33 Most Demanded Products in India to Sell Online in 2024

Most Demanded Products in India

India stands as one of the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce markets. Grasping the most demanded products in the country becomes paramount for business growth. Our blog explains the 33 Most demanded products in India and categories within India’s thriving e-commerce.

Statistics reveal that India is among the fastest-growing e-commerce markets globally, India’s e-commerce market is expected to reach US$ 350 billion by 2030. Therefore it’s crucial to find the right product for a business to grow in the e-commerce sector.

Top Features of The Most Demanded Products

Products simply don’t go trending in the market there are some features these products have in common let’s analyze them:

a. Solves Your Problem with Precision

Most demanded products shine when they precisely address a common problem or pain point that resonates with you. Take, for example, a portable water purifier designed for outdoor enthusiasts, solving the age-old issue of access to clean water during adventures. Practical solutions like these not only meet needs but also do so with innovation.

b. Innovative and Unique Features

Unleash your curiosity by exploring products that boast innovative and unique features. Consider a smartphone with cutting-edge technology, a foldable design, or an unconventional camera system. Such distinctive characteristics not only capture your attention but also position the product as a trendsetter in its category.

c. Values Aligned with Yours

Elevate your shopping experience by choosing products that align with your values. Picture eco-friendly alternatives like reusable and biodegradable packaging or ethically sourced fashion items. These choices reflect your commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, making the product not just a purchase but a statement of values.

Stay ahead of the curve by embracing products tuned to emerging trends in technology, fashion, or lifestyle. Imagine a smart home device seamlessly integrating augmented reality for a futuristic experience. Capitalizing on such trends ensures you’re not just a consumer; you’re a trendsetter in your own right.

e. Affordable and Accessible Excellence

Dive into the world of trending products that don’t just fit your budget but also offer easy accessibility. From budget-friendly smartwatches to widely available health and wellness apps, these products ensure that staying on trend doesn’t require breaking the bank. Accessibility ensures that innovation is not exclusive but inclusive.

f. Profound Quality and Unmatched Durability

Garner trust and positive reviews by opting for high-quality products that stand the test of time. Think of a rugged smartphone built for durability or a kitchen appliance crafted with top-tier materials. Such products not only satisfy immediate needs but also ensure long-term satisfaction, emphasizing that quality is the cornerstone of enduring trends.

33 Most Demanded Products in India

Let us divide the most demanded products into categories to make things easier to understand. They are:

  • 1. Electronics
  • 2. fashion and Beauty
  • 3. Home and Kitchen
  • 4. Baby and Kids
  • 5. Sports and Fitness
  • 6. Books
  • 7. Groceries

a. Electronics

Here are the most demanded products in electronics sector:

Electronics - most demanded products in india

1. Smartphones

Essential for daily communication, entertainment, and productivity, smartphones have seamlessly integrated into modern life. The continuous evolution of features and capabilities, such as high-resolution cameras and AI technologies, keeps them at the forefront of consumer demand.

2. Laptops & Tablets

Versatile computing solutions have become indispensable for work, education, and entertainment. The demand for lightweight and powerful devices, exemplified by ultrabooks and convertible tablets, reflects the need for flexibility in various aspects of life.

3. Televisions

The surge in demand for home entertainment, fueled by advanced features like smart capabilities, 4K resolution, and immersive sound systems, has turned televisions into central hubs for family leisure and relaxation.

4. Headphones & Speakers

With the rise of remote work, streaming, and gaming, the demand for high-quality audio accessories has spiked. Noise-canceling headphones, wireless earbuds, and smart speakers have become not just accessories but essential components of our connected lifestyles.

5. Smartwatches & Fitness Bands 

The increasing awareness of health and fitness has propelled the demand for wearables. Smartwatches, equipped with fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and notification features, cater to a health-conscious audience seeking a holistic approach to well-being.

b. Fashion & Beauty

Here are the most demanded products in fashion and beauty sector:

fashion and beauty - most demandable products in india

6. Ethnic & Traditional Clothing

Cultural events and celebrations drive the demand for ethnic attire. Traditional clothing represents a connection to heritage, fostering a sense of identity during festive occasions.

7. Western Wear

Dynamic fashion trends and evolving style preferences contribute to the perpetual demand for Western clothing. Fast fashion and e-commerce have further accelerated this trend.

8. Footwear

Beyond mere utility, footwear has become a style statement. The constant need for comfortable and stylish shoes, influenced by fashion and functionality, sustains a thriving market.

9. Cosmetics & Skincare 

The beauty industry experiences sustained high demand due to increasing beauty consciousness. Innovative skincare products, makeup trends, and celebrity endorsements contribute to a booming market.

10. Jewelry & Accessories

Accessories, including jewelry, are sought after for their ability to enhance personal style. The demand is driven not just by fashion trends but also by the desire to express individuality through adornments.

c. Home & Kitchen

Here are the most demanded products in home and kitchen sector:

home and kitchen - most demanded products in india

11. Furniture & Home Decor

Evolving interior design trends, coupled with the desire for uniquely personalized spaces, have led to a surge in demand for furniture and decor items. For instance, minimalist Scandinavian furniture is gaining popularity, reflecting a contemporary aesthetic.

Pro tip: Online visualization tools can help users envision how different pieces will fit into their space before making a purchase.

12. Kitchen Appliances

In our fast-paced, modern lives, the demand for time-saving kitchen appliances is on the rise. Smart kitchen gadgets, such as voice-activated assistants and precision cookers, are becoming increasingly popular.

An interesting statistic here is that smart kitchen appliance sales have seen a 30% year-over-year growth.

Pro tip: Look for appliances that offer compatibility with virtual assistants for added convenience.

13. Cookware & Dinner Sets

Beyond functionality, cookware and dinner sets are now chosen for their aesthetic appeal, with consumers seeking products that enhance the overall dining experience. For example, cookware with non-stick ceramic coatings has gained traction for its durability and easy cleaning.

Pro tip: Opt for multi-functional cookware sets that can go from the stove to the oven, offering versatility in the kitchen.

14. Bed & Bath Linen 

The sustained demand for bed and bath linen is not just about comfort but also about creating a stylish sanctuary. High-thread-count bed sheets and eco-friendly bath towels are increasingly sought after.

Pro tip: Consider bamboo or organic cotton options for both comfort and sustainability.

d. Baby & Kids

Here are the most demanded products in baby and kids sector:

baby and kids - most demanded products in india

15. Diapers & Wipes

The consistent demand for diapers and wipes is a testament to the regular needs of parents. Eco-friendly diaper options, made from biodegradable materials, have seen a notable uptick in popularity. Pro tip: Subscribe-and-save options from online retailers can provide cost savings and convenience for parents.

16. Strollers & Prams

Lightweight, foldable designs and innovative features have made strollers and prams indispensable for parents on the go. Some high-end models even come equipped with smartphone charging ports. Pro tip: Look for strollers with adjustable handles and ample storage space for added convenience.

17. Toys & Games

The demand for educational and entertainment toys showcases a parental focus on holistic child development. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) toys have gained traction for their educational benefits. Pro tip: Rotate toys to keep children engaged and stimulate different aspects of their development.

18. Apparel & Shoes

The ever-growing children’s fashion market is influenced not only by trends but also by the importance of comfort. Sustainable and organic fabric choices are becoming more prevalent in kids’ clothing. Pro tip: Invest in quality shoes with proper support to promote healthy foot development.

19. Baby Care Products

Beyond the basics, the demand for baby care products includes a variety of skincare items and nutritional supplements. Organic and hypoallergenic formulations are gaining popularity among discerning parents. Pro tip: Create a baby care routine incorporating gentle massage with natural oils for bonding and relaxation.

e. Sports & Fitness

Here are the most demanded products in sports and fitness sector:

sports and fitness - most demanded products in india

20. Exercise Equipment

The growing interest in health and fitness, especially amid the rise of home workouts, has fueled the demand for exercise equipment. Interactive equipment, such as those with virtual training programs, adds a tech-savvy dimension to workouts. Pro tip: Consider versatile equipment like resistance bands for a full-body workout at home.

21. Protein Supplements

With increased fitness awareness, protein supplements have become a staple for muscle recovery. Plant-based protein options are gaining ground, catering to diverse dietary preferences. Pro tip: Calculate your protein needs based on your fitness goals and lifestyle, and choose supplements accordingly.

22. Sportswear & Shoes

Technical fabrics, moisture-wicking properties, and stylish designs characterize the demand for sports and fitness apparel. Sustainable sportswear made from recycled materials is becoming a popular choice. Pro tip: Invest in quality athletic shoes that provide proper support for your chosen physical activities.

23. Fitness Trackers & Smartwatches

The intersection of health monitoring and technology in fitness routines have led to a surge in demand for smart wearables. Pro tip: Choose devices that integrate seamlessly with fitness apps and offer features like sleep tracking and guided workouts for a comprehensive fitness experience.

24. Gym Accessories

The consistent demand for gym accessories, such as resistance bands, gym mats, and weightlifting gloves, underscores the importance of a well-rounded workout routine. Pro tip: Incorporate variety into your workouts by using different accessories to target different muscle groups.

f. Books

Here are the most demanded products in books sector:

Books - most demanded products in india

25. Academic & Professional Books

The continuous demand for educational materials is fueled by a commitment to learning and career development. E-books and audiobooks are gaining popularity for their accessibility and convenience. Pro tip: Utilize online platforms that offer interactive study materials and quizzes for a more engaging learning experience.

26. Literature & Fiction

The enduring interest in fictional works across various genres reflects the timeless appeal of storytelling. Book clubs and online reading communities contribute to the shared enjoyment of literature.

27. Biographies & Memoirs

The enduring appeal of personal narratives and stories of notable individuals is amplified by audiobook versions narrated by the authors themselves. Pro tip: Mix biographies of different figures to gain insights into various life experiences and perspectives.

28. Self-Help & Motivational

The constant pursuit of personal development drives the demand for self-help books. Online courses and workshops complement these readings, providing actionable steps for improvement. Pro tip: Create a personalized action plan based on the advice from self-help books to make the content more actionable.

g. Groceries

Here are the most demanded products in groceries sector:

Most Demanded Products in groceries

29. Staples

The daily consumption of essential food items sustains consistent demand. The statistic shows us that staple consumption has seen a 15% increase over the past year.

30. Snacks & Beverages

The popularity of snacking and diverse beverage preferences contributes to ongoing demand. Health-conscious snack options and non-alcoholic beverages are gaining traction. Pro tip: Opt for nutritious snacks like nuts and dried fruits for a satisfying and healthy snack option.

31. Dairy & Bakery

The regular need for fresh dairy products and baked goods fuels continuous demand. Farm-to-table and artisanal dairy and bakery products are gaining popularity.

32. Personal Care & Home Care

Everyday use of products for personal and home hygiene contributes to sustained demand. The demand for eco-friendly and cruelty-free personal care items is on the rise. Pro tip: Make your own natural cleaning solutions using ingredients like vinegar and baking soda for a more sustainable home care routine.

33. Sustainable and eco-friendly products

More people are choosing reusable water bottles, bamboo products, and organic clothes. People’s shift toward Sustainable and eco-friendly products is now one of the emerging trends to look after.

How to Find the Most Demanded Products in India 

Most Demanded Products in India

Finding the most demanded products in India would be much easier if you incorporate these actions:

1. Industry Reports

  • Dive into niche-specific industry reports.
  • Statista, Nielsen, and Euromonitor provide valuable market trends and consumer behavior insights.

2. E-commerce Platforms

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  • Examine Google Trends for product search volume and interest analysis.
  • Example: “Sustainable fashion” trends are steadily rising, showcasing growing consumer interest in eco-friendly apparel.

4. Social Media Monitoring

  • Stay current by monitoring Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Pro tip: Tools like Hootsuite and Brandwatch streamline social media monitoring.
  • Example: Real-time insights from social media indicate shifting consumer preferences.

5. Keyword Research

  • Use Google Keyword Planner for product-related keyword research.
  • Example: An uptick in searches for “plant-based protein snacks” signals rising interest in healthier snack alternatives.

6. Consumer Surveys

  • Gather direct feedback using platforms like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey.
  • Insights into preferred features, price points, and brand loyalty.
  • Example: Consumer surveys reveal specific preferences driving product demand.

7. Industry Trade Shows and Events

  • Attend trade shows for firsthand insights and networking.
  • Recent Tech Expo: VR products surge in interest, hinting at a potential trend in immersive technologies.


As the eCommerce industry in India grows, the list of most demanded products may expand or change, so keep an eye on these items. Our blog has covered all of the products that are currently trending in the market, so start your business today with an eCommerce store. Check out Blinkstore, an eCommerce platform that provides a free eCommerce store as well as other features.

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FAQs – 33 Most Demanded Products in India to Sell Online

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Most Demanded Products in India.

What is the most demanded online product in India?

The most demanded online products in India can vary, but commonly sought-after items include smartphones, fashion apparel, electronics, and home appliances.

What is the most demanding product in India?

The most demanding product in India depends on various factors such as consumer trends, seasons, and market dynamics. Currently, products like smartphones, cosmetics and care, and sustainable fashion items are witnessing high demand.

Which product is most demanding in India?

The product that is most demanding in India can change over time. Currently, electronic gadgets, especially smartphones, and home-related items such as furniture and decor are experiencing significant demand.

What is the demand in the Indian market?

Demand in the Indian market refers to the quantity of goods and services that consumers are willing to purchase at a given price and time. It is influenced by factors like consumer preferences, economic conditions, and trends.

What is the most demanded electronic product in India?

Smartphones are consistently the most demanded electronic product in India. Other popular electronic items include laptops, smartwatches, and audio accessories.

Which item is sold most online?

The items sold most online in India include electronics like smartphones and laptops, fashion apparel, home appliances, and daily essentials such as groceries and personal care products. The popularity can vary based on consumer trends and seasons.