15+ Best Squarespace Alternatives & Competitors in 2024


Best Squarespace Alternatives

Looking for the best Squarespace alternatives? We’ve prepared a list of the top ten website builders that provide comparable features and functionality but at a lower cost or with greater flexibility. Whether you’re a small business owner, blogger, or creative professional, we have a solution for you. Read on to know more about it.

Squarespace – An Overview

Best Squarespace Alternatives to consider in 2023
Best Squarespace Alternatives to consider in 2024

Squarespace is a website builder that allows users to create professional-looking websites without having to know how to code. It has several features, like as templates, drag-and-drop editing, e-commerce, and blogging. Squarespace is a popular solution for businesses, creative professionals, and individuals looking to construct a visually appealing and user-friendly website.

Features of Squarespace

  • Templates: Squarespace has a large selection of templates to pick from, so you can find one that matches your brand and style. Because templates are totally customisable, you can modify the colours, fonts, and layout to meet your specific requirements.
  • Drag-and-drop editing: Squarespace’s drag-and-drop editor makes creating and editing your website simple. You can quickly change the layout, add and remove information, and upload photographs and videos.
  • E-commerce: Squarespace has an e-commerce platform that allows you to simply sell things on your website. Squarespace handles all payment processing, and you can set up your business in minutes.
  • Blogging: Squarespace makes it simple to set up and maintain a blog. Squarespace will automatically generate an RSS feed if you include photographs, videos, and social media buttons in your posts.
  • SEO: Squarespace’s website builder is search engine optimised, so your website will be more likely to appear in search results.


Squarespace has four pricing levels to choose from: Personal, Business, Basic Commerce, and Advanced Commerce. The Personal plan is free, but you can only create one website. The monthly fee for the Business plan is $12, the Basic Commerce plan is $26, and the Advanced Commerce plan is $40.


Squarespace’s layouts are among the most visually appealing and customisable on the market.

Simple to use: Squarespace’s drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to design and edit your website, even if you don’t know how to code.

E-commerce: Squarespace’s built-in e-commerce platform makes selling things on your website simple.

SEO: Squarespace’s website builder is search engine optimised, so your website will be more likely to appear in search results.

Customer service: Squarespace provides exceptional customer service. You can reach them through live chat, email, or phone.


Price: Squarespace can be pricey, especially for growing organisations.

Design: Squarespace’s designs are highly adjustable, but you may discover that you’re limited in how much you can change the overall design.

Open Source: Squarespace is not an open-source platform, so you cannot customise it as extensively as you can with other platforms such as WordPress.

Why Look for Squarespace Alternatives?

There are several reasons why individuals and businesses may look for alternatives to Squarespace:

  1. Cost Considerations:
    • Issue: Squarespace, while providing a user-friendly platform, might be on the pricier side for some users.
    • Solution: Exploring alternatives could lead to more budget-friendly options without compromising on essential features.
  2. Need for More Customization:
    • Issue: Users looking for extensive customization options beyond what Squarespace offers.
    • Solution: Other platforms may provide greater flexibility and control over website design and functionality.
  3. E-commerce Requirements:
    • Issue: Squarespace may not fully meet the specific needs of users running online stores or seeking advanced e-commerce features.
    • Solution: Exploring alternatives that specialize in e-commerce, offering more robust tools for managing products, orders, and payments.
  4. Unique Feature Requirements:
    • Issue: Users with specific features in mind that Squarespace may not provide.
    • Solution: Exploring alternatives that offer the unique features required, such as advanced SEO tools, blogging capabilities, or specialized integrations.
  5. Scalability Concerns:
    • Issue: Users anticipating significant growth and questioning whether Squarespace can scale effectively.
    • Solution: Exploring alternatives that offer scalable solutions, ensuring the platform can accommodate increased traffic and content demands over time.
  6. Ease of Use Preferences:
    • Issue: Personal preferences for an even more intuitive or simplified website-building process.
    • Solution: Exploring alternatives that might align better with the user’s preferences in terms of ease of use and interface intuitiveness.
  7. Performance and Speed:
    • Issue: Concerns about website performance and speed on Squarespace.
    • Solution: Exploring alternatives known for superior performance, faster loading times, and better optimization.
  8. Support and Community:
    • Issue: Users valuing extensive support options or a vibrant user community.
    • Solution: Exploring alternatives that offer robust customer support, documentation, and a thriving community for sharing insights and solutions.

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Blinkstore HomePage | Best Squarespace Alternatives India

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15 Best Squarespace Alternatives for Making Websites in 2024

Here are some of the best Squarespace alternatives to consider in 2024:

1. WordPress – Squarespace Competitors Free

Wordpress | Best Squarespace Alternatives
WordPress | Best Squarespace Alternatives

WordPress is a free website builder. It is one of the best alternative to Squarespace. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System, powering one out of every four websites. It’s also one of the most powerful Squarespace alternatives because professionals from all around the world contribute on a daily basis by resolving bugs and assessing documentation.

WordPress has over 60,000 plugins and 10,000 themes, providing nearly limitless possibilities for customising and upgrading your site. WordPress plugins are add-ons that enhance your website’s functionality. WordPress themes are professionally designed templates that define your site’s appearance. Although WordPress is a free alternative to Wix, premium themes and plugins, as well as hosting and a domain name, must be purchased.

  • Features: With over 60,000 plugins and 10,000 themes, WordPress offers limitless possibilities for customization.
  • Pricing: It’s a free platform, but premium themes, plugins, hosting, and domain names may require additional purchases.

2. Shopify – Sites Similar to Squarespace

Shopify | Best Squarespace Alternatives
Shopify | Best Squarespace Alternatives

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce Website Builders. Shopify was found in 2006 and allows businesses to construct, modify, and manage online shops. Through a user-friendly interface and professionally developed themes, Shopify offers a variety of services such as product administration, inventory management, order fulfilment, and secure payment processing. Users can utilise the Shopify dashboard to manage their stores, track sales, and communicate with customers. The Shopify App Store offers a selection of apps and connections to aid in the automation and scaling of e-commerce ventures. In 2024, this is one of the most popular Squarespace alternatives.

Shopify provides a three-day free trial. A standard subscription is $29 per month plus a transaction fee of 2.9%. To save 50%, make sure to sign up for annual billing.

  • Features: A popular e-commerce platform providing a user-friendly interface, product management, and secure payment processing.
  • Pricing: Offers a three-day free trial, with plans starting at $29 per month plus a transaction fee.

3. Wix -Alternative to Squarespace

Wix | Best Squarespace Alternatives
Wix | Best Squarespace Alternatives

Wix is a cloud-based easy website builder that enables anyone to create professional-looking websites without any coding knowledge. The platform offers a vast choice of themes, features, and tools to help users create any type of website, from simple personal blogs to complex ecommerce sites. Wix is one of the world’s most popular website builders, with over 200 million users. The platform is simple to use, even for beginners, and it provides a number of features that make it a good fit for businesses of all sizes. With Wix, it is possible to provide an online store, services and subscriptions, offline sales, drop shipping, and other features.

Wix is a Squarespace free alternative and offers many features in the free plan. However the plan costs $16 per month and go all the way up to $45 per month depending upon the plan type you choose.

  • Features: A cloud-based website builder with a vast choice of themes, features, and tools for all types of websites.
  • Pricing: Wix is a Squarespace free alternative with a free plan; premium plans range from $16 to $45 per month.

4. Weebly – Sites Like Squarespace

Weebly | Best Squarespace Alternatives
Weebly | Best Squarespace Alternatives

Weebly is one of the best professional website builders that you can consider in 2024. Weebly is a website builder that allows for dropshipping. Its distinguishing feature is its drag-and-drop interface, which allows users to easily design a bespoke website without any coding skills. Weebly also provides mobile-responsive design and payment system integration, making it one of the top Shopify alternatives in India.

A Weebly store with your domain will cost you $12 per month. The $25 Business Plan includes inventory management, discount coupons, and other complicated E-commerce features such as shipment estimators. Power Sellers can pay $38 per month to receive real-time shipping and abandoned cart emails.

  • Features: A drag-and-drop website builder with mobile-responsive design and payment system integration.
  • Pricing: Plans start at $12 per month for a Weebly store with your domain, with advanced e-commerce features in higher-tier plans.

5. Webflow – Better Than Squarespace

Webflow | Best Squarespace Alternatives
Webflow | Best Squarespace Alternatives

Webflow is a premium no-code visual website builder for designers, marketers, and developers. Unlike other Squarespace competitors, Webflow does not rely on predetermined templates. Webflow’s CMS makes it simple to manage your website content, from planning and authoring to amending and structuring. Create visually appealing online stores with unique product fields, personalise your browsing and checkout experiences, and engage with your team in real time.

You can make fast changes to your website without having to deal with complex code, and you can boost your visibility with integrated SEO tools. Make use of Webflow’s fast and fully-managed hosting. Webflow offers both scalable pricing and a free plan. To create a content-driven website, you’ll need the CMS plan, which costs $29 per month.The most cost-effective ecommerce package is $42 per month. If you choose their annual plan, you can save 30%.

  • Features: A premium no-code website builder for designers, marketers, and developers with a focus on customization.
  • Pricing: Offers scalable pricing and a free plan, with the CMS plan starting at $29 per month.

6. Jimdo – Competitors to Squarespace

Jimdo | Best Squarespace Alternatives
Jimdo | Best Squarespace Alternatives

Jimdo is a code-free online website builder aimed for small-business owners. With this platform, you can quickly build mobile-optimized websites and customise them to meet your brand. It is a less expensive alternative to Squarespace, with a drag-and-drop website builder, 100+ modern templates, SEO tools, coding features, custom domains, an online logo maker, and personalised support.

Jimdo also offers a Legal Text Generator to help you create GDPR-compliant websites, an inspiration gallery, and easier access to Facebook’s selling tools. As a result, you can instantly sync your Facebook catalogue with Jimdo store products and make shoppable Instagram posts and Stories. Jimdo does not collect transaction fees. On the platform, there is a free plan. The most cost-effective option with visitor data is about $16 per month.

  • Features: A code-free website builder with mobile-optimized websites, SEO tools, and integration with Facebook’s selling tools.
  • Pricing: Plans start at $16 per month, and Jimdo does not collect transaction fees.

7. Duda – Squarespace Free Alternative

Duda | Best Squarespace Alternatives
Duda | Best Squarespace Alternatives

Duda is a professional website builder for businesses and individuals that includes a drag-and-drop editor, templates, and a number of features. Duda’s team collaboration and client management solutions set it apart from Squarespace.
You can integrate content from existing websites, reuse widgets across projects, build dynamic versions of a single page, and communicate comments with your team and clients right on a website as it’s being constructed with Duda. All of these aspects make scaling easy for agencies.

Duda also has a free subscription, although it has limited functionality and storage. The Paid plans begin at $14/month and can go all the way up to $149/month.

  • Features: A website builder for businesses with team collaboration and client management solutions.
  • Pricing: Free subscription available, paid plans start at $14/month.

8. Strikingly – Websites Like Squarespace

Strikingly | Best Squarespace Alternatives
Strikingly | Best Squarespace Alternatives

Strikingly is a free website builder and one of the best Squarespace alternatives that is geared towards creative people. To construct an endless number of sites, Strikingly provides a drag-and-drop editor, mobile-optimized templates, and basic image editing features. Strikingly also has built-in e-commerce capability, blog support, and SEO tools to assist users in optimising their online presence.

Strikingly offers free plan, on the other hand, is ad-supported, requires a Strikingly subdomain, and does not include an SSL certificate.

  • Features: A website builder with a drag-and-drop editor, built-in e-commerce capability, blog support, and SEO tools.
  • Pricing: Offers a free plan, with ad-supported features and a Strikingly subdomain.

9. HostGator – Websites Similar to Squarespace

Hostgator | Best Squarespace Alternatives
Hostgator | Best Squarespace Alternatives

Gator is another web host that is best for website hosting. It is an excellent choice for organisations and people who wish to build a website without learning how to code. Gator provides many features for both organisations and individuals, including as drag-and-drop editing, templates, and a free domain name. Gator’s core features include a drag-and-drop editor, templates, a free domain name, and 24-hour support.

Gator has four pricing levels to choose from: Starter, Personal, Professional, and Business. The monthly plans range in price from $3.95 to $19.95 and include varying amounts of storage and bandwidth.

  • Features: A web host with a website builder, suitable for both individuals and organizations without coding knowledge.
  • Pricing: Gator has four pricing levels ranging from $3.95 to $19.95 per month, with varying storage and bandwidth.

10. Kinsta – Cheaper Alternative to Squarespace

Kinsta | Best Squarespace Alternatives
Kinsta | Best Squarespace Alternatives

Kinsta is a modern WordPress Builder that provides a number of options to both businesses and individuals. It is an excellent choice for organisations who require a high-performance WordPress website. Kinsta delivers your website’s content using Google Cloud Platform, ensuring that it is quick and dependable. Kinsta also handles the technical parts of WordPress hosting, allowing you to focus on your content. Kinsta provides WordPress specialists with 24/7 support, so you can receive help whenever you need it.

Kinsta has four pricing tiers: Starter, Business, Professional, and Enterprise. The monthly plans range in price from $30 to $1,500 and include varying quantities of storage, bandwidth, and functionality.

  • Features: A managed WordPress hosting company offering high-performance WordPress websites.
  • Pricing: Kinsta has four pricing tiers starting from $30 to $1,500 per month, with different storage, bandwidth, and functionality options.

Other 5 sites like squarespace

11. GoDaddy – Website Builder

GoDaddy Website Builder is the perfect solution for you if you’re seeking a user-friendly platform that simplifies website creation. Imagine having access to a diverse range of templates, a drag-and-drop editor, and seamlessly integrated e-commerce tools. For instance, you can effortlessly showcase your products or services with eye-catching templates designed for various industries. GoDaddy, a renowned name in domain registration, tailors plans starting at $10 per month to suit your individual needs, ensuring you have the flexibility to scale as your website grows.

  • Features: Offers an easy-to-use website builder with templates, a drag-and-drop editor, and built-in e-commerce tools.
  • Pricing: Plans start at $10 per month, and GoDaddy is known for its domain registration services.

12. BigCommerce – Squarespace Competitors

If you’re in the realm of online retail, BigCommerce stands out as your go-to solution. Picture having features like unlimited product listings and round-the-clock support to elevate your online store. For instance, you can benefit from advanced product management tools, enabling you to efficiently organize and showcase your extensive product catalog. With plans starting at $29.95 per month, BigCommerce ensures your business not only thrives but also has the necessary tools to stay ahead in the competitive online market.

  • Features: Geared towards e-commerce, BigCommerce provides a robust platform for building and managing online stores.
  • Pricing: Plans start at $29.95 per month, offering features like unlimited products and 24/7 support.

13. Square Online – Squarespace Like Websites

Square Online becomes the ideal choice for you if a seamless e-commerce solution is what you’re after. Imagine effortlessly creating and managing your online store, empowered by features that facilitate transactions and customer interactions. For instance, you can utilize Square Online’s free plan to get started and later transition to paid options starting at $12 per month, offering flexibility based on your business’s evolving needs. This adaptable solution is designed to accompany you throughout your entire online selling journey.

  • Features: An e-commerce solution by Square, it allows businesses to create an online store and manage orders seamlessly.
  • Pricing: Offers a free plan, with paid plans starting at $12 per month, plus transaction fees.

14. Silex – Sites Similar to Squarespace

If you’re on the lookout for a customizable and cost-effective alternative, Silex emerges as the perfect fit. Visualize the freedom it provides as a free and open-source website builder, allowing you to craft unique and dynamic websites without breaking the bank. As an example, you can delve into the vast array of customization options, tweaking every aspect to align with your brand identity. While Silex is free, it’s important to note that hosting needs to be managed separately, making it a suitable choice for those with specific customization and budgetary needs.

  • Features: A free and open-source website builder that is highly customizable, allowing users to create unique and dynamic websites.
  • Pricing: Silex is free to use, but users may need to handle hosting separately.

15. Zyro – Alternatives to Squarespace

Description: Zyro caters to you if simplicity and functionality top your priority list. Envision a user-friendly platform with AI-driven tools and a drag-and-drop interface, making website creation an intuitive and straightforward process. As a pro tip, you can explore Zyro’s plans starting at $2.90 per month, providing an affordable alternative to Squarespace. This aligns seamlessly with your preference for simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring your website not only looks great but is also easy to manage and update.

  • Features: A user-friendly website builder with AI-driven tools for creating websites, particularly useful for small businesses.
  • Pricing: Plans start at $2.90 per month, and Zyro emphasizes ease of use with its drag-and-drop interface.

Conclusion – Choose the Best  Squarespace Alternative That Works for You

There are some of the best Squarespace alternatives, each with its own set of advantages. Strikingly specialises in attractive single-page websites, whereas Duda provides advanced customization and collaboration tools for agencies and designers. For small enterprises, Gator offers a user-friendly interface and integrated e-commerce capability, while Kinsta stands out as a managed WordPress hosting solution. WordPress.com, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Webflow, and Jimdo are some other notable options. To pick the best platform for your website needs in 2024, consider criteria such as customization choices, simplicity of use, scalability, e-commerce functionalities, and hosting performance.

FAQs – Alternatives to Squarespace

What is a cheaper alternative to Squarespace?

Jimdo could be considered as a cheaper alternative to Squarespace.

Name the best Squarespace alternatives free?

You can consider HostGator to be one of the best Squarespace alternative free in 2024.

Is there a free version of Squarespace?

No, Squarespace doesn’t have a free version, but offers a 14-day trial. Afterward, a paid plan is needed.

Is Webflow better than Squarespace?

Depends on your needs. Webflow is powerful for design control; Squarespace is user-friendly. Consider preferences and technical skills.

Is there a free alternative to Squarespace?

Yes, options like WordPress (with free hosting), Wix (limited free plan), and Weebly (limited free plan) exist. Features may vary, so choose based on your blogging needs.