20+ Powerful Business Ideas in Surat for 2024


Business Ideas in Surat

Surat, with its thriving economy and big population, is an excellent site to establish a business. Explore the potential for growth and success in Surat’s entrepreneurial, from technology-driven companies to traditional sectors. Discover profitable possibilities in a variety of industries and keep ahead of the competition in this thriving commercial district. Read on to know about the new business ideas in Surat that can impact your future in this metropolis.

Surat – The Green City of India

Surat - The Green City of India
Surat – The Green City of India

Surat, also known as the “Green City” or “Diamond City” of India, is a thriving metropolis in the state of Gujarat. This lively city on the Tapi River’s banks is a wonderful blend of tradition and modernity. Surat has a rich historical legacy, which is reflected in its exquisite architecture, which includes the landmark Surat Castle as well as Dutch and British colonial structures.

Surat, known for its diamond and textile industries, is a booming commercial city that draws entrepreneurs and dealers from all over the world. The city’s lively marketplaces, such as the famous textile market in the old city’s bustling tiny streets, offer a kaleidoscope of colours and textures.

Surat is also a cultural melting pot, and its bustling street food scene, which includes delightful treats like the famed Surati Locho and Surti Undhiyu, attests to its culinary skill. Surat’s allure stems from its people’s ability to embrace both tradition and progress, making it a city that effortlessly captivates visitors with its unique blend of history, commerce, and cultural delights.

What is the GDP of Surat?

GDP of Surat
GDP of Surat

Surat’s GDP is projected to be $60 billion. This places it as India’s seventh-richest city. The diamond and textile sectors fuel Surat’s economy. The city is home to the world’s largest diamond-cutting and polishing industry, accounting for over 90% of global diamond-cutting and polishing. Surat is also a major textile, engineering, and chemical industrial centre.

Surat’s GDP has been substantially increasing in recent years. Between 2001 and 2008, the city’s GDP increased by an average of 11.5% per year. Surat is predicted to expand rapidly in the future years. The city is strategically located to profit from India’s economic expansion. Surat has a talented workforce, a well-developed infrastructure, and a favourable economic climate. (Source)

Best Business Ideas in Surat

Surat presents tons of opportunities for individuals who are planning to start a business there.

Textile Industry

Textile Industry | Business Ideas in Surat
Textile Industry | Business Ideas in Surat

Surat is an important textile centre in India, and the textile sector contributes significantly to the city’s economy. There are numerous options to develop a profitable business in this industry, ranging from fabric manufacturing to trade in textile items. This is one of the most profitable business ideas in Surat as it has a huge market demand on both national and international levels.

The print-on-demand industry is expanding, and Surat is well-positioned to capitalise on it. Entrepreneurs can set up a print on demand business, selling customised products such as t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and more, thanks to technological developments and the growing popularity of e-commerce platforms. Customers can personalise their purchases using this company strategy, creating a unique selling pitch.

To get started, you can opt for a print-on-demand service from Blinkstore. We have already covered a blog on how print on demand works and what are the best print on demand websites, so if you are confused do check them out.

Clean Energy

Clean Energy | Business Ideas in Surat
Clean Energy | Business Ideas in Surat

Surat has the potential to become a key participant in the clean energy industry, which is another expanding area. The city has a robust manufacturing base and is conveniently placed near major ports. Businesses interested in renewable energy solutions should look into solar power, wind energy, and other clean energy efforts. Surat is thus a great location for companies that manufacture and distribute clean energy products.

Agrochemicals Industry

Agrochemicals Industry | Business Ideas in Surat
Agrochemicals Industry | Business Ideas in Surat

For those with a background in agriculture or chemical sciences, the Surat Agrochemicals Industry offers a viable business opportunity. Because of the city’s proximity to agricultural areas, creating an agrochemicals business can meet the farmer’s demand by offering high-quality fertilisers, pesticides, and other agricultural inputs.

Art and Craft Business

Art and Craft Business | Business Ideas in Surat
Art and Craft Business | Business Ideas in Surat

Surat’s art and craft business is gaining traction as customers increasingly value handmade and one-of-a-kind items. Brassware, silverware and needlework are some of the city’s traditional handicrafts. Businesses can capitalise on this trend by collecting and selling handcrafted items, artwork, home decor, and personalised presents.

Paper Printing Business

Paper Printing Business | Business Ideas in Surat
Paper Printing Business | Business Ideas in Surat

Surat is a major paper printing industrial centre. The city has a strong manufacturing foundation and is home to big paper mills. You can provide printing services like stationery, packaging materials, brochures, banners, and promotional items. Because of Surat’s flourishing commercial sector and industrial backdrop, there is a great need for high-quality printing services, making this one of the most potential business ideas in Surat.

Petroleum Jelly Production

Petroleum Jelly Production | Business Ideas in Surat
Petroleum Jelly Production | Business Ideas in Surat

Surat’s proximity to petrochemical refineries and well-connected transportation infrastructure make petroleum jelly production a profitable endeavour. Entrepreneurs can set up a petroleum jelly production factory to serve both local and national markets with the correct resources and equipment.

Salt Production

Salt Production | Business Ideas in Surat
Salt Production | Business Ideas in Surat

Surat is located near the Gulf of Khambhat, a major salt supply. Surat’s salt-producing business can meet domestic and international demand for industrial and edible salt. To capitalise on this potential, businesses could make investments in salt harvesting, processing, and packaging.

Cold Storage

Cold Storage | Business Ideas in Surat
Cold Storage | Business Ideas in Surat

Cold storage facilities are critical for preserving and storing perishable products such as food and pharmaceuticals. The expanding industrial and agricultural sectors in Surat create a need for cold storage services. Cold storage warehouses equipped with modern refrigeration equipment can be established by businesses to provide storage options for businesses in need.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services | Business Ideas in Surat
Consultancy Services | Business Ideas in Surat

Surat is a booming city with a high demand for consulting services in a range of fields. You can take advantage of this opportunity by providing specialised consulting services in areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, information technology, and others. Providing relevant expertise and direction to Surat-based firms can result in substantial growth and success.

Home Business Ideas in Surat

The previous business ideas in Surat are some of the best ones to consider in 2024. However, they require a good amount of time and attention. So if you are looking for business ideas in Surat that can be executed from home, these are the ones that you should consider.

Jam and Pickle Production

Jam and Pickle Production | Business Ideas in Surat
Jam and Pickle Production | Business Ideas in Surat

Surat’s availability of fresh fruits and vegetables makes jam and pickle production a popular business idea. Entrepreneurs can start a small-scale manufacturing unit to create homemade jams and pickles, giving a variety of flavours according to the preferences of the local market.

Home based Papad Production

Home-based Papad Production is another viable business idea that aligns with Surat’s culinary traditions. With a rich blend of spices and unique flavours, homemade papads can be produced and marketed locally and regionally. Entrepreneurs can set up a small-scale production unit in their homes or a dedicated space to meet the demand for this popular snack.

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring | Business Ideas in Surat
Online Tutoring | Business Ideas in Surat

With the increased demand for educational support, online tutoring is one of the most booming business ideas in Surat. With a minimal investment and a computer with an internet connection, you may start an online tutoring business. Use your skills in a specific subject or area to offer online tutoring sessions to students of all ages. To hold interactive and interesting sessions, use video conferencing platforms and online learning technologies.

Freelance services

There is a considerable need for freelance services in Surat, particularly in industries such as content writing, graphic design, and digital marketing. Starting a freelance business is a low-cost business concept that allows you to work from home and allows you to select your clients and assignments.


Dropshipping | Business Ideas in Surat
Dropshipping | Business Ideas in Surat

Another business idea in Surat that does not require inventory is dropshipping. When a customer places an order, you just forward it to a supplier, who distributes the product directly to the customer. To start a part-time dropshipping business, create an online store and partner with many dropshipping providers that manage inventory and shipping. We’ve also written a blog about the future of dropshipping, which you should read if you’re thinking about starting a business.


An e-commerce store enables businesses to sell items or services to a larger consumer base online. With its big population and tech-savvy consumers, Surat provides a thriving market for e-commerce. You can partner with different ecommerce frameworks and open an e-commerce store that sells a variety of products such as clothing, electronics, or home furnishings. You can also focus on a certain niche, such as sustainable fashion or pet products.

Small Business Ideas in Surat City

Here are some additional small business ideas in Surat Hindi that you can consider in 2024:

Grocery Store

Grocery Store | Business Ideas in Surat
Grocery Store | Business Ideas in Surat

People always require food and home supplies, therefore having a grocery shop with a varied product variety will assist you and your business in becoming profitable in Surat. Focus on providing fresh produce, high-quality products, and an easy shopping experience. To address the shifting demands of health-conscious consumers, consider expanding your product line to include organic and speciality items.

Photography and Videography Services

Surat’s numerous festivals, marriages, and cultural celebrations make photography and videography services in great demand. Businesses can open a photography and videography studio and provide professional services for weddings, corporate events, fashion shoots, and other occasions.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services | Business Ideas in Surat
Digital Marketing Services | Business Ideas in Surat

Digital Marketing Services have become critical for organisations to develop an online presence and efficiently reach their target audience. Entrepreneurs can establish a digital marketing agency that provides services including social media management, search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, and online advertising.

Cab Services

India’s cab service industry is rapidly booming, and Surat is no exception. If you have a solid understanding of the local transportation system and the ability to provide reliable and cost-effective transportation, you may start a cab service firm. This firm can attract both local commuters and tourists by providing well-maintained vehicles, professional drivers, and competitive pricing.

Fast Food Corner

Fast Food Corner | Business Ideas in Surat
Fast Food Corner | Business Ideas in Surat

Given the city’s love of food and its bustling streets, a Fast Food Corner is a popular business idea in Surat. Entrepreneurs can open a fast food area and serve a variety of quick and tasty foods such as burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, rolls, and more. This business can attract clients searching for quick nibble or on-the-go meals with the right location and an engaging menu.


Finally, Surat is a city with a wide range of business opportunities in a variety of industries. Surat provides a favourable environment for entrepreneurs to create profitable companies, from its rich textile sector to the expanding demand for clean energy and agrochemicals. The city’s cultural love for art and craft, paper printing services, and the ever-expanding e-commerce sector all provide opportunities for new company concepts.

The city’s digital landscape and educational ecosystem provide opportunities for online tutoring, digital marketing services, photography and videography services, as well as freelance work. Entrepreneurs can develop profitable enterprises by capitalising on Surat’s vibrant market, infrastructure, and qualified labour with the appropriate vision, planning, and execution. Hopefully, these business ideas in Surat will give you a clear picture of the current market trend. We wish you luck for your business.


What are some part time business ideas in Surat?

You can consider these business ideas in Surat as a part time business:
1. Print On Demand
2. Home based Papad Production
3. Online Tutoring
4. Freelance services
5. Dropshipping
6. E-Commerce

What are the best business ideas in Surat to consider in 2024?

These are some of the best business ideas in Surat to consider in 2024:
1. Textile Industry
2. Print On Demand Business
3. Clean Energy
4. Agrochemicals Industry
5. Art and Craft Business
6. Paper Printing Business
7. Petroleum Jelly Production