How to Setup a Free Merch Store For Your Startup

merchandise for startup

Promotional merchandise is products branded with the logo or slogan of a company and are distributed at little to no cost with the intention to promote a brand. They are distributed as handouts at trade shows or conferences or shipped to customers and users as bonus items for the sole purpose of marketing.

Merchandise marketing is the process of creating awareness and customer loyalty using the merchandise. By merchandise, we mean any tangible item such as t-shirts, mugs, etc. 

This article will talk about start-ups using Blinkstore to start their own customized merchandise store.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Creating A Store

  • Name your store: Assuming your start-up already has a catchy name or slogan, this step should be fairly simple. And even if you don’t, we’ve got you covered.
    Go ahead and read How To Pick A Name For Your Brand?
  • Pick your products: Blinkstore offers you a variety of different products to customize, so you can pick the ones that suit your company’s requirements.

Step 2: List Products 

  • Now that we have the name of your store and products picked, it’s time to start listing your products.
  • A unique logo will create a powerful first impression and result in higher sales of your custom company merchandise.
  • If you already have a company or event logo decided, you can just go ahead and upload it. Don’t have a design? No problem. Read Free Logo Generators For Your Online Store for some help. 
  • Pair your products with creative descriptions to encourage more engagement from your customers.

Step 3: Set Prices And Commission

  • Once you’ve figured out your design, now you get to set the price of each apparel item on your online store.
  • And since the aim of the store is to make custom products easily available for marketing purposes, make sure to keep the commissions on the product as low as possible.

Step 4: Spread The Word

  • Now that your product, design, and audience are finalized, it’s time to spread the word.
  • Make sure your brand’s social media pages have your products showcased in a creative manner to generate buzz.
  • Use fun creatives and powerful copies to keep your customers interested.

Step 5: Order Samples 

  • Order samples of all products to showcase among your team members.
  • Take feedback and make the necessary iterations to your products and designs.

Step 6:  Promote Your Store

  • Once you’ve received the final approval on your newly created custom merchandise store, it’s time to share it with your community.
  • Circulate the custom online shop URL within your company to make the products accessible to your team members.
  • For your customers, you might wanna use regular emailers with your online store as the landing page to drive sales. Other than that, you can use paid ads and even send out free samples with orders.

With the help of Blinkstore, setting up an online custom merchandise store for your start-up is insanely easy. 

Some other points to keep in mind:

  • A surefire way to attract new followers and keep the current ones engaged is all about presentation. Portray the use case of your custom merch in enticing visuals and post it across all your social media channels.
  • The best kind of promotional strategy is a ‘circle of engagement’. This involves generating a cycle of interest, participation, and purchases that continuously attracts new potential customers.
  • The biggest strength of social media is the fact that you can visibly see your customers engage with your content.
  • Get your followers involved using 2 easy ways:
  1. Ask for shares: Ask your followers to spread the word on their own profiles, especially if they make a purchase. 
  2. Ask for pictures: Create a special hashtag, then ask your customers to post photos of themselves wearing it. Ask for permission, then repost their photo and publicly thank them. This is a fantastic way to promote your custom merchandise.

So what are you waiting for? Head on out to and get started today!