25 Best Small Business Ideas for Kids


25 Best Small Business Ideas for Kids

Welcome to the world of young entrepreneurs! In this blog, we’ll uncover the potential of kids and businesses. Did you know that in the US, more than 50% of all new businesses are started by young entrepreneurs? They’re the powerhouse behind the surge in new business creation. Let’s explore 25 small business ideas for kids that ignite creativity and also teach valuable life skills.

How Do We Select the Best Business Ideas for Kids?

There are certain criteria to identify appropriate business ideas for kids. Here are the key points to keep in mind.

Average annual net job creation in the US
Source | Job creations of youngsters

1. Understanding Interests

It all begins with aligning passions with profit. Encourage kids to reflect on their hobbies, favorite subjects, or activities they can immerse themselves in for hours. Whether it’s drawing, coding, or gardening, turning a passion into a business adds a personal touch.

2. Feasibility Check

Assessing resources and support is crucial. Identify the tools, materials, and guidance required for each business idea. Ensure that the venture is feasible within the available time and financial constraints, setting kids up for success without overwhelming them.

3. Educational Element

Fostering learning through entrepreneurship is a key aspect. Every business idea should offer educational value, providing kids with hands-on experience in areas like budgeting, marketing, and customer service. These skills lay a foundation for a future of informed decision-making.

4. Parental Involvement

While independence is essential, balancing it with parental guidance ensures a supportive environment. Parents can contribute valuable insights, helping kids navigate challenges and celebrating successes together.

Why Should Kids Start a Business?

Why Should Kids Start a Business
Why Should Kids Start a Business

It’s important to develop some hustling mentality for the kids. Here is why it is crucial:

1. Empowerment

Starting a business at a young age builds confidence and independence. Kids learn to trust their ideas, make decisions, and handle responsibilities. This empowerment sets the stage for a self-assured and resilient future.

2. Financial Literacy

Early lessons in money management are invaluable. Through running a business, kids grasp the concepts of income, expenses, and profit. Understanding the basics of finance at a young age establishes a solid foundation for future financial literacy.

3. Creativity

Nurturing innovative thinking is a key advantage of starting a business. From brainstorming ideas to problem-solving, kids develop a creative mindset. This skill not only aids entrepreneurship but also proves beneficial in various aspects of life.

4. Life Skills

The journey of entrepreneurship instills essential life skills. Effective communication, decision-making, and time management become second nature. These skills are transferable and contribute to success in academic, personal, and professional pursuits.

25 Best Business Ideas for Kids

Business Ideas for Kids
Business Ideas for Kids

There are many small business ideas you can try out for yourself but here let’s discuss the business ideas that fit well with the kids:

1. Pet sitting

For animal lovers, pet sitting can be both enjoyable and responsible. Walking dogs, feeding pets, or offering basic grooming services not only provide a valuable service but also teach responsibility and empathy.

2. Plant Rental Service

Liven up events with greenery by starting a plant rental service. Kids can offer potted plants for special occasions or even rent them for a certain period, adding a touch of nature to different settings.

3. Board Game Design

Tap into strategic thinking and creativity by designing board games. Kids can create their own games, complete with rules and instructions, fostering critical thinking and providing entertainment for others.

4. Comic Book Creation

Illustrate imaginative stories through comic book creation. Kids can let their creativity flow, developing characters and storylines that captivate readers and showcase their artistic talents.

5. Upcycled Crafts

Transform everyday items into art with upcycled crafts. From repurposing old clothes to creating décor from recycled materials, this eco-friendly venture not only promotes creativity but also instills a sense of environmental responsibility.

6. Photography for Kids

Capture moments through a lens with a photography business for kids. From events to portrait sessions, kids can develop photography skills, telling stories through images and preserving memories for others.

7. Child-Friendly Cooking Classes

Turn the kitchen into a classroom by hosting child-friendly cooking classes. Kids can share their love for culinary arts, teaching peers simple recipes and culinary techniques. It’s a tasty way to combine education with fun.

8. Handmade Soap and Bath Bomb Crafting

Explore the world of chemistry and creativity by crafting handmade soaps and bath bombs. Kids can experiment with scents, colors, and shapes, creating unique bath products for personal use or as thoughtful gifts.

9. Virtual Art Exhibitions

Showcase artistic creations through virtual art exhibitions. Kids can curate their artwork, host online exhibitions, and even sell their masterpieces to a global audience, opening doors to the vast world of digital art.

10. Personalized Story Books

Transform storytelling into a personalized experience by creating custom storybooks. Kids can write and illustrate personalized stories for individuals, making reading a uniquely tailored adventure for each child.

11. Choreography for Kids

Dance enthusiasts can venture into choreography for kids. Creating dance routines and offering virtual or in-person lessons not only showcases talent but also promotes physical activity and self-expression.

Creative Business Ideas for Kids

Creative Business Ideas for Kids
Creative Business Ideas for Kids

Here are some creative business ideas for kids:

12. Budding Artists

Encourage artistic expression through customized artwork and crafts. Kids can create personalized drawings, paintings, or handmade crafts for friends, family, or even local markets.

13. Green Thumbs

Foster an appreciation for nature with miniature gardening ventures. From planting flowers to cultivating small herb gardens, kids can learn about responsibility and environmental awareness.

14. Tech Savvy

For tech enthusiasts, delve into simple coding or app creation. Introduce kids to the world of programming through user-friendly platforms that make coding fun and accessible.

15. Wordsmiths in the Making

Inspire the next generation of writers by encouraging story writing and blogging. Kids can share their imaginative tales or insights on topics that interest them, cultivating both creativity and writing skills.

16. Jewelry Crafting

Unleash creativity through jewelry crafting. Fashion accessories from beads, creating unique pieces that can be sold online or at local markets. This not only taps into artistic abilities but also teaches basic business concepts.

Online Business Ideas for Kids

Online Business Ideas for Kids
Online Business Ideas for Kids

Check out these online business ideas for kids:

17. DIY YouTube Channel

Transforming creativity into content, kids can start their own YouTube channel. Whether it’s crafting, gaming, or educational content, this platform allows them to share their passions with a wider audience.

18. E-Book Authorship

Encourage a love for literature by writing and publishing e-books. Kids can explore various genres, from adventure tales to educational content, sharing their stories with readers around the world.

19. Gaming Reviews

For gaming enthusiasts, turning playtime into productivity is possible with gaming reviews. Kids can share their insights, tips, and recommendations through blog posts or video content, tapping into the vast gaming community.

20. Virtual Tutoring

Share knowledge with peers by offering virtual tutoring services. Whether it’s assisting with homework, teaching a specific skill, or providing guidance on a particular subject, kids can become mentors in their own right.

21. Digital Illustrations

Expressing creativity through digital illustrations opens up a world of possibilities. Kids can create artwork for online platforms, and social media, or even offer personalized illustrations for individuals or businesses.

Unique Business Ideas for Kids

Unique Business Ideas for Kids
Unique Business Ideas for Kids

Why not try some unique business ideas for kids:

22. Homemade Snack Stand

Combine culinary skills with entrepreneurship by setting up a homemade snack stand. From cookies to lemonade, kids can learn the basics of food preparation, marketing, and customer service.

23. Language Translation Services

Utilize bilingual skills by offering language translation services. Whether translating documents, assisting with language learning, or providing basic conversation sessions, this venture taps into the global need for language services.

24. DIY Science Kits

Fueling curiosity, kids can create and sell DIY science kits. These kits can include simple experiments with materials readily available at home, making science accessible and enjoyable for other young learners.

25. Customized Greeting Cards

Spread joy through creativity with customized greeting cards. Kids can design and sell personalized cards for various occasions, showcasing their artistic flair and bringing smiles to others.

26. Fitness Coaching for Peers

Promote a healthy lifestyle by becoming fitness coaches for peers. Design fun and engaging exercise routines, turning physical activity into an enjoyable and beneficial experience for friends.

Business Ideas for Kids Entertainment

Business Ideas for Kids Entertainment
Business Ideas for Kids Entertainment

Now that we have discussed the business ideas for kids. Let’s see what business ideas there are to perform in front of kids:

1. Event Organizers

Turn social skills into a thriving business by planning kid-friendly gatherings. From birthday parties to playdates, kids can create memorable experiences for their peers, showcasing their organizational prowess.

2. Magic Shows

Unleash the inner magician with captivating magic shows. Kids can learn and perform tricks, entertaining friends and family at events or even virtually. It’s a magical way to foster creativity and boost confidence.

3. Storytelling Workshops

Ignite imaginations with storytelling workshops. Kids can host sessions where they share and create stories, fostering a love for narratives and imaginative thinking among their peers.

4. Customized T-Shirt Printing

Blend fashion with business by exploring customized t-shirt printing. Kids can design and print their unique creations, turning wearables into works of art for friends, and family, or even to sell online.

How to Help Your Kids Grow

Kids can only grow in well-nourished soil, so try providing opportunities in the following ways:

1. Blogging

For aspiring writers, blogging opens a world of possibilities. Kids can share their experiences, insights, or stories, creating engaging content that resonates with a wider audience.

2. YouTube DIY Science Experiments

Combine education with entertainment by showcasing DIY science experiments on YouTube. Kids can present engaging and simple experiments, making science enjoyable and accessible for viewers of all ages.

3. Virtual Art Classes

Offer virtual art classes to budding artists worldwide. Kids can share their artistic techniques, conduct live sessions, and create a community of young artists passionate about visual arts.

4. Gaming Tutorials and Walkthroughs

For gaming fans, creating tutorials and walkthroughs on popular gaming platforms can be both enjoyable and informative. Kids can share tips, tricks, and strategies, establishing themselves as experts in the gaming community.

5. Podcasting

Step into the world of podcasting by creating audio content on topics of interest. Whether it’s storytelling, interviews, or discussions, podcasting allows kids to express themselves in a dynamic and engaging way.

6. Peer Collaboration Platforms

Create platforms for kids to collaborate on various ventures. Whether it’s a virtual marketplace, an art-sharing platform, or a community for exchanging business ideas, fostering collaboration enhances the overall entrepreneurial experience.

7. Online Business Mentorship

Establish mentorship programs where experienced young entrepreneurs guide newcomers. This platform allows kids to learn from each other, share insights, and receive valuable advice on navigating the entrepreneurial journey.

8. Recognition and Rewards

Implement recognition and rewards programs for outstanding young entrepreneurs. Acknowledging achievements and contributions motivates kids to excel and inspires others to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

9. Educational Partnerships

Collaborate with schools and educational institutions to integrate entrepreneurial programs into curricula. This ensures that the benefits of entrepreneurship, including creativity, critical thinking, and financial literacy, reach a broader audience.

10. Charity Initiatives

Encourage kids to incorporate philanthropy into their businesses. Whether it’s donating a percentage of profits to a chosen cause or organizing charitable events, instilling a sense of social responsibility adds depth to their entrepreneurial ventures.


In conclusion, these 25 small business ideas for kids highlight the potent role of entrepreneurship in nurturing creativity, building confidence, and instilling vital life skills. By fostering the exploration of interests and transforming them into ventures, we lay the foundation for a generation of forward-thinking and responsible individuals.

As parents, educators, and mentors, let’s persist in nurturing and championing the entrepreneurial spirit in our children, guiding them toward a future teeming with boundless possibilities.

FAQs on Business Ideas for Kids

Here are some frequently asked questions about Business Ideas for kids:

Can a 12-year-old start a business?

Yes, a 12-year-old can start a business. It’s about finding what they enjoy and can share with others, turning hobbies into opportunities.

How can a kid earn money?

Kids can earn by pet sitting, mowing lawns, or selling their creations. It’s about using their skills and interests to make some extra cash.

What’s a good business for kids?

The best business for kids depends on their interests—selling crafts, offering services like dog walking, or organizing small events. Choose something that matches their passion.

What’s a good business for a 13-year-old?

Businesses like starting a YouTube channel, writing a blog, or selling handmade items would be great. But find something they love doing!