50 Low-cost Business Ideas With High Profit in India (2024)


Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit

Looking for low-cost business ideas with high profit in India? See our list of more than 50 low-cost business ideas with high profit potential. On this list, there is something for everyone, from home based businesses to e-commerce business ideas. Launch your business right away with any of these ideas!


India is a nation with a vibrant entrepreneurial culture, where people have a strong desire to launch their own companies and achieve financial independence. However, for many would-be business owners, the high startup expenses present a significant barrier. Fortunately, India has many low-cost company concepts with significant profit margins. And if you are wondering “I want to start a business, but have no ideas?” then this blog is for you.

There are numerous options accessible, whether you want to open a small physical store or an online business. The annual report suggests that in the upcoming years there will be many startups and business ideas that are going to be very successful. This article will examine 50+ low-cost business ideas with high profits (which includes 12 unique business ideas) that can help you launch your own company without spending a huge amount of fortune. Continue reading to learn how you can start a company for little to no money.

Top 50 Low-cost Business Ideas with high profit in India

Low-cost Business Ideas with high profit in India
Low-Cost Business Ideas with High profit 2024

Here are some most successful small business ideas that you can implement to start your own business and book profits. Please note that in some cases you can start earning right from the beginning (high profit business ideas) while some will take some time. So be patient and believe in the process.

1. Print-On-Demand Business

Print-on-demand | Low-Cost Business Ideas with High profits
Print-on-demand | Low Cost Business Ideas with High profits

Print-on-demand business is probably one of the easiest and most profitable businesses to start in 2024. You can make and sell personalised goods like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, phone covers and many more through a print-on-demand company without keeping any inventory. Also, Platforms like Blinkstore allow its users to create a free online store and list products at their desired margin.

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2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping | low cost business ideas with high profit
Dropshipping | low cost business ideas with high profit

Dropshipping is another popular business idea in India. Dropshipping basically means selling products to customers without ever keeping any inventory. It is a common yet effective e-commerce business strategy to make profits. Here, you basically collaborate with a supplier who sends the products on your account to the customers directly.

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3. Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring | low cost business ideas with high profit
Online Tutoring | low cost business ideas with high profit

After the Covid-19 occurred, the trend of remote learning has become a quickly expanding industry. You can offer a wide range of topics and appeal to a sizable customer base if you have the ability to teach students from anywhere in the world.

4. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing | low cost business ideas with high profit
Digital Marketing | low cost business ideas with high profit

Digital marketing is the practice of promoting products and services using digital channels like social media, search engines, email, and mobile apps. In order to boost their online presence and connect with their target audience, businesses of all sizes are investing in digital marketing tactics in this expanding industry. So if you are running on a low budget or have these required skills, you can consider this a good option.

5. Custom Online Gift Store

Custom Gift Store | low cost business ideas with high profit
Custom Gift Store | low cost business ideas with high profit

A custom online gift store is a creative and profitable business concept that allows clients to create and customise personalised gifts for their loved ones. This company has a chance to succeed given the growth of e-commerce and the rising trend of personalised gifts. You can sell a variety of items that can be personalised as the owner of a custom online gift shop, including coffee mugs, photo frames, t-shirts, phone cases, and more. Also, you can provide gift-wrapping services and let clients attach unique notes to their presents.

6. Content Creation

Content Creation | low cost business ideas with high profit
Content Creation | low cost business ideas with high profit

Content creation is a thriving business idea that entails providing quality, relevant, and entertaining material for organisations and individuals. The growth of digital marketing and the rising need for high-quality content has made this industry more well-liked and lucrative. You can provide a variety of services as a content creator, including writing blogs, managing social media, producing videos, and podcasts, copywriting, and more. Also, you can choose to specialise in a certain field, such as business, technology, health, or tourism.

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7. Online Courses and Webinars

Online Courses | low cost business ideas with high profit
Online Courses | low cost business ideas with high profit

Another great business idea related to education can be selling online courses. The internet era has made it possible to get online certification easily by sitting at home and is currently in high demand. You can use this opportunity and allow individuals and businesses to share their expertise and knowledge with an audience and easily make money. You can offer a wide range of facilities like diversified topics, video courses, live webinars, downloadable resources etc. Also, you can offer specified topics on a particular industry like technology, self-improvement, personal finances etc.

8. Sell Art Online

Sell Art Online | low cost business ideas with high profit
Online Art Sales | low cost business ideas with high profit

Online art sales give artists the chance to reach a worldwide market and make money without investing much capital. You can sell a variety of artwork as an online art vendor, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, digital art, and more. As there is no need for physical space you also save on gallery fees, or commissions when displaying your artwork online. You can also display and sell your artwork on reasonably priced websites like Etsy, Saatchi Art, or Artfinder.

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9. Social Media Management

Social Media Management | low cost business ideas with high profit
Social Media Management | low cost business ideas with high profit

Bigger firms can employ a full-time employee or an agency to manage their Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, but small businesses sometimes have to do their own social media marketing. Business owners could be too busy or overburdened by their other obligations to develop a strong social media strategy.

In such scenarios, You can serve as a consultant to assist them in choosing the most effective strategies, posting cycles, and content for their intended audience. The more followers they have, the more business you’ll have. However, you must be very knowledgeable about various social media platforms, content development, audience interaction, and analytics if you want to launch a social media management firm. 

10. Cloud Kitchen

Cloud Kitchen | low cost business ideas with high profit
Cloud Kitchen | low cost business ideas with high profit

An online ordering and delivery system is used to prepare and distribute meals to consumers in a cloud kitchen, sometimes referred to as a Cloud kitchen or virtual kitchen. Since it provides a practical and affordable option to launch a food business without the requirement for a physical restaurant, this business idea has grown in popularity in recent years.  You may cater to a variety of dietary demands and preferences as the owner of a cloud kitchen by providing a wide selection of cuisine and menu selections. You can also enhance your sales by using a variety of internet platforms like Uber Eats, Swiggy, or Zomato.

11. Web Development

Web Development | low cost business ideas with high profit
Web Development | low cost business ideas with high profit

Many companies and people are looking for web developers to design and improve their websites due to the growing relevance of the internet and digital technology. Designing, constructing, and maintaining websites for businesses and individuals are all part of web development services.

As a web developer, you may assist your clients in branding themselves online, showcasing their goods and services, and interacting with their target market. You require strong technical abilities, web development experience, and familiarity with website builders, content management systems, and web development frameworks in order to launch a web development firm.

12. Event Management services

Event management services include the planning, organisation, and coordination of various events such as weddings, business events, conferences, trade exhibits, and social gatherings. By offering services like venue selection, vendor management, budgeting, logistics, and event promotion, you may assist your clients in producing memorable and profitable events. For this business to be effective, you will need good management abilities, few connections, and good communication skills.

13. Translation Services

If you are someone who knows different languages and can read, write or speak different languages fluently, then you can start translation services. It is one of the best low-cost business ideas with high profit margins. Translation services entail the translation of a variety of content from one language to another, including written texts, websites, and audio and video recordings. As a translator, you may assist your clients in reaching a wider audience, extending their worldwide reach, and generating more cash.

14. Music School

The music school offers instruction in music to learners of all ages and abilities. You can teach a variety of musical instruments, including piano, guitar, drums, singing, and music theory, as a music instructor. Many students and parents are looking for competent and experienced music teachers since they are interested in learning music as a pastime or job. To teach and organise your lessons, you can utilise a variety of tools and platforms, including music education software, online lesson platforms, and musical instruments.

15. Library Consultation Services

Providing libraries and librarians with professional advice and direction on a range of subjects, including collection development, cataloguing, circulation, and technology, is the focus of library consultation services. You can assist libraries and librarians in improving their services, achieving their objectives, and adjusting to developing trends and technologies by working as a library consultant. Nonetheless, you must be well-versed in management services and familiar with a variety of literature in order to perform this job.

16. Affiliate Marketing

One of the best methods for making money online is through affiliate marketing. It is the earliest type of digital marketing where you promote any online product to someone and get paid when they purchase it as a result of your recommendation. You can advertise products as an affiliate marketer by using a variety of platforms, including blogs, websites, email marketing, and social media. One benefit of affiliate marketing is that you can get started with less money it and don’t have to make your own products.

17. Internet Security Consultant

A career in internet security consulting entails assisting organisations and people in defending their online assets and data from online dangers. You can offer services including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, network security, and data encryption as an internet security consultant. Due to the growing significance of online security and data privacy, there is a rising need for internet security consulting.

18. Graphic Design

In the field of graphic design, you provide visual content for both businesses and individuals, including brochures, websites, logos, and marketing materials. Strong technical and creative abilities, familiarity with design programmes like Canva and Adobe Illustrator, as well as an excellent aesthetic sense, are necessary for success as a graphic designer. Working with clients in different industries and market segments allows you to provide them with specialised solutions for their visual communication needs.

19. Blogging

Blogging is a profession where you produce material for a blog or website, publish it there, and monetise it through several channels like product sales, sponsored articles, affiliate marketing, and advertising. Strong writing abilities, knowledge of digital marketing, and an awareness of SEO are necessary for being a great blogger. You should also have expertise in a certain area or niche.

20. Video Editing Services

Apart from content creation and graphic designing, you can also consider Video editing as a business option. For both people and organisations, video editing services entail editing and improving videos for social media, marketing, and instructional purposes. You must possess excellent technical proficiency with video editing tools like Final Cut, Adobe Premier Pro, etc, creativity, attention to detail, and practical communication abilities to succeed as a video editor. A variety of video editing services, including colour correction, audio mixing, and special effects, can be included as a part of the package.

21. Cooking Classes

If you are someone who loves to cook, then definitely cooking classes can be a great option to consider as a profession. Teaching cooking methods and skills to individuals or groups, either in-person or online, is what cooking classes are all about. You can teach classes on a range of themes and cuisines as a cooking instructor, including baking, international cuisine, and healthy eating. Social media, word-of-mouth, and joint ventures with neighbourhood companies are all effective ways to promote your culinary classes.

22. Cab Services

Cab services are now a big preference for everyday travel. and can be started easily if you own or rent a commercial vehicle. Cab services are a type of business in which you provide transportation to individuals and corporations, such as airport transfers, corporate travel, and city tours. You have access to a variety of vehicles as a cab service operator, including sedans, SUVs, and high-end automobiles. All You require is a reliable car, insurance, and a current driver’s licence to launch a taxi service. You can also partner with car companies for expanding your services.

23. Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a professional who works to assist buyers, sellers, and tenants of real estate. Strong communication and negotiation abilities, familiarity with the regional real estate market, and a solid client and contact base are all necessary for a real estate agent. A commission may be earned based on the property’s selling or rental value. Though this is not a very popular profession, but can easily give you a good income with some hard work.

24. Tea Business

Tea is a great beverage that is loved by almost everyone, especially in India. Here you usually sell different types of tea like regular tea, green tea, black tea, herbal tea etc along with some snacks to go with it. You can link it with different supply chains and stores and also distribute as wholesale. You need to have knowledge of the best tea sources and brewing techniques to excel in this field. Also consider customer feedback as it can contribute to the business growth quite significantly.

25. Chatbot Services

Creating and deploying chatbots for businesses to automate customer care, sales, and marketing procedures is the business of chatbot services. You must be knowledgeable about chatbot development platforms, programming languages, and natural language processing in order to offer chatbot services. Based on their unique needs, you can provide businesses with tailored solutions.

26. Interior Designing

We all love our homes and always want the best to make them look and feel better. That’s the place where the expertise of an Interior designer comes into the picture. Interior designing is a great business to start in India as it always stays in demand. You may make interiors for homes, offices, and commercial spaces that are both visually beautiful and useful through the business of interior design. You need strong technical and creative abilities, familiarity with design tools, and a solid grasp of architecture and construction to succeed as an interior designer. You can provide a variety of services, including furniture choosing, colour counselling, and space planning.

27. Dance Class

Dancing is a common hobby and profession that always stays in demand. So if you are someone who has knowledge of this art form, you can definitely pursue it as a profession. Teaching various dance forms, including classical, modern, and hip-hop, to both individuals and groups is what dance classes are all about. You must be a specialist in a particular dance style, have strong teaching abilities, and have a love of dance to be a dance instructor. With kids’ dance courses, adult dance classes, and dance workshops, you can offer classes for a range of age groups and skill levels.

28. Saloon and Spa centre

A salon and spa centre is a business where you provide both individuals and groups with beauty and wellness services like hair styling, manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials. You should be knowledgeable about various beauty and wellness procedures if you want to run a successful salon and spa. You need also to have a well-kept facility. Based on their tastes and demands, you can provide your consumers with personalized services. This business can book really good amounts of profits but requires a little more investment than the other ones.

29. Dj and Music Services

In the DJ and music services industry, you offer musical entertainment for occasions like weddings, parties, and business gatherings. You must be knowledgeable about music choices, sound equipment, and performance abilities to be a DJ or music service provider. If you are running low on budget you can also rent expensive equipment and play at events. Based on the event’s nature, theme, and audience preferences, you can provide tailored musical solutions.

30. Tailoring

Tailoring is a very old profession that is blooming to date. Tailoring is a business in which you make personalised clothing and adjust it for individuals and businesses. Strong sewing and fitting abilities, effective communication abilities, and a well-stocked workshop are requirements for becoming a tailor. A variety of tailoring services, including made-to-measure suits, gowns, and alterations for ready-to-wear items, are available.

31. Tiffin Services

For people who enjoy cooking and wish to launch their own company with little startup capital, tiffin service is a fantastic business option. Daily or weekly home-cooked food deliveries to workplaces or families are part of this company. One can target people who favour domestic food over restaurant food, working professionals, and students.

32. Yoga Classes

Yoga is growing in popularity across the globe as more people become aware of its health benefits. For yoga enthusiasts, starting a yoga class can be a great business venture. Starting a yoga studio or providing individualised yoga instruction at clients’ homes are also viable options. For yoga instructors who want to work professionally, adequate certification and training are essential.

33. Accounting and Recordkeeping services

Starting an accounting and recordkeeping service might be a successful business venture for those with expertise in finance, bookkeeping, or accounting. This company would responsible for overseeing the financial records and transactions of other companies and people. Services including tax preparation, payroll administration, and financial planning are all possible. With so many companies and startups emerging, this would be one of the perfect low-cost business ideas with high profits.

34. Fast food stall

Fast food is something that is loved by almost everyone. These recipes take very less time to the preparation and offer a wide range of options to satisfy every craving. Fast food is more and more in demand as people lead busier lives. Opening a fast food stand can be a lucrative business venture, especially in busy locations. One can offer a variety of culinary alternatives like burgers, sandwiches, and fries or one might focus on a specific cuisine.

35. Laundry shop

A laundry shop is a low-cost business venture that needs little startup capital but has the potential to make a sizable profit. Customers are served through the company’s laundry and dry cleaning services. Moreover, one may provide pick-up and delivery, folding, and ironing services. This is one of the low-cost business ideas with high profits but it requires a lot of physical work.

36. Pest Control

A service that is always in demand is pest management, particularly in urban areas. This line of work includes locating and getting rid of pests including rodents, termites, and cockroaches from residences and businesses. In order to provide pest control services, you must be properly trained and certified.

37. House cleaning services

People have less time to dedicate to household tasks, which has led to an increase in the popularity of house cleaning services. Establishing a cleaning company can be a profitable business venture with little startup capital. Services like deep cleaning, routine cleaning, and rearranging could be availed by the customers at an affordable cost. Also for loyal customers, annual plans could also be proposed for extra savings.

38. Nutritionist

The need for dietitians is growing as people become more health conscious. A nutritionist is a specialist who offers clients dietary and nutritional guidance to support a healthy lifestyle. A suitable education and certification in nutrition and dietetics are required for this line of work. So if you fulfill the requirements, you can make your living out of it quite easily.

39. Personal Training services

If you are someone who have the knowledge and training of fitness, you can use your knowledge and expertise as a personnal trainer. Personal trainers are really paid well and is one of the best low-cost business ideas with high profit margins. Individualized fitness instruction and coaching are part of personal training services. Starting this business is possible from home or by leasing a gym facility. You can become an expert in a certain field, such as yoga, bodybuilding, or weight loss.

40. Data Entry and Proofreading Services

With the era of digitization, everything is getting digitally recorded and entered.That’s why there is a high need for data entry and proofreading services. This job entails entering data into databases or spreadsheets and verifying its accuracy. Moreover, you may provide additional services like editing and proofreading.

41. Fashion designing business

For someone with a love of fashion and design, starting a business in the field of fashion design can be a terrific opportunity. The business could involve developing your own line of apparel, offering clients styling services, or doing custom tailoring. Finding your target market, creating your designs and branding, locating supplies and equipment, and selling your services are some essential tasks in launching this kind of business.

42. Electronics Repairing Business

In today’s modern era we are all surrounded by gadgets and technology. So, for someone with technical proficiency in repairing and maintaining electronic devices such as computers, cellphones, and other electronic gadgets, an electronics repair business can be a lucrative endeavour. This enterprise can be launched from home with a small outlay for supplies and machinery. Identifying your target market, obtaining the required training and credentials, setting up your workspace, and marketing your services are important first stages in launching this firm.

43. SEO Expert

Along with content creation, SEO also plays a major role in getting trafic and building businesses. The technique of optimising websites and content for search engine results pages is known as search engine optimization (SEO). A person with the knowledge and experience to optimise websites and content for search engines is known as an SEO professional. Offering clients SEO services and assisting them in increasing their online presence is one way to launch this kind of business. Obtaining the relevant training and certifications, setting up your website and social media accounts, creating a portfolio of accomplished projects, and marketing your services to potential customers are important first stages in launching this business.

44. Domain Flipping

The practise of purchasing and reselling domain names for a profit is known as domain flipping. Finding valuable domain names, acquiring them, and then reselling them to eager customers at a higher price might be used to launch this business. In order to launch this business, it is essential to conduct research, select valuable domain names, buy and register those names, market them to possible buyers, and negotiate deals.

45. Stock Market Trading

In order to make money, stock market traders buy and sell stocks, bonds, and other types of securities. Learn the foundations of stock trading and investing, open a brokerage account, and do some research on potential investment options to launch this firm. Creating a trading strategy and plan, controlling risk, diversifying investments, and continuing to learn about and adjust to market conditions are important aspects in launching this firm.

46. Travel Agency

A travel agency mainly aids clients in making travel plans and reservations for things like hotels, airlines, and excursions. This business can be launched by determining a target market and building connections with travel service providers like hotels and airlines. Obtaining the required permits and certifications, setting up a website and social media accounts, advertising your services to potential clients, and offering top-notch customer service are important steps in launching your business.

47. Grocery Store

An shop that sells food and household goods is a grocery shop. Finding a location with a lot of foot traffic, filling your store with a range of goods that cater to your target demographic, and offering top-notch customer service are all necessary to launch your business. Obtaining the appropriate licences and permits, locating products from wholesalers and distributors, setting up a point-of-sale system, and creating efficient marketing plans are important aspects in launching this business.

48. Cosmetic Store

A retail store that sells items for personal care and beauty is a cosmetic store. Finding a location with a lot of foot traffic, filling your store with a range of goods that cater to your target demographic, and offering top-notch customer service are all necessary to launch your business. Obtaining appropriate licences and permits, acquiring products from wholesalers and distributors, setting up a point-of-sale system, and devising efficient marketing tactics are all critical aspects in starting this business.

49. Optical Store

An optical store is a retail establishment that offers eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other products for maintaining good vision. You can launch this business by choosing a location with lots of foot traffic, equipping your store with a range of goods that cater to your target market, and offering top-notch customer service. Also, make sure to calibrate the lenses and measurements as they are crucial elements and can influence your sales.

50. House Rental Business

In a house rental business, properties are purchased or leased and then rented to tenants for a profit. You can launch this business by choosing a target market, buying properties that cater to that market’s demands, and advertising your homes to prospective tenants. Keeping a healthy relationship with the tenants is quite important for the business to grow.


Finally, starting a low-cost business in India can be a terrific method to launch your own company and become financially independent. With a wide range of business ideas available, prospective entrepreneurs can find lucrative niches and play to their strengths to launch profitable firms with little start-up money.

To draw clients, it’s crucial to carry out in-depth research, create a strong company plan, acquire the required licences and permits, and successfully market your enterprise. Aspiring entrepreneurs can overcome obstacles and create profitable, long-lasting businesses by being proactive and well-prepared.


What are some low-cost business ideas with high profits?

You can consider print-on-demand, digital marketing, event planning, food business and online tutoring as some of the best business ideas with minimum Investment.

How much does it cost to launch a low-cost business?

Depending on the type of business and the size of operations, launching a low-cost business in India can cost anywhere between 10,000 to 50,000 INR.

What are some important aspects to consider while starting a low-cost business in India?

Finding a lucrative niche, doing market research, creating a strong business plan, obtaining the required licences and permits, and securing funding are some of the main things to consider while starting a low-cost business in India.