Sherpa hoodies are extra soft and warm due to the fleece lining of woolen material inside them. Sherpa-lined hoodies are ideal for winter and cold climates, in different types from pullovers to zip-ups. The plush sherpa lining gives a nice texture too and retains body heat well by the hoodie. Provide sherpa-lined hoodies in various colors that can be appreciated by everyone.

2. Printed Hoodies

different types of hoodie styles - Printed Hoodies

Customers can create a vibrant fashion statement through printed hoodies. They include striking full-panel graphic designs that cover the entire face of a hoodie. Whether it is artwork, abstract patterns, or anything in between printed hoodies are a great way for people to show photos art, and custom designs. A dye-sublimation printing process will guarantee that the prints on these hoodies are not only vibrant and clear but also retain their color after washing.

3. Oversized Hoodies

different types of hoodies - Oversized Hoodies

Because a free silhouette or street look is required, large hoodies become the ideal choice for oversized lovers. In contrast to standard hoodies, oversized ones are cut in a ragged style much baggier that they have a slouchy shape. They frequently include dropped shoulder seams and long sleeves to increase the looseness. oversized hoodies have a relaxed ultra-casual fit, which is perfect for weekends away and lounging at home.

4. Cropped Hoodies

types of pockets on hoodies - Cropped Hoodies

Hoodies with cropped hem are those that cut short at the waist level. As a result of this variety in length, combined with high-waisted bottoms can show some skin. The cropped cut can also be flattering in a range of styles—from fitted, to boxy and oversized. The cropped hoodie is a good layering piece as it adds more warmth while avoiding bulkiness.

5. Funnel Neck Hoodies

list of different types of hoodies - Funnel Neck Hoodies

For customers who want something contemporary with an added level of comfort, funnel neck hoodies provide exactly that. Funnel Neck Hoodies, as the name indicates have a tight funneling around their neck instead of hood and drawstring. The funnel neck gives extra warmth and insulation from the cold. In terms of visuals, funnel necks give these winter classics a clean modern aesthetic. Present funnel neck hoodies in both solids and prints.

6. Pocket Hoodies

types of hoodies for men - Pocket Hoodies

Hoodies are famed for function, and pocket hoodies only enhance this utilitarian allure. In the name itself, these hoodies have an additional front pocket in a kangaroo style that would be great for warming hands on cold days. Users will also find it useful to have a built-in pocket for small items such as phones, wallets, and snacks. Not only style but also storage, pocket hoodies are an effective addition to any wardrobe.

7. Cut Out Hoodies

best type of hoodies - Cut Out Hoodies

Basic hoodies instantly get a modern edge with the use of cut-out details. These hoodies incorporate tactically positioned holes and gaps that reveal bits of glimpses of skin or under-layers. Put the holes in unusual locations to create an eccentric style, for instance on shoulders sleeves back, etc. Cut-out hoodies offer stylistic layering possibilities and streetwise visual appeal. Cut-out hoodies are one of the trending types of hoodies.

8. Ombre Hoodies

types of hoodie hoods - Ombre Hoodies

Ombre hoodies give off a sense of visual depth due to their dip-dyed or spray-painted appearance. Ombre involves a fading between two colors – the most common types of hoodies are those that fade from dark to light. The blending of colors gives a contemporary twist to the classic hoodie. Make ombre hoodies available in a wide range of color combinations to satisfy any preferences.

9. Asymmetric Zip Hoodies

types of hoodie fabric - Asymmetric Zip Hoodies

Now the asymmetric zipper trend takes a modern athletic twist with Zip hoodies. These types of hoodies have diagonal zippers running on the front instead of vertical ones. The angled zipper gives an interesting visual effect and creates a moto jacket feel. Asymmetric zip hoodies offer a cool sporty vibe that is suitable not only for street style but also for yoga class.

10. Varsity Hoodies

types of hoodie hoods - Varsity Hoodies

Varsity hoodies are half athletic and half fashion, having a collegiate sporty look. Varsity jacket staples such as faux or genuine leather sleeves, stripes, and embroidery have a touch of sophistication. To add more school spirit, personalize varsity hoodies with teams from nearby high schools or colleges. Varsity hoodies also come in handy if a client needs broader athletic apparel brands or sports team merchandise.

11. Camo Hoodies

best type of hoodies -  Camo Hoodies

This is why, thanks to its edgy utilitarian allure, camo print will never go out of fashion. Camo hoodies are made with camouflage patterns and colors such as army green, grey, black, or in between. Combine the tough outdoor look with a relaxed appeal by having colorful camo prints in color. Mix up camo color variations with photo-realistic and abstract versions to keep the style current.

12. Metallic Hoodies

Metallic hoodies provide a high-shine look, thanks to their attention-grabbing shimmer. These types of hoodies may have metallic fabric that was woven or printed with bright, shiny metallic threads for a liquid-appealing look. The metallic hoodies’ reflective surface and sheen make them a fashion statement full of futuristic, runway-like style. Metallic hoodies possess edgy adaptability—they can be worn either for a casual lounge outfit or as a glamorous partywear look.

13. Reversible Hoodies

Hoodies that reverse to a contrary color or pattern on the inside for various styling should be used. Permits customers to alternate different looks in one dress.

14. Personalized Hoodies

Provide personalized hoodies with names, monograms, special dates, or custom designs. From them, gifts or self-expression accessories can be made.

15. Battery-Heated Hoodies

Warm hoodies with inbuilt battery and heating elements. High-tech form of warming and comfort.

16. Detachable Hood Hoodies

Hooded hoodies that button or zip in the front for multiple styling options. Provides an easy transition from casual to more formal.

17. Bow Hoodies

Women’s hoodies with a big fabric bow sewn on the crown to serve as an adorable detail.

18. Bell Sleeve Hoodies

Bell-shaped wide sleeves that expand gradually to reach the wrist. Trendy shape in vintage style.

19. Mesh Insert Hoodies

Hoodies are pierced with mesh panels that provide textural contrast and expose fleeting glimpses of flesh.

20. Cape Hoodies

types of hoodie material - Cape Hoodies

Types of hoodies that come with capes attached to the back for added effect. Combines fashion and utility for bad weather.

21. Elbow Patch Hoodies

Reinforcement and visual detail patches at the elbows. Has a sophisticated, academic feel.

22. Bucket Pocket Hoodies

The bucket-shaped front pocket is big enough. Highly functional detail.

23. Backless Hoodies

Open back hoodies for breathable covering. It facilitates the layering of shirts, dresses and.

24. Hoodie Vests

Lighter variations are sleeveless hoodie-style vests appropriate for milder climates.

25. Wrap Hoodies

Hoodies in place of zippers or the traditional pullovers with wrap-style closures on the front. Flattering silhouette.

26. Zip-Up Hoodie (for Women)

Zip-Up Hoodie - types of hoodie for women

Women prefer a hoodie that can be zipped up for its comfort and practicality. In contrast to pullover hoodies, zip-ups require no effort at all when putting on or removing them which means these are great for those with glasses who do want not the problems. These types of hoodies are available in different types including fitted & large and come in multiple colors. Women’s closets are not complete without a zip-up hoodie that is functional and comfortable.

27. Zip-Up Hoodie (for Men)

types of hoodies for men

As with the women’s counterparts, men’s zip-up hoodies provide convenience and style. They are usually made with a fine-tailored shape, giving them an elegant and contemporary look. The available varieties of colors for these hoodies enable men to show their uniqueness and style preferences. As a practical garment, zip-up hoodies for men are comfortable depending on whether they wear them as an everyday outer layer or alongside sports apparel.

28. Pullover Hoodie (for Women)

different types of hoodies - Pullover Hoodie (for Women)

Women’s pullover hoodies are a classic and casual style. These types of hoodies are characterized by simplicity and comfort. On the other hand, ads for custom pullover hoodies are in greatest demand because they fit well and offer warmth as well as features of a standard one. Threading through a wide spectrum of colors and prints, women’s pullover hoodies epitomize effortless casual wear on every occasion.

29. Pullover Hoodie (for Men)

different types of men's hoodies

Men’s pullover hoodies are characterized as laid-back and easy to cool. These types of hoodies are suitable for casual strolls or lazying in bed owing to their loose fit and comfortable feel. The simplicity of the pullover design means that such a piece of clothing for men is an option open to different generations. Men’s pullover hoodies with pants or joggers are practical and suitable for looking stylish in the daytime.

30. Fitted Hoodie (for Women)

different types of hoodies - Fitted Hoodie (for Women)

These types of hoodies are designed to fit a female body shape, accentuating curves without making them loose and comfortable. Fitted hoodies are diverse in colors and designs and hence can be used for casual or semi-formal events. With the combination of comfort and style in one item, fitted hoodies have become an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe.

31. Athletic Hoodie (for Women)

different types of hoodie styles - Athletic Hoodie (for Women)

Female athletic hoodies have been developed with running or gym work in mind. These types of hoodies are made from moisture-wicking materials that keep you dry when doing physical activities. They are generally snug and made of light fabric that allows movement. Women’s athletic hoodies are undoubtedly a must-have piece of activewear due to their stylishness and versatility.

32. Athletic Hoodie (for Men)

types of hoodies for men - Athletic Hoodie

Male sportive hoodies perform the same functionally and stylishly as those of their female counterparts. Comfy and functional, these types of hoodies are made from fabrics that stop you from getting hot while working out because they use ventilating structures to soak up wet sweat moisture. Absolute freedom of movement is provided by the fit cut and stretchy fabrics, which are ideal for sports activities. One of the most reliable and trendy styles is athletic sweatshirts on a track or for jogging in gyms.

33. Knit Hoodie (for Women)

With the combination of comfort and sophistication in one item, women’s knit hoodies. Yet these types of hoodies are made from such materials as cotton or wool blends that keep warm during the winter. Hoodies are designed in a relaxed knit, which gives any outfit an informal vibe. The knit hoodies with their distinctive texture and modern patterns are also a popular choice for those who want to feel comfy yet trendy.

34. Knit Hoodie (for Men)

As far as comfort and style are concerned, men’s knit hoodies rival their feminine versions. The material of these types of hoodies are usually thick knit giving warmth and insulation in cold times. With a high neck and with the front texture men’s knit hoodies are very trendy to wear by dress up or down. Worn either casually or as part of a business casual attire, this type of knit hoodie for men is both adaptable and reasonably stylish.

35. Designer Hoodie (for Women)

Top brands make hoodies for female designers, bridging luxury and quality with style. These types of hoodies are usually designed with uncommon designs and logos along using premium materials. Designer hoodies are very diverse and vary from casual-sporty to elegant chic depending on the desired style. Designer hoodies for women are quality products that reflect an attention to detail and craftsmanship, which is a symbol of high fashion.

36. Designer Hoodie (for Men)

Men’s designer hoodies are as sophisticated and stylish as their female counterparts. These types of hoodies are produced by well-known brand names and often come with unique logos, quality materials, or perfect workmanship While men’s designer hoodies come in a variety of styles–from sleek and minimalist to bold statement patterns, they seem to have an item for different preferences. Featuring their premium quality and attention to detail, designer hoodies for men are the epitome of class and sophistication.

37. Sleeveless Hoodie (for Women)

Sleeveless Hoodie for Women - types of hoodies

Women’s sleeveless hoodies provide a stylish and sporty look. On workouts or warm days, these types of hoodies offer a loose and breezy alternative. They are usually crafted from moisture-absorbing materials that keep you cool and dry throughout strenuous activity. Sleeveless hoodies can also be worn alone or layered over tank tops, therefore giving as much freedom and style as possible.

38. Sleeveless Hoodie (for Men)

types of hoodies for men - Sleeveless Hoodie for Men

Men’s sleeveless hoodies give a fashionable and athletic appeal. Such types of hoodies are developed with both performance and style in mind, captured based on lightweight fabrics that remain breathable. Sleeveless hoodies are stylish and can be used during workouts or as a wardrobe statement. Having combined them with shorts or joggers, sleeveless hoodies for men give an updated and sports-like zest to any attire.

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Such a vast selection of hoodies means that you have to analyze the materials, features, and styles appropriate for your requirements. But there are so many options from a nice cozy knit hoodie, to a sleek designer one or even an athletic one. Love what suits you and find the perfect hoodie that perfectly represents you while at peace with your comfortable self in any place.

You can also use mockey.ai to design various types of hoodies and t-shirts when starting your own clothing business.

FAQs – Types of Hoodies

What are the major hoodie styles?

The main types of hoodies based on style include:
Pullover Hoodies – Having a front pocket pouch and drawstring hood without zipper closure. Easy to pull on.
Zip-Up Hoodies – With zip closure in the front are accompanied by hoodie signature pouch pocket and drawstrings. Offer more versatility.
Tailored Hoodies – Designed to reveal the lines of one’s body. Tighter fit than regular hoodies. Ideal for layering.
Loose Baggy and Oversized Hoodies – Large, loose-fitting sweatshirts that are wide in the shoulders with long sleeves. Provides a cozy, loungewear feel.
Crop hoodies – A shorter hem that sits just above the waist. Goes well with high waist bottoms.
Sleeveless Hoodies – They have no sleeves, but they do maintain the overall structure of a hoodie. Preferred by fitness enthusiasts.

What fabric is best for athletic types of hoodies?

For athletic hoodies, polyester, and cotton-polyester blend fabrics work well. They effectively wick moisture, dry quickly, and offer stretch for ease of movement.

What are the main types of hoodies?

The most popular types of hoodies categories include:
Zip-up hoodies: Feature a zip closure rather than a pullover style. These are further divided into categories like fitted, oversized, cropped, and more.
Pullover hoodies: Don’t have a zipper so you need to pull them over your head to wear them. Often loose and casual.
Fitted hoodies: Tailored to showcase your physique. Great for athleisure wear.
Athletic hoodies: Use moisture-wicking technical fabrics ideal for workouts and sports.
Designer hoodies: Crafted by luxury fashion houses using premium materials.

How do hoodies vary in style?

Hoodie styles differ based on fit, cut, details, and fabric:
Fit: Oversized, cropped, boxy, regular, fitted
Cut: Zip-up, pullover, sleeveless
Details: Pockets, drawstrings, and full vs half zip.
Fabric: Fleece, cotton, wool, cashmere blends
Some examples of types of hoodies:
Cropped hoodies: Shorter hem of a box shape
Oversized hoodies: Loose with extended shoulder seams
Half-zip hoodies: Partial front zipper
Pocket hoodies: Front kangaroo pocket

What are the best men’s hoodies?

Classic pullovers and zip-up styles in neutral dark colors seem to be preferred by men. Popular types of hoodies option includes:
Zip-up hoodies for sports and fitness.
Cotton pullovers for casual layering in a regular fit
Warmth, with soft fleece or Sherpa zip hoodies.
Streetwear-style printed graphic hoodies

What are the primary types of men’s and women’s hoodies?

The 5 most popular types of hoodies in style are:
Zip-up hoodie: A zip-up front hoodie to ensure easy wear. Good for layering.
Pullover hoodie: A regular hoodie without a zipper that you put on over your head. Comfy and casual.
Fitted hoodie: A very snug, body-hugging hoodie. Shows off your shape.
Athletic hoodie: A hoodie for sports and workouts that are breathable as well as lightweight. Moisture-wicking.
Oversized hoodie: An oversized and baggy hoodie for a comfortable feeling. Perfect for lounging around.

Which materials are used for manufacturing various hoodies?

Some of the popular types that come in different fabrics like polyester and fleece jerk Performance hoodies for gymnastics are normally designed using technical fabrics whose properties include the moisture-wicking nature. Designer hoodies can and will use high-end fabrics such as cashmere or silk mixtures.

What are some styles of hoodies worn by women?

Popular women’s hoodie styles are classic zips and pulls, contoured fit for body shape, asymmetrical wraparound draped hipsters dropping on one side with cropped versions worn above the waistline; then there is a sleeveless style suitable in summer months – finally– oversize or boyfriend fit version. These types of hoodies are particularly common in women’s styles

What different types of hoodies hood are there?

Hood silhouettes come in all shapes and sizes from close-fitting hoods to dramatic oversized hoods. Some hood types are standard shallow hoods, deep hoods that fully cover your head, crossover hoods with crisscross lacing, removable hoods that can be taken off, reversible hoods with contrasting fabric, and hoods with faux fur or sherpa lining for extra warmth.

What types of hoodie pockets should I choose?

Standard hoodie pockets include kangaroo pouches or side entry pockets. Some other pocket options are slanted pockets, zippered pockets to safely hold belongings, inside pockets for extra storage, back pockets for hand warming, sleeve pockets to hold small items, and even hidden interior pockets. Go for what’s most convenient for you.

What are some different types of hoodies in cuff styles?

Hoodies may come with banded sleeve cuffs made of ribbed fabric, open cuffs without elastic for a casual look, thumbholes to keep sleeves in place, crossover cuffs with criss-cross lacing or flaps, extra long cuffs to cover your palms, or bell-shaped flared cuffs. Choose what complements your style best. These are some popular types of hoodies in cuff styles.

What are some good types of hoodies for working out?

For exercise and sports, look for performance hoodies made using moisture-wicking technical fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying. These include mesh-lined hoodies to vent excess heat and sleeveless hoodies for unrestricted movement. Reflective hoodies with reflective strips and prints are also great for outdoor running at night.

What types of hoodies work for layering outfits?

Thinner lightweight hoodies like jersey hoodies work best for layering under jackets and coats. Zip-up hoodies are convenient to take on and off for versatile layering. Oversized hoodies layered over fitted tops create an interesting silhouette. Hoodies with open fronts can be layered over collared shirts and sweaters while still showing them off.

What are some best uses for different types of hoodies?

Lounging around at home – Oversized, fleece or terry cloth hoodies
Casual everyday wear – Zip-up or pullover cotton hoodies
Sports and workouts – Mesh, sleeveless, and reflective athletic hoodies
Outdoor activities – Insulated or water-resistant hoodies
Making a fashion statement